Closed Generics

    • L’Oreal is using “closed generic” .makeup in an interesting way

      What do you call a registry that defensively registers names on behalf of the very people that would be its most likely customers if the TLD weren’t so hideously overpriced? L’Oreal, apparently. About half of its .makeup new gTLD comprises the names or nicknames of social media “influencers” in the make-up scene, and they all seem to belong to the registry.

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  • .food goes live, and it’s a closed generic

    … Scripps Networks. Scripps runs the Food Network TV station in the States and the site It has a trademark on the word “Food”. Its registry agreement for .food, signed back in April, includes Specification 13, which allows registries to restrict all the second-level domains to themselves and their affiliates. So food producers, restaurants…

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  • Registrars say Amazon is “closing” open gTLD

    … about .moi, I think. The gTLD is merely a canary for Amazon’s 30-odd yet-to-be-launched gTLDs. The company has the rights to potentially more attractive strings, including .book, .song and .tunes. Amazon originally wanted to make these strings “closed generics”, or what ICANN calls “exclusive access” gTLDs, where only Amazon could register names…

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  • .phone will be restricted after Dish gTLD auction win

    … companies, wrote to ICANN in November to say Dish’s volte face was “unconvincing” and its proposals “simply fail to satisfy” ICANN’s rules banning closed generics. It said in its letter (pdf): While Dish purports in its amended application that the .phone gTLD will be operated as a “controlled gTLD,” it is in reality an exclusive generic TLD…

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  • Foot-dragging Amazon has bumper crop of new gTLDs

    … Amazon Registry Services took possession of 17 new gTLDs at the weekend. The would-be portfolio registry had .author, .book, .bot, .buy, .call, .circle, .fast, .got, .jot, .joy, .like, .pin, .read, .room, .safe, .smile and .zero delegated to the DNS root zone. Amazon seems to have waited until the last possible moment to have the strings…

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  • Aussie government slams .food closed generic bid

    … The Australian government is among those asking ICANN deny a request to make .food a “closed generic” gTLD. Eight people have filed comments opposing Lifestyle Domain’s application for Specification 13 status for its .food registry contract, which would allow the company to keep all .food domains for itself, since we reported the news earlier…

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  • .food applies for dot-brand status, but you can help stop it

    … to the public via the registrar channel, offer sunrise periods, and so on. Scripps subsidiary Lifestyle Domains won the .food contention set after an auction with Donuts and Dot Food LLC a couple months ago. It’s one of the applications that was identified by the Governmental Advisory Committee as a “closed generic”. Such applications were subsequently…

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  • Viking victor in .cruise gTLD auction

    … their plans after ICANN adopted Governmental Advisory Committee advice against so-called “closed generic” gTLDs. There was controversy in July when CLIA claimed Viking had waited too long to change its proposed registration policies. The group accused Viking of deliberately delaying the contention set. ICANN, however, rejected its argument, saying…

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  • .cruise heading to auction despite “closed generic” protest

    … are no plans to reopen the objection filing period for one special case. The gTLD now seems set to head to an ICANN auction or private settlement between the two parties. Related posts: ICANN bans closed generic gTLDs, for now ICANN freezes “closed generic” gTLD bids Four new gTLD applications withdrawn, including one closed generic …

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  • ICANN bans closed generic gTLDs, for now

    … gTLDs” will not be able to sign a registry contract. Instead, they will either have to withdraw their applications (receiving a partial refund), drop their exclusivity plans, or have their applications carried over to the second new gTLD round. The GNSO has been asked to develop a policy on closed generics for the second round, which is still…

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  • ICANN ponders rejecting all closed generics

    …, but risks the wrath of companies that applied for closed generics — which were always envisaged when the new gTLD rules were being developed — in good faith. Alternatively, developing a process to measure the applications against the “public interest” would be very time-consuming, possibly not even feasible, and would add even more delay…

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  • Amazon snubs ICANN auction to win .coupon privately

    … to be good news for M+M, which will see the majority of the cash. However, it could be related to the fact that .coupon, and dozens of other Amazon new gTLD applications, recently made the switch from being “closed generics” to more inclusive proposals. Amazon had originally intended that itself and its subsidiaries would be the “only eligible…

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