Churnalism is a form of journalism in which press releases, wire stories and other forms of pre-packaged material are used to create articles in newspapers and other news media in order to meet increasing pressures of time and cost without undertaking further research or checking. The neologism "churnalism" has been credited to BBC journalist Waseem Zakir who coined the term in 2008.Churnalism has increased to the point that many stories found in the press are not original. The decline of original journalism has been associated with a corresponding rise in public relations.
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  • Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera on tech media: ‘A lot of intellectual dishonesty’

    … critiques, but things seem to be going in a very different direction now with Dan Lyons. I think Valleywag as a concept will always have a place in tech media. As booming tech companies continue to vacuum up more dollars and more of our data, our need for watchdogs only expands, and an outfit as independent as Gawker is well positioned to play a role…

    Ricardo Bilton/ Digiday- 18 readers -
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