Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California, that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. The stock was added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average on June 8, 2009, and is also included in the S&P 500 Index, the Russell 1000 Index, NASDAQ-100 Index and the Russell 1000 Growth Stock Index.
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  • Cloud Summit: Cisco Ramps Up Its SaaS Solutions for SMBs

    … Giant enterprise tech firms like Cisco are well-equipped to provide SaaS services, such as wifi, access points, file share and business collaboration and managed security. In selling to SMBs, however, they have had to re-think the marketing approaches that have worked with larger customers. Cisco is generally known for its enterprise router…

    Street Fightin SaaS- 12 readers -
  • Freckle IoT Inks Global Partnership with Cisco

    … for attribution, Freckle is directly tying opted-in consumers to store visits. The company uses data directly from smartphone handsets and marries it with brands’ global advertising campaigns to show whether specific advertising messages directly result in visits to a business. By connecting to sensors and beacons, including the Cisco Meraki network…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fight- 19 readers -
  • Content monetization, brocial media, and the role of love in business

    … is like streaking down the center of an association hall, shouting ‘hey look at me I’m really great.’ Mark: Well, there are a lot of people who do that. The social media streakers. Phil: I like to call it kind of the brocial media. ‘Hey bro, what’s up!’ That’s fake. I don’t think anybody expects immediate responses on every channel, but they do…

    {grow}in Content- 38 readers -
  • How to Hire Superstar Content Marketers

    … 2015 GDP. With content marketing on the rise, many organizations’ biggest challenge is finding the right talent to staff their team. Some, like Cisco, are hiring over 200 content marketers. Others, like Coca-Cola, take a more nimble approach, supplementing in-house staff with specialized freelancers. No matter your company’s size or strategy…

    The Content Strategistin Content How To's- 25 readers -
  • Why Cisco Hired Over 200 Content Marketers

    … Last November, Cisco surprised the tech world with an unexpected round of layoffs: over 100 people from global marketing and corporate communications were let go. The move was positioned as an organizational consolidation under new CMO Karen Walker, but in truth, it had to do with a much more strategic aim: refocusing Cisco’s marketing on content…

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategist- 15 readers -
  • By 2020, 75% of Mobile Traffic will be Video [Cisco Study]

    … Mobile data traffic is increasing at a huge rate, and a new study from Cisco confirms that by 2020, video will account for a staggering 75% of that traffic. That's up from 55% in 2015. The statistics for North America are even higher, coming in at over 77%.Cisco’s latest annual Visual Networking Index forecast (VNI) states that mobile data…

    Carla Marshall/ ReelSEO- 57 readers -
  • LBMA Podcast: CES Beacons, GM and Lyft, Reveal Mobile CEO

    …”; Screen commerce by Think&Go; Billy Bishop Airport DOOH’s the tunnel; Faking human stench to fight Dengue Fever; GM takes a Lyft for half a billion; Car commerce thanks to OnStar and Synchross; Emirates + Millennial Media; AT&T, Cisco, IBM, Intel and the city of IoT; Garmin & Accuweather team up around MinuteCast. Special guest is Brian…

    Asif Khan/ Street Fight- 23 readers -
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