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  • The Fully Actionable Site Explorer from cognitiveSEO

    … Here, at cognitiveSEO, we believe that things are always evolving, and that such evolution is nothing but necessary. Not only for us, but for our day to day users, our readers, our fans, our critics as well. We strive to push our limits and overcome our struggles. And when we do, we get to know ourselves better. This is how we came up…

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  • From Google Analytics to SEO and Marketing KPIs. All in One Place!

    … At cognitiveSEO we’re not just about creating new features or tools, but also about recognizing when existing tools are vital to our customers’ businesses. Our users’ experience is what matters most to us and what helps us evolve. So when something is as ubiquitous as Google Analytics, we think the best thing we can do for our users is to make…

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  • A Better Site Explorer with Historical Search Visibility for Every Site

    … offer our users the best experience they’ve had? The good news: we just did all the updates mentioned above. The best news: the brand new powerful Site Explorer remains open so that anyone can use it. Search Visibility Integrated on the Site Explorer As you are going to see by playing around with the Site Explorer, a couple of things have been…

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  • Improved Link Audit with the New Import Feature

    You might be familiar with the epic space opera Star Wars. Many interesting dialogues have been initiated throughout the series, yet a particular one from Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, comes to my mind now. It’s a dialogue between Obi-Wan and Luke and it goes like this: Obi-Wan: “So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.

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  • Link Reclamation Tool to Recover 404 Pages’ Link Juice & Boost Traffic [Growth Hack]

    … about this matter and we can conclude from it that it’s a matter of high interest among digital marketers. Despite the extensive documentation, few solutions are given in order to improve work on these techniques. As we are always interested in improving our tool and our user’s experience with cognitiveSEO, we’ve worked on a new feature we’re glad…

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  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Welcomes cognitiveSEO with an Astonishing 419% Growth

    … that developed cognitiveSEO is ranked number 27 in Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Central Europe. We are very glad that we are listed in a top that honors successful companies from all over central Europe. However, to be honest from the very beginning, we do not know for sure what success really is or if there is a secret formula…

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  • cognitiveSEO Launches New Rank Tracker with Ultra-Accurate Local & Mobile Capabilities

    …, via email or a preset schedule. Try The New Rank Tracker Now! cognitiveSEO is an all inclusive Cutting-Edge SEO toolset. Todays’ launch provides you with even more efficiency and cost savings to your business. If you still did not try cognitiveSEO until now, now is the time to give it a try by opening a free 14 day trial account. The post cognitiveSEO Launches New Rank Tracker with Ultra-Accurate Local & Mobile Capabilities appeared first on SEO Blog | cognitiveSEO Blog on SEO Tactics & Strategies. …

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  • Automated Digital Marketing Reports Get Integrated in cognitiveSEO

    … what’s going to happen a month, or even a week from now. But your clients don’t care if you go on holiday, have a busy day, or your servers are down. The good news for you is that none of that has to bother you from now on. You can schedule your reports to be automatically sent on your behalf, on a weekly or monthly basis, customized for your clients…

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  • Improved Digital Marketing Dashboard and Better UX

    … We, at cognitiveSEO, try to define ourselves through innovation and cutting edge technologies. Yet,besides this, what really defines us is our users: what they want and what we believe they’ll need for the future. This is why we’re constantly working on improving our tool, in tailoring it by our customer’s needs. After closely researching our…

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  • Huge Backlink Audit Improvement and Why We Do It

    … the problem appears from where they stood. This was possible because of our massive growth. Based on that we have increased our server infrastructure and added more servers in order to sustain more growth and add even more value to the cognitiveSEO customer. We have also optimized our crawlers in order to process more efficiently. All…

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  • Quantum Leap in Unnatural Link Detection Improves Auditing Processes

    … As we hope you already got used to, we, at cognitiveSEO, devote a large part of our time to improving our tool and therefore, to our customer satisfaction. We do believe that excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better and that’s exactly what we are trying to do: a cutting edge product, tailored to our users’ needs and which…

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  • Your Digital Marketing Dashboard Now Supports 3rd Party Metrics

    … As we think you already got used to, we at cognitiveSEO are ceaselessly working on improving our existing features or adding new ones in order to offer the best business solutions for our Cognitives, meaning our great customers. You might be already familiar with our fully customizable SEO Dashboard that we’ve launched around half a year ago…

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