In United States local government, a consolidated city-county is a city and county that have been merged into one unified jurisdiction. As such it is simultaneously a city, which is a municipal corporation, and a county, which is an administrative division of a state. It has the powers and responsibilities of both types of entities.A consolidated city-county is different from an independent city, although the latter may result from consolidation of a city and a county and may also have the same powers as a consolidated city-county.
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    … Arlington is a highly diverse, mostly affluent city-county where 34% of the 225,000 population is minority. This month Brodbeck is celebrating the fifth anniversary of ARLnow, and he’s doing it with a mini-network of four sites in metro D.C. In the past two and a half years, he’s expanded to the mostly affluent Maryland suburb of Bethesda…

    Tom Grubisich/ Street Fightin How To's- 17 readers -
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