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  • SEO is like Personal Training – the Ultimate SEO Analogy?

    … 18 October 2016 BY Steve Morgan Analogies have a funny ol’ reputation in the SEO industry. Over the years I’ve seen SEO analogy posts get slated by fellow digital marketers. Thumbs-downs don’t exist on Moz/YouMoz anymore (they do against comments, but not against posts), but I remember this post – SEO Is Like Buying A Home – getting a ton…

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  • Collaborative Link Building: Tips and Tools for Working Better with Clients

    …] worked, because in-house teams tend to be short of executional resource, and the agency model is designed to support these teams in a way which has worked well, for a long time.” “…[But] the increasing interconnectedness of SEO – into branding, proposition, price, reputation, location, etc. – [now] makes it impossible to ‘outsource’ in its entirety…

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  • Identifying your Best and Worst Clients with the Assessment Chart

    … Plan by Mike Michalowicz. I bought the book (Amazon link/main website link) and it became one of my favourites – I also have it as an audiobook and still listen to from time to time. In addition to being filled with great advice covering a variety of topics around business growth, the author has a great writing style and a cracking sense of humour…

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  • The Biggest Client Frustrations Working With Agencies

    This post is the second in a two-part series looking at the biggest frustrations both clients and agencies face when working together, you can see the first post ‘The biggest agency frustrations working with clients’ here. 1. Agencies not understanding what the business does This seems like a no-brainer that for an agency to work with a client they must first gain a thorough ...

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  • How to Get Clients Invested, Passionate and Playing to their Strengths

    … examples and case studies that I’ve come across first-hand, and also recommend a few tips to try and get clients thinking about how they can get more involved and on-board, strengthening your relationship with them in the long term. The challenge (especially for small businesses) When I went self-employed just over two years ago, giving SEO…

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  • The biggest agency frustrations working with clients

    … There’s a phrase that gets passed around fairly regularly that an agency can only ever be as good as the information and relationship they get from the client and vice versa. Yet so often we hear at conferences, events or just in passing, both agencies and clients complaining about frustrations with their agency or client that get in the way…

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