• SMBs and Self-Service: Are We There Yet?

    … an offshore team that helps with onboarding issues. There are other such examples as well. Programmatic may soon be instrumental in helping SMBs reach the right audiences across platforms with relatively little effort. Cidewalk is an example of a mobile display solution for SMBs that has promise though it’s not quite there. Google’s own AdWords…

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  • 6 Ways SMBs Can Use Mobile to Reach Targeted Audiences

    … Waber, Cidewalk) 2. Making small bets in multiple areas. “We generally suggest that the small business make small bets in a few areas—test and measure results—then double down on the areas that seem to be working best and scale back, or try a different strategy, on the ones that aren’t performing as well.” (Scott Barnett, Bizyhood) 3. Testing…

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  • 6 Tools SMBs Can Use to Push Mobile Ads

    … their reach and modernize their advertising practices without increasing the associated costs. Here are six solutions SMBs can use to push ads to mobile users. 1. Cidewalk: Push DIY ads to local mobile users. Designed by the mobile ad network Chitika, Cidewalk is a mobile app that gives small business owners and solo entrepreneurs access to DIY…

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