• Local SEOs: Don’t Play These Google Games

      Since search engines first appeared on the internet, website owners have been playing the SEO game, fighting for the #1 spot for money-making keywords. Just like those old 80s video arcade games you saw in Stranger Things 2, people spent a lot of time, money and hard work trying to get the high “score,” so they could proudly see their name (or, in this case, their website) on ...

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    • Addressing Multi-Location Brands’ Digital Marketing Pain Points

      Selling local marketing technology and services to multi-location brands continues to be a top challenge facing would-be suppliers. It won’t be easy, but offering tactics and tools to prove ROI and harmonize multiple customer data sources would help address those brands’ digital marketing pain points.

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  • Why CMOs Will Be the Most Important Executives in 2018

    … For the last two decades of my career, I’ve peppered every executive recruiter I meet with the same question: “For which position are you experiencing the greatest imbalance between the demand for exceptional candidates and the supply?” The responses are usually consistent and vary among sales, operations, and finance, but I keep asking because…

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  • ‘SMB OS’: Expanding the Local Pie

    … Local has a new battleground: the SMB operating system (SMB OS). The idea is that the opportunity isn’t SMB advertising — a primary focus thus far — but all business functions. It more holistically fulfills SMB needs, while tapping a larger addressable market. Like Salesforce is assembling in the enterprise, SMB OS includes a range of business…

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  • Are All-In-One Marketing Suites Really the Best Solution for SMBs?

    … Are All-In-One Marketing Suites Really the Best Solution for SMBs? December 19, 2017 by Jason VandeBoom Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Compared to large enterprises, marketing for small businesses is an entirely different beast. With fewer resources and staff, it’s easy for SMBs to get overwhelmed. A recent study found that 71…

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  • How Brands Can Use Location Intelligence to Target Travelers

    … This holiday season, millions of people will crisscross the country to reunite with their families and catch up with old friends. As these consumers pass through airports, train stations, and bus terminals, it’s a good reminder of how brands can use travel hubs as sites to identify, understand, and reach their ideal audiences. In fact, travel…

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  • Cloud Summit: Cisco Ramps Up Its SaaS Solutions for SMBs

    Giant enterprise tech firms like Cisco are well-equipped to provide SaaS services, such as wifi, access points, file share and business collaboration and managed security. In selling to SMBs, however, they have had to re-think the marketing approaches that have worked with larger customers. Cisco is generally known for its enterprise router services, which can run in the mill ...

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  • Holiday Countdown: 5 Powerful Mobile Marketing Activations that Drive Sales

    Holiday Countdown: 5 Powerful Mobile Marketing Activations that Drive Sales December 12, 2017 by Julie Bernard Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary In a year of challenging retail news, this holiday season there’s finally some promising predictions for retail brands. A surge of consumer dollars is flowing to online and brick-and-mortar checkout lines.

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  • Can Facebook Contend in Local Search?

    … A term often invoked at the intersection of Facebook and local is “sleeping giant.” After launching several products that flirt with local search and discovery — Places, Graph Search, Nearby etc. — the giant remains mostly at rest. Facebook Local, rebranded from Facebook Events, is the latest foray into location-based user engagement. Already…

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  • At Cloud Summit, a Focus on the Transition to SaaS Services

    … At last week’s SMB Cloud Adoption Summit held by The Local Search Association in San Francisco, roughly 100 attendees gathered to discuss the transition of their services for SMBs from advertising-oriented sales to the new breed of SaaS based solutions (or “Cloud Applications.”). Key topics for the gathered group include the size of the SaaS…

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  • Street Fight Launches Third Annual “State of Hyperlocal” Survey

    … Street Fight Launches Third Annual “State of Hyperlocal” Survey December 5, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Going into 2017, a Street Fight survey of executives at suppliers of local marketing technologies and services revealed that many of them were investing in data and analytics as a top new focus. As shown…

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  • How Much Should We Still Care About Duplicate Content?

    … Ever since Google Panda was unleashed, duplicate content has been a focus of SEOs. In this instance, duplicate content is referred to as large blocks of content within the website that is repeated. The belief has been that duplicate content — although it is not cause for a penalty, unless it appears deceptive — hurts the overall quality…

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  • How the End of Network Neutrality Could Affect SMBs and the Public Interest

    … the ISPs to track user habits for advertising and marketing. It would also prioritize certain types of delivery for additional charges, such as movies and tele-medicine. Whether ending the net neutrality rules would be good for the public interest — including businesses that use the Web — is not a simple black and white issue. Let’s start…

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  • Social Media Gets the Local Spending Growth, Partly by Default

    … Social media marketing remains the biggest target for increased spending, both by small local merchants and enterprise marketers supporting their local branches and distributors, according to Street Fight survey analysis. It is widely used, and deemed effective, particularly by SMBs. But when you dig deeper, it looks like most local marketers…

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  • Why DNA Info’s Shuttering Isn’t a Reflection on the Hyperlocal Digital Opportunity

    … don’t live in a neighborhood or town with a well-supported digital reporter covering it, you probably don’t feel a deep need to get one.” The statement reminded me of the early days of The Batavian. I lost count of how many people initially questioned why Batavia needed The Batavian. The city already had a daily newspaper. Why an online site…

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  • Local Marketing on Alexa? The Real Estate Industry Gives It a Shot

    … a useful upgrade to that laundry room: sound-absorbing foam on the walls that improves the audio quality as he records five daily updates for his Amazon Alexa skill, Northern Virginia Real Estate. He talks into his iPhone, recording himself with Spreaker, one of many apps that offer voice/podcast-recording capabilities. “I used to record daily…

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