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  • The Missing Manual: The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Customers

    … with your customers. Include the level of engagement you have with them, and they with you, and how you want them to feel after interacting with your business. Then brainstorm one thing you can start doing today to move your relationship closer to your vision. Step #2: Ask Not What Your Customer Can Do For You… In JFK’s inauguration address in 1961…

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  • Premium Business Clients: A Failproof Way To Double Your Revenue in 2015

    … As we turn the page on our calendar, you may notice that 2015 is right around the corner. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “Where did the year go?!” You’re probably also thinking about how your business did this year, and what changes you’d like to make next year. So, how did your revenue for this year look? How close did you come…

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  • From Solopreneur To Company: How To Scale Up Your Organization

    … If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. So says conventional wisdom. But every year, thousands of entrepreneurs prove that trope false. Their businesses, although not growing, are perfectly profitable. And as long as the money keeps flowing, those entrepreneurs are content to keep doing what they’re good at. Yet there comes a time in many…

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  • October Best of the Web: Launch Your Learning

    … Faggella) – What do you do to keep your audience engaged by email and turn them into lifelong customers? 33 Ways To Get More Clients (Clientflow) – A straightforward, simple action list for consultants. Free Checklist: 50 Says to Build Your Freelance Writing Business Today – No Matter How Much Time You Have (The Renegade Writer) – Freelance…

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  • CEI 078: Building a Multi-Passionate Business with Brennan Dunn

    … is teaching consultants and entrepreneurs how to set their prices, and how to make more money by doing a better job at setting prices. So what exactly is Brennan’s advice on price setting? And, if it’s a simple matter of positioning yourself as a business consultant, and not a provider of services, why don’t more of us set our prices accurately…

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  • How To Turn Your Best Customers Into Referral Machines

    … “Do you want more customers?” I bet if I asked you this question, right now, you would answer: “Yes!” That is why you invest a lot in building your audience, developing your relationships, connecting on social media, and building your email list. You are doing all those things to achieve one goal: To keep your business healthy by constantly…

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  • 6 Things You Can Learn About Business from One Wild and Crazy Guy

    … Life isn’t fair. That’s what your mama told you when you were a kid, and you’ve been dealing with it ever since. Some people are born lucky. They were born with talent. Drive. Focus. You read about them all the time. This one made six figures in six months. You’ve been in business two years and haven’t made half that much. That one wrote two…

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