• Are Website Builders the Next Big Growth Market in Local?

      One of the things I love most about the SMB software market is its evergreen nature. Unlike enterprise and, especially, consumer technology markets (anyone remember the hype of Pokemon Go?), small business technology markets tends to last a long time. A perfect illustration of this is the website builder market. Website builders have been around almost as long as the internet itself.

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    • Google’s Next Local Conquest: Visual Search

      Indoor mapping continues to be one of those “holy grail” topics in local. It picks up where GPS drops off, tracking consumers all the way to the cash register. That’s been beacons’ battle cry for years, though I’ve been skeptical due to their implementation and opt-in friction. The latest move comes from Google, with an approach that could leapfrog beacons by using the posit ...

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  • An Unsexy Truth: Emerging Tech Hinges on Local Data

    … I spend a lot of time talking to people in the augmented reality (AR) sector, and one factor continues to be overlooked: local data. In other words, the shiny vision of graphical overlays that augment our perception ain’t gonna happen without hordes of geo-relevant data. Take for example Google’s new self-trumpeted visual positioning service…

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  • Parsing Google Fred and Other Quality Updates: How to Prepare or Recover

    Just when you think you have everything under control, Google makes another change. If you are involved in any form of SEO, you know how daunting it can be to keep up with Google algorithm updates. Your heart stops every time you read a headline that says something to the effect of “Google Rolls Out Algorithm Update!” You also are hesitant to log into Twitter out of fear that ...

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  • How Using Wearables Data Can Strengthen Brands’ Outreach

    …, we found the design unfashionable, we had concerns about the privacy of our information, or we just didn’t feel we could do more with the tracker than we could with our smartphone or a basic running watch. Whatever the reason, when it comes to wearables, “Dropout from device usage is a serious problem for the industry,” says Angela McIntyre…

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  • Why Voice Search Is the Future

    … Voice search is taking over my home. And soon, it will take over your business. In the morning, my kids use the Echo as an alarm clock. They talk to Echo to plan their days, to check the weather, and to get the news. I can hear my son talking to Echo in his room and my daughter in hers before they say hello to Mom and Dad. Throughout the day…

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  • Retailers Need Use Tech to Work Smarter, Not Harder

    … Every week it seems that another major retailer resorts to bankruptcy protection to address its liquidity challenges. Turns out that estimate isn’t too far off, as the first 18 weeks of 2017 have seen 14 retailers announce they are seeking protection – more than all of 2016. I have fond memories of buying a shiny new pair of cleats at Sports…

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  • SMB Content Marketing: Avoid the Backward Approach

    … Is your approach to SMB content marketing backwards? Whether a business is local or not, content drives the bulk of digital marketing. Google rewards quality websites, which transcends into relevant and authoritative content. A successful content marketing campaign involves topics that resonate with the intended audience, creates buzz on social…

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  • Get Ready for The New SMB Software Market

    … If you want to create a successful software company, you have to pick a market. But which market is your best bet? There are three large software markets: Enterprise Small and medium business (SMB), and Consumer Some companies manage to tackle multiple markets over time but most successful software start-ups begin life with one market…

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  • The Evolution of Location-Based Targeting

    … More and more marketers and developers are using mobile device coordinate data to better understand their customers or users based on how they move through the physical world. This not only includes visits to retail stores, but shows a complete picture of real world movement, including when a device is at home, at work, at a park, at a school…

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  • Will Social AR Be the Next Local Battlefield?

    … I’ve been obnoxiously bullish on native-social advertising over the past few years, including its potential to erode traditional display ads. Its growth will follow the trajectory of its supporting tech (mobile broadband, bigger screens, camera optics), as well as millennial affinities. But another factor has emerged — where I’m also bullish…

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  • Location Data for Brands: ‘Alternative Facts’ No Longer

    … is certainly working towards that goal. As more and more sensors are deployed in public places, advertisers will get the kind of pinpoint accuracy they crave — and no longer settle for alternative facts. Kjartan Slette is Co-founder and COO of Unacast, which builds the double-deterministic Real World Graph to provide verified location, context and identity to global marketing platforms. Unacast is the world’s largest platform of unique proximity sensor data. …

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