• Yext’s IPO Could Raise All Boats in Local — And Herald Consolidation

      While Yext’s long-anticipated IPO announcement yesterday didn’t come as a huge surprise for those following local, the news that it was imminent still packed a punch. So we asked several luminaries to weigh in on what the offering might portend for the broader industry. Andrew Shotland, proprietor, LocalSEOGuide The entire local industry should be eager to see Yext’s IPO succeed.

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    • Will Native-Social Ads Dominate Mobile?

      Snap Inc.’s successful public market debut last week answered lots of questions and investor uncertainty, at least for now. One thing it clarified for me is native-social advertising’s staying power. After Facebook’s success with News Feed Ads, the format now has its second public torch bearer. This is validating because I recently projected native-social to be the most oppo ...

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  • Tried and True Marketing Tactics SMBs Can Borrow From Premium Brands

    … If there’s one thing “premium brands” share, it’s a retail experience that caters to the customer’s wants, needs and desires. The mantra is always “yes” — no matter how ridiculous the demands. As a result, premium brands often emphasize a set of “hand crafted” attributes: a unique and genuine look and feel both online and off; an appeal…

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  • Why It’s Too Early to Go All In on Virtual Assistants

    … practical ways to help out. A new study by local digital marketing agency DAC Group aimed at mid-sized banks and credit unions accelerated my thinking on this subject. The paper does a good job of tying together existing research — although some of it is a little old — with interviews to identify core themes for delivering a seamless and consistent user…

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  • Why Back-end Tech Is Key for Food Delivery Startups

    … It’s surprising to see how few local delivery startups stand out with their marketing messaging. For the uninitiated customer, what’s the difference between Postmates and, or DoorDash, Caviar, and Grubhub? Their websites have similar closeups of delicious dinners and offer some version of “we deliver food to your house” as copy…

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  • Mobile Marketing and the YouTube Cookie Shift

    Google announced recently that YouTube, its video-sharing platform, will leave cookies behind and turn to logged-in user data to verify views and ensure that relevant advertising reaches the right consumers, especially in the mobile space. The January 20 announcement carries major implications for mobile marketing and advertisers.

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  • The AI Wars in Local Have Already Begun

    … In the annals of tech, we’ve endured the browser wars, the OS wars, and of course the standards battle between VHS and Betamax. Now the latest battle is upon us: the personal assistant app wars. This AI-centric battle is being waged by heavier contenders than any before it, including Apple (Siri), Amazon (Alexa), and Google (Assistant…

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  • Small and Large Local Marketers Have Remarkably Similar Spending Focus

    … Small and Large Local Marketers Have Remarkably Similar Spending Focus February 1, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary We’re getting ready to launch our big Street Fight Local Merchant survey and analysis, and in preparation for that, I came across an enlightening recent small business digital marketing survey. One…

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  • Why Developing a ‘Near Me’ Strategy Has Become Critical for Local Marketers

    … If marketers have anything to learn from 2016, it’s this: Mobile is no longer just an important or necessary element of a marketing strategy, it’s vital for the livelihood and existence of a brand. It has led to a critical shift in shopper behavior that brand marketers are rushing to understand and adapt their digital marketing strategies…

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  • Why 2017 Will Be the Year of the ‘Micro Moment’

    … Think With Google, the educational arm of the search giant, recently released its take on Google’s Year in Search for 2016. The annual retrospective of all the biggest search trends from the previous year showed that consumers were feeling unsettled by political upheavals and epidemics. Simultaneously, consumers also embraced “near me…

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  • Is It Time to Redefine ‘Local’ Marketing?

    … this past year, I took the opportunity to dig back into my study of brands, locality, mobile and consumers. Local marketing communication has always fascinated me. The fact that consumers of discrete geographies use differing approaches based on locality, media dynamics and linguistics when shopping for products and services. For example, if you…

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  • Why Mobile Payments Will Heat Up in 2017

    …, a combination of factors could drive mobile payment adoption. Mobile payments and digital wallets could play a role in mobile advertising, loyalty programs, and the overarching hyperlocal marketing challenge of online-to-offline attribution. An awful lot of spending is going into mobile advertising, without much in the way of click-throughs and other…

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  • Why Location-Based Machine Learning Is the Smart Path to Personalization

    … People are good at forgiving the capriciousness of other people. When our normally gregarious barista has a morning when he forgets to smile, he is easily forgiven — chalk it up to “one of those days,” we all have them. However, our tolerance and patience with quirky, unpredictable technology is non-existent. Which begs the question: with so many…

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  • Local’s Next Battleground: In-Car Media

    … I’ve always considered Uber to be a wild card in local advertising. It knows where you’re going and where you’ve been, which has bred speculation about delivering local ads. And your buying intent is arguably heightened when Ubering about town. But I’ve been skeptical about Uber actually delivering ads. Just like Apple, the company is careful…

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