Client Relationship Management

  • SEO is like Personal Training – the Ultimate SEO Analogy?

    … market their business – even run their business – that will complement their SEO efforts in kind. This is where the personal training analogy works really well. While you can outsource some aspects of SEO, ultimately it’s on you – as a business – to put the effort in. You can’t outsource your health – you can’t pay someone to exercise for you…

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  • Collaborative Link Building: Tips and Tools for Working Better with Clients

    … worked with love the idea of a collaborative approach – but getting them on-board with actually following-through and ‘doing their bit’ once the work starts can be really challenging. That’s where educating them at this stage is absolutely crucial for a good working relationship. Explain the approach as clearly as possible – You don’t want the client…

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  • How Many Clients is Too Many Clients? A Look at the Industry

    … attention. Again, good organisation and effective workload management are key, and I feel that it’s always important to be proactive rather than reactive. If you have 10 clients but you’re doing good work for them and they all feel looked after all the time then what’s the problem? If you operate a one-client-per-industry rule… – …then it can make…

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  • Identifying your Best and Worst Clients with the Assessment Chart

    … Plan by Mike Michalowicz. I bought the book (Amazon link/main website link) and it became one of my favourites – I also have it as an audiobook and still listen to from time to time. In addition to being filled with great advice covering a variety of topics around business growth, the author has a great writing style and a cracking sense of humour…

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