• Google Elevates Local Marketing to Prime Time

      Google Elevates Local Marketing to Prime Time October 18, 2017 by Jon Schepke Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Local marketing has reached a new level of importance based on the measurable results it can provide. The evolution of the Google My Business (GMB) API is part of this overall equation.

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    • How Brands Determine Their Local Marketing Effectiveness

      How Brands Determine Their Local Marketing Effectiveness October 23, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Website analytics are the most popular means of evaluating local marketing for multi-location brands. While that’s a logical tactic for analyzing digital marketing and advertising effectiveness, it hardly presents the full picture of multichannel m ...

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    • So Long Local Search — Hello Machine-Directed Discovery

      Are you finally understanding how to get your business locations to show up properly on the Internet? Are you using a great marketing service that manages your online local visibility? Well whatever you thought you knew about getting your business found online and on mobile, or whatever you are currently learning, is already obsolete.

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  • What Happens If Facebook Gets Serious About Local?

    Despite the almost constant changes in the local landscape, here’s something that I think has been a constant for more than a decade: Google is synonymous with local marketing. Many local business owners know — or are taught — that a good portion of their online marketing success depends on their visibility in Google’s search results.

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  • 4 Ways to Track Traditional Local Media Using Digital

    … Traditional versus digital. Depending on whom you ask, some will say that digital marketing is the way to go. Others will challenge this statement and argue that traditional advertising is still hot and draws in customers. Who is right? And if traditional does work, how to do you measure the success in a highly digital world? The truth…

    Mindy Weinstein/ Street Fight- 14 readers -
  • Survey: Enterprise Marketers Are Increasing Local Digital Mix

    Survey: Enterprise Marketers Are Increasing Local Digital Mix October 3, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Many multi-location brands still rely on traditional media for their local marketing, making them appear more conservative than local small businesses who have embraced digital marketing aggressively.

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  • How Social Media Disasters Can Tarnish Brands

    … Gaffes by businesses, celebrities, and politicians on Twitter and Facebook have been with us since the advent of social media, but recent events have highlighted two very serious consequences that may not have been clear to those taking a cavalier attitude towards social media behavior. Social media actions can have legal consequences. Martin…

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  • Local Marketing Tricks and Treats for Halloween 2017

    … Halloween is just around the corner — a time when millions of Americans will stock up on candy, costumes, and decorations. What other time of year do families open their doors to share freely with family, friends and, well, total strangers? Thanks to the inherent generosity of the holiday, spending will be huge. Last year some 171 million…

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  • Taking the Pulse of the Location Data Ecosystem

    …-touch attribution techniques. At the same time, they’re more likely than most to cite managing multiple sources of data as their most difficult digital marketing challenge. These early adopters of location data are great prospects for suppliers of local marketing and commerce technologies. They’re sophisticated in their attribution and audience…

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  • The Shift in B2SMB: It’s All About Platforms

    … Businesses selling services to SMBs — a category we call “B2SMB” — currently bring in $500 billion a year. But major changes can be anticipated as the market shifts away from media towards cloud based services, artificial intelligence, marketing automation and location marketing. This cluster of tech movements represent real opportunities…

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  • Is Your Local Dealership Prepared for a New Era of Car Buying?

    … Buying a car is one of the largest financial decisions most consumers will make in their lifetime. And it used to be car shopping wasn’t so easy. Years ago, auto shoppers would spend weeks or even months visiting multiple dealerships, relying on salesmen and managers to provide the guidance they needed to make their purchase decision. Today…

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  • Report: Matching Up with Local Merchants’ Marketing Objectives

    … Street Fight’s analysis of local merchant surveys show that SMBs are spending more money on digital marketing — particularly social media and email — because they find those channels most effective. However, based on their self-professed marketing and advertising objectives, there appears to be some missing links between new customer acquisition…

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  • Quantifying the Physical World with a Product-Based Approach

    … for Gathering Data In business, the idea of gathering census data about consumers is equally as important for many of the same reasons governments use the information. Quantifying and understanding the physical world in terms of understanding consumers’ digital and offline behavior, while mapping their journey across multiple touchpoints can…

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  • How Big Is the Promise of Local AR (And When Can We Expect It)?

    … The world has reined back its excitement over augmented reality (AR)… or at least its realistic timing to consumer ubiquity. It will be revolutionary — especially for local — but the fully realized vision (smart glasses) is more of a 2022 thing than a 2018 one. This has to do with size, cost and most of all, style. But there are a few caveats…

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  • Why Premium Media Is the Gold Standard for Brand Marketers

    … quality over quantity; value it over a fleeting fascination with social, search, and the false promises that come with scale. This is the way to the gold standard we’re after. Tom Kenney is the CEO of Verve. Since founding Verve in 2005, he has focused on the power of location intelligence and mobile to provide advertisers with inventive solutions to amplify their mobile marketing strategies. …

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