• 5 Ways to Rethink Marketing Measurement

      This is a special guest column from Foursquare’s president Steven Rosenblatt, who will be joining us as a speaker in three weeks at Street Fight Summit 2016 in New York. Join him and hundreds of other local luminaries on October 25th. Click here for more info. *** To put it simply: old media mix and measurement models are broken.

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    • As Voice Search Gains Importance, So Does Schema Mark-up for SMB Sites

      There are some very interesting trends taking place in digital marketing that will significantly change the digital presence landscape starting with the most fundamental of digital marketing tools: the website. Anyone paying attention to the adtech space knows that search modalities are evolving, and companies able to exploit those changes are winning the hearts, mind and wal ...

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    • New Report Shows Urban SMBs Do Better with Agency Help

      Street Fight’s new analysis, The Urban SMB Report, indicates that local business owners in big cities get better results from their digital marketing efforts by not doing it themselves. The more they outsource, either to internal staff or to an agency, the higher their satisfaction rating. But there is room for improvement.

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  • Selling to SMBs: AIDA and The Conversion Zone

    I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside a number of elite companies as they’ve experienced the Technology Adoption Life Cycle (or as I like to call it, the bell curve ride), as portrayed in Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the Chasm. I’m often asked by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike to explain what changes throughout the course of the “bell curve ride” and how o ...

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  • Why Brands Need to Master Prompted Search

    … are adapting a brick-and-mortar form of prompted search marketing. Prompted search is an important form of location marketing that businesses need to understand to be agile and relevant. Prompted search is a term I’ve coined to describe what happens when an event, such as the start of the football season, triggers a search for a brand or product…

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  • Why Local Marketing Tech Is Strongly Influencing 2016’s Furious M&A Activity

    In case you missed it, there’s been a flurry of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity occurring in the ad and marketing technology space this year. When we entered 2016, those of us in the industry knew this wave of activity was imminent; and now the wait is very much over. In just the first half of the year, more than 70 deals were closed.

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  • Apps Continue to Battle, But the Mobile Web May Be Catching Up

    … Apps Continue to Battle, But the Mobile Web May Be Catching Up October 12, 2016 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary It is time to revisit the apps versus mobile web debate. At the TAP 2016 conference a couple weeks ago, I got the distinct impression that there was a movement away from apps toward mobile websites — and keep…

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  • Android Antitrust Cases in the EU and Russia: Updates & Overview

    … Android Antitrust Cases in the EU and Russia: Updates & Overview State of Digital readers in the know are already familiar with a number of events relating to antitrust cases against Google for its practices on Android. Since 2013, this topic has drawn our public attention as search advertisers, as mobile app developers, as handset…

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  • How Old-School Tactics From Emerging Economies Can Inform Local Marketing

    … the company in a concrete way, as they have now expanded to markets outside of Brazil, including Europe. Make your online local marketing demonstrate that you care about where you are – use it to showcase CSR projects, and recommend regional events and successes — be a part of your location. Florian Huebner is co-founder and MD of uberall. He was previously a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, and studied at the universities of Karlsruhe, Southern California and Sydney. He tweets at @flohuebner. …

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  • How Apple’s Subtle AR Play Could Impact Local: Sights and Sounds

    … Apple just entered augmented reality, without anyone really noticing. Though the iPhone 7 was met with a collective ‘meh,’ the real impact is below the surface, where the world’s biggest company collides with tech’s biggest opportunity. Disappointment stemmed from Apple’s failure to launch a VR product, or at least a blatantly obvious one (read…

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  • Taking Proximity Tech Beyond Promotional Offers

    … Many retailers have invested the money to install beacons in stores and deliver location-based promotions and offers to shoppers. According to the most recent report from Proxbook, more than 6.2 million beacons have currently been deployed. But once a program is successful and sales have increased as customers use more promotions, many…

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  • Will the ‘Physical Web’ Help Retailers Reduce Annoying Ads?

    … Since its introduction into the retail world back in 2013, beacon technology has helped brick-and-mortar stores compete in a consumer climate that’s leaning overwhelmingly toward digital. At least, that was the intention But there have been some drawbacks to beacons, enough so that many franchise businesses have shied away from implementing them…

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  • Street Fight Launches 2nd Annual ‘State of Hyperlocal’ Executive Survey

    … Street Fight Launches 2nd Annual ‘State of Hyperlocal’ Executive Survey September 12, 2016 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Last year, companies selling hyperlocal technology and services were obsessing over mobile and social, according to our Street Fight executive survey. That focus aligned well with big brands…

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  • Making Sense of the Mobile Marketing Spending Disparity

    … Shouldn’t advertisers be where the people are? The ubiquity of mobile devices is no secret, yet there is a $22 billion gap in mobile advertising in the U.S. alone, according to Mary Meeker’s 2016 trend report. This disparity is bigger in mobile than in any other media channel. In fact, marketers spend more on newspaper ads than consumer…

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  • Why Data Attributes Power the Long Tail of Local Search

    … As I discussed in a recent Street Fight column, attributes consist of descriptive data elements that set your business apart from your competitors, such as whether your business offers free parking. Attributes are variable (i.e. not all businesses offer free parking), and they provide specific context about a location that influences consumers…

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