Client Relations

  • 10 Traits Of A Successful PPC Account Manager: A Client Services View

    … is to make sure our clients have an internal voice when they aren’t around. By being on the outside looking in, I have seen some common themes or characteristics of successful PPC managers that resulted in happy clients. I will share them here, but keep in mind these are just my opinion, based on listening in on thousands of client calls throughout my…

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  • 4 Signs Your PPC Client is Going to Quit and How To Save them

    … There is a fact that all PPC marketers must come to terms with. Eventually, all clients leave. This is a fact. Sometimes their departure is a surprise brought on by business closings, budget cuts or clients deciding to totally get out of PPC. Other times, you are just not sure what is going on. Things may seem to be going well, but you…

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  • Prioritizing Your PPC To-Do List

    … will be large. Tasks that don’t take much time, and don’t have any large impact are good things to delegate. Placement audits, SQR, and bid changes might fit into this category for your account. This quadrant contains tasks that maybe, shouldn’t even be on your list! For those of you at agencies, these could be client-driven initiatives that maybe…

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  • 4 Simple Steps To Meeting Client Expectations

    … to fall into, especially when we miss this all important step. For the purpose of the post, I will only be discussing expectations between clients and agencies and not the expectations a client might have about working with an agency. This post will specifically include expectations of the performance and goals of the account. Following these four…

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  • 4 Tips To Survive An Account Manager Change

    … September 16, 2016 Have you ever received a call or email from your agency that you will be getting a new account manager? The thought could be frightening, especially if you LOVE your current AM. After you take a deep breath and realize life will go on, keep in mind the 4 points outlined below to help you transition. 1) The Agency Knows What…

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  • How To Make A Good Account Manager Assignment

    … and ascribe to is called ‘capacity and best fit.’ Capacity is important because assigning new work to someone who can’t take it on will lead to failure. Best fit is important because account management is about building relationships with clients. I’ve witnessed numerous instances where a highly skilled account manager is unable to ‘click…

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  • 4 Ways Clients Can Better Help Their Agencies

    August 12, 2016 You have picked the agency you think will take your PPC accounts to a new level. You are ready for the next steps and the excitement is real. How do you make sure you get the most out of the relationship you are starting? By following these 4 tips, you can be confident you are doing everything in your power to be a good client which will go a long way towards success.

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  • Pros And Cons Of Hiring A PPC Agency Or Traditional Agency To Manage Your PPC

    … that prospects are looking for when they want a generalist is actually a business consultant, someone who is trained in the art of business and management consulting and has a good financial background to help you make and think through those decisions. Client Request – “I Want Somebody Who Can Manage Both My PPC and SEO Because They’re Both Search” Pros…

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