• Why Real-time Geofencing Is a Missed Marketing Opportunity for Brands

      Most marketers these days have come to understand the power of location data. By analyzing location signals from apps, brands can gain valuable insights about the audiences they are trying to target. In their simplest form, location signals give marketers insight into consumers’ actual locations. When analyzed over time, location data becomes more valuable by giving marketers ...

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    • Could Chipotle Have Saved Millions of Dollars By Taking Online Reviews More Seriously?

      84% of all consumers say they are influenced by online reviews, according to Bright Local. However, there is currently no meaningful way to harness the content of these reviews to improve strategy. This fact is reflected in the many articles which tell you “what to do with customer reviews” as well as the nature of the jobs surrounding reputation management.

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    • Location Data for Brands: ‘Alternative Facts’ No Longer

      As the proximity industry grows, it’s important for brands investing in location and proximity to understand the differences between the various data points and technologies on the market. These differentiators can greatly affect how the proximity and location data is applied towards a brand’s marketing goals.

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  • Made for Each Other: Wallets, Loyalty, and Mobile Payments

    It’s fair to say the local marketing industry has been a little disappointed by the adoption of mobile payments. The combination of a sluggish hardware upgrade cycle and consumer reluctance appears discouraging. But there are catalysts on the near horizon, including the promise of a virtuous circle where mobile wallet-enabled loyalty programs encourage payments and vice versa.

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  • Unlocking Audiences for Brands: Uniting Client Goals with Demographic Research

    … Analytics can tell you a great deal about your client’s user base: their demographics, interests, age, gender, and locality. But often this data doesn’t match up with who your client thinks they’re reaching, especially for small business owners who don’t have the budget for consistent market research. Market research isn’t cheap – large companies…

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  • When Breaking Google’s Guidelines Is Almost Necessary with GMB

    … When Breaking Google’s Guidelines Is Almost Necessary with GMB April 24, 2017 by Joy Hawkins Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary A couple of months ago I was helping a physical therapy business on the Google My Business Forum that was filtered out of the local results on Google because of the Possum algorithm update in 2016. When I saw…

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  • How Brands Can Find the ‘Advertisable Moments’ They’re Missing

    … There is no digital equivalent to primetime TV hours in the living room. Advertisable moments exist in a range of digital and physical contexts beyond TV sets and even beyond desktop browsers — and if a brand wants to capitalize on all available moments (especially those proverbial micro-moments) it has to look for ad opportunities in unexpected…

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  • What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Fake News’

    … What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Fake News’ April 13, 2017 by Julie Bernard Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Perhaps it takes German lawmakers to remind us that “fake news” is not defined as anything we choose it to mean. While Germany’s newly proposed social-media bill makes its way toward that country’s Parliament, here…

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  • Are We on the Brink of a Retail Revolution?

    …-Channel vs. Multi-Channel Today, very few retailers and local businesses actually employ true omnichannel strategies across their enterprise or small business. Instead today we have “multi-channel” strategies masquerading as omnichannel. Case and point; I am aware of a specialty woman’s clothing store with over 50 nationwide locations employing…

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  • The State of Digital Marketing Events – 3 Things I’d Like to See

    … One of the (many) great things about our industry is that there are a ton of great digital marketing events taking place all over the world. You only have to take a quick look at the list we maintain here on State of Digital to see that much for yourself. And in recent months, I’ve seen a few brand new dedicated SEO conferences pop up here…

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  • The Coming Polarization of the SMB Software Market

    … Many, if not most, B2B startups begin life selling to small-to-medium-sized businesses. This is a great first market. For one thing, it’s massive. It’s also far easier to reach than the enterprise. Just how large is the SMB market? According to Intuit, there are 30 million small businesses in the United States alone. There are 60 million…

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  • Mobile Payments: Does Local’s Holy Grail Have Holes?

    … Mobile payments continue to be equally opportune and elusive. I continue to stand by my 2014 assertion: the potential benefits for businesses are huge, but I’m skeptical that mainstream consumers will alter their entrenched habits when they still don’t see cash or credit cards as a pain point. When I say mobile payments, I don’t mean Venmo…

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  • How New Location Data Tools Are Making Attribution a Reality

    … The global advertising industry is a $500B-per-year market spanning mobile, OOH, television and countless other mediums and verticals. And while the underlying technology differs across these mediums, the goals of advertisers do not. The core objective of advertising is to influence a consumer to purchase a product. Whether it’s a bar of soap…

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