• The Top 5 Free Content Analytics Tools

    … they were referred from, how long they stayed on your page, and what actions they took. Clicky also provides heat maps in real time, not just for a collection of visitors, but for each individual visitor. This is a feature normally offered only by analytics programs that specialize in heat map information, such as Crazy Egg, setting Clicky apart…

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  • A Review of Clicky Analytics (and Why it Beats Google)

    Could there really be something better than Google Analytics? I’m starting to think so – it’s called Clicky Web Analytics. This analytics alternative has been absolutely been blowing me away over the last few weeks. It’s got a lot of features that I’ve always wondered why Google Analytics was lacking. Today I’m going to review Clicky as best as I can based on the ways I’ve been using it.

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  • Does Clicky Web Analytics Compare to Google Analytics?

    … The first time I used Clicky web analytics, back in 2007, I was blown away. My original review described it as “one of the most user friendly web stats packages I have come across.” Seven years later, I’m still using it to provide an alternative to Google Analytics for tracking and analyzing web visitor data on all my sites. Over the years…

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  • 4 Extremely Useful Google Analytics Alternatives… Or Are They?

    …. In this article, we will look at four of them: 1. Clicky Clicky is a direct alternative to Google Analytics. It provides a lot of similar features and some additional ones. For example, it supports heatmaps to view where people are clicking, easier access to the most important data, easier event tracking, etc. The user interface is dated but it is simple…

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