Clean Sheet

In team sports, a shutout (a clean sheet in association football) is a game in which one team prevents the opposing team from scoring. While possible in most major sports, they are highly improbable in some sports, such as basketball.Shutouts are usually seen as a result of effective defensive play even though a weak opposing offense may be as much to blame. Some sports credit individual players, particularly goalkeepers and starting pitchers, with shutouts and keep track of them as statistics; others do not.
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  • The thing about a clean sheet of paper

    … that it still has edges. It's tempting to believe that creativity comes from starting fresh. But even when we start fresh, we approach projects and problems with self-created boundaries. You can't do real work without edges, without something to leverage, but those edges don't have to be the same edges as everyone else uses. Creative people often excel because they change the shape of the clean sheet. …

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  • The launch meeting

    … is useful. It takes advantage of the clean sheet of paper to address the difficult issues before egos get in the way. Hard questions get asked, questions like: What are the six things most likely to go wrong? What will lead us to go over budget? Over schedule? How will we communicate with one another when things are going well, and how will we…

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