• What Happens When SMBs Get Social?

      LinkedIn and Facebook transformed online selling in enterprise and consumer markets. What lessons learned can be applied to selling into SMBs? Top 3 Takeaways: Ownership of your “brand” is going to shift from You to Your Customers Brand Sentiment (Net Promoter Score) impact on Cost of Acquisition will be amplified and will determine who gains market share.

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    • State of Hyperlocal Report: What’s Hot in Local Marketing and Commerce

      The results of Street Fight’s second annual State of Hyperlocal vendor executive survey show that social media, data and analytics, and mobile—especially geotargeting—are the hot technology investments for marketing and commerce. The investment in data and analytics is in part driven by the biggest overall industry challenge, online-to-offline attribution measurement, and one ...

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    • How Brands Can Get More Out of Their Brick-and-Mortar Marketing

      Today’s brand marketer is tasked with the intricate challenge of delivering a customer experience that spans both the digital and physical worlds. The evolution of marketing, driven by the rise in digital mediums and mobile adoption, has complicated the process of delivering a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.

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  • Study Points to Opportunities to Help Big Marketers and their Affiliates

    … Study Points to Opportunities to Help Big Marketers and their Affiliates November 21, 2016 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Selling local services to national brands is one of the toughest challenges facing suppliers of hyperlocal marketing technology and services, as well as local media and digital agencies. They should…

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  • The state of PPC conferences in Europe

    … I have just come back from Heroconf London, the PPC event held by Hanapin Marketing in Europe and Marketing Festival in Ostrava (Czech Republic), the digital marketing event organized by Jindrich Fáborský. On February 1st was at PPC Masters in Berlin and on April 1st organized myself ADworld Experience in Bologna (Italy). This puts me…

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  • Why Social Media Is a Battleground for Prompted Search

    … In a world of omnichannel search, a business’s social media spaces are places where consumers can find what brands have to offer at a local level. Consumers are using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social platforms to figure out where to go nearby to shop and play. (Google famously labeled these moments…

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  • Which Apple Will Show Up For Local’s Next Revolution?

    … One thing that’s always defined Apple is a knack for shaping computing’s future. But lately, it’s been characterized more as the company that’s sitting back and watching others define tech’s next transformation: virtual reality and augmented reality. As discussed in past columns, I believe VR will come first but AR will be bigger. AR’s size…

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  • Imagining a Local Search Pathway for Snapchat

    … As a tech provider who — as a teen — once founded and grew a social network during the Friendster era, I’m always on the lookout for ways to help such businesses generate revenue. In fact, Facebook and my TalkLocal team recently announced a collaboration to power a call-to-action button that businesses can integrate into their Facebook Pages. So…

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  • Just How Big a Deal Are Voice Search and Chatbots for Local?

    … Just How Big a Deal Are Voice Search and Chatbots for Local? November 7, 2016 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Two weeks ago at Street Fight Summit, we raised a little controversy around the degree of hype versus disruptiveness of voice search to the hyperlocal economy. Street Fight believes voice search is a critical…

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  • Why Local Search Is Even More Important in the Age of Ad Blocking

    … At the beginning of 2016, just over 200 million people globally were using ad blocking software. That figure has been on the rise year-over-year, and we can expect the that as we head into 2017 that figure will be significantly larger. With so many people blocking traditional advertising, a growing proportion of internet users cannot be reached…

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  • Selling to SMBs: AIDA and The Conversion Zone

    I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside a number of elite companies as they’ve experienced the Technology Adoption Life Cycle (or as I like to call it, the bell curve ride), as portrayed in Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the Chasm. I’m often asked by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike to explain what changes throughout the course of the “bell curve ride” and how o ...

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  • New Report Shows Urban SMBs Do Better with Agency Help

    … understand how well digital marketing tactics are working for these merchants, and how they manage them, Street Fight partnered with ProspectWise to do a series of brief face to face interviews with 241 small business owners and managers in the greater Los Angeles area. The merchants were a mix of consumer services (including health and beauty…

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  • As Voice Search Gains Importance, So Does Schema Mark-up for SMB Sites

    … are winning the hearts, mind and wallets of consumers and SMBs alike. That moment in time some 20 months back, where mobile search queries exceeded desktop queries now seems like ancient history — and advances in Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and other voice-based search modalities have now become common. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke…

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  • Why Brands Need to Master Prompted Search

    … One of the highlights of autumn is seeing how merchants in small towns and suburbs rally around their local high school football teams. In the town where I grew up, Camdenton, Mo., the windows of local storefronts are festooned with the purple-and-gold colors of Camdenton High School, and similar scenes are played out across the United States…

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  • Why Local Marketing Tech Is Strongly Influencing 2016’s Furious M&A Activity

    … In case you missed it, there’s been a flurry of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity occurring in the ad and marketing technology space this year. When we entered 2016, those of us in the industry knew this wave of activity was imminent; and now the wait is very much over. In just the first half of the year, more than 70 deals were closed…

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  • Apps Continue to Battle, But the Mobile Web May Be Catching Up

    … Apps Continue to Battle, But the Mobile Web May Be Catching Up October 12, 2016 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary It is time to revisit the apps versus mobile web debate. At the TAP 2016 conference a couple weeks ago, I got the distinct impression that there was a movement away from apps toward mobile websites — and keep…

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