• Street Fight Staff and Friends Predict 2017’s Top Stories (Part Two)

      As 2016 draws to a close, we’ve once again asked Street Fight staffers and columnists to look into their crystal ball and offer prognostications for what they thought will be the biggest story (or stories) in local in 2017. This is the final installment in our annual series of predictions pieces. On Tuesday Freckle IoT’s Neil Sweeney weighed in with thoughts about the future of attribution.

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    • 3 Mobile Changes That Will Affect Marketers in 2017

      Mobile continues to evolve each year. In 2017, the total number of worldwide mobile users is expected to surpass 6 billion across 11 billion mobile devices. And since mobile has become such an integral part of daily life, there are now countless ways for marketers to reap the benefits — especially when it comes to collecting and using consumer data.

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  • Why Location-Based Machine Learning Is the Smart Path to Personalization

    People are good at forgiving the capriciousness of other people. When our normally gregarious barista has a morning when he forgets to smile, he is easily forgiven — chalk it up to “one of those days,” we all have them. However, our tolerance and patience with quirky, unpredictable technology is non-existent.

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  • Local’s Next Battleground: In-Car Media

    … I’ve always considered Uber to be a wild card in local advertising. It knows where you’re going and where you’ve been, which has bred speculation about delivering local ads. And your buying intent is arguably heightened when Ubering about town. But I’ve been skeptical about Uber actually delivering ads. Just like Apple, the company is careful…

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  • Under Pressure, Local TV Advertising Still Shows Lots of Opportunity

    … Under Pressure, Local TV Advertising Still Shows Lots of Opportunity December 21, 2016 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Local TV ad spending will take a big hit next year, projected to decrease at a double-digit pace after an election and Olympics year, and in the face of a tough new car sales market. Nonetheless, local…

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  • Why People-Based Marketing Platforms Will Begin to Dominate in 2017

    … This past year laid the foundation for major transitions across the marketing landscape. Those trends will accelerate in 2017, ultimately reshaping our industry for decades to come. The drivers of that transformation are two-fold. First, we are in the “Era of Digitalization,” where all forms of media are rapidly becoming digitized — from planning…

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  • How Marketers Can Convert Mobile Shoppers Into Sales

    … How Marketers Can Convert Mobile Shoppers Into Sales December 19, 2016 by Bernadette Coleman Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Mobile is quickly becoming consumers’ favored method for shopping. Google got my attention when their recent guide, “A Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Supershoppers” dropped into my email inbox, and it got me…

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  • How Facebook Finally Reconciled Commerce and Connections

    … In 2012, Facebook went public after breaking the record for largest tech IPO in history, leaving investors and technologies fretting over whether the social media behemoth could possibly live up to astronomical expectations and potential as a marketing powerbroker for local businesses and national brands. At the time, Facebook had to strike…

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  • Local’s Next Hurdle: The Impressionable Use Fallacy

    … Among the rampant cliches endemic to bad op-eds and conference sessions in the digital ad world, my favorite has to be the cringeworthy and often vapid “right person, right place, right time.” A close second is the delusion that ads actually “delight” anyone. And third place goes to the decade-old-but-still-somehow-invoked “walk by a Starbucks…

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  • Building the Essential Digital Marketing Bundle for Local Businesses

    … In this regular Street Fight feature, local marketing gurus David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal kick around some of the biggest ideas affecting the local search ecosystem and the broader industry. Send an email or leave a comment if you have specific topics that you’d like them to touch on in future columns! David: Hey Mike, hope you are staying…

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  • Omnichannel Personalization: Striving to Increase Average Basket Size

    Today’s shopper makes purchases both in-store and online and expects to engage and benefit from the retailer’s brand in both venues. The path to purchase often runs across multiple channels, with the consumer being influenced by a myriad of digital options that they use for product research and final purchase.

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  • Survey of Mobile Marketers Highlights Growing Focus on Location Data, Social Media

    Survey of Mobile Marketers Highlights Growing Focus on Location Data, Social Media December 5, 2016 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary, News A new industry-sponsored study of mobile advertisers and agencies offers guidance for hyperlocal marketing providers. Big brands and their agencies are increasing their mobile marketing efforts, with a keen focus on ...

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  • State of Hyperlocal Report: What’s Hot in Local Marketing and Commerce

    … The results of Street Fight’s second annual State of Hyperlocal vendor executive survey show that social media, data and analytics, and mobile—especially geotargeting—are the hot technology investments for marketing and commerce. The investment in data and analytics is in part driven by the biggest overall industry challenge, online-to-offline…

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  • How Brands Can Get More Out of Their Brick-and-Mortar Marketing

    … Today’s brand marketer is tasked with the intricate challenge of delivering a customer experience that spans both the digital and physical worlds. The evolution of marketing, driven by the rise in digital mediums and mobile adoption, has complicated the process of delivering a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints. A vast amount…

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  • Study Points to Opportunities to Help Big Marketers and their Affiliates

    … Study Points to Opportunities to Help Big Marketers and their Affiliates November 21, 2016 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Selling local services to national brands is one of the toughest challenges facing suppliers of hyperlocal marketing technology and services, as well as local media and digital agencies. They should…

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