• Facebook, Messenger, Instagram in a Single Inbox for Businesses

      Facebook announced that businesses on the social network can now link their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts and receive all communications from those channels in a single inbox. The social network said in a Facebook for Business post that the new inbox will roll out to brands using the Pages application “in the coming weeks,” with other devices to be added soon.

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    • When It Comes to Facebook Posts, Size Matters

      A proven tenet of online publishing, it’s been shown time and time again that long-form content drives more value than short-form content. Search-engine-optimization results are better. Conversion rates can be better, as can social engagement rates. Interestingly, one channel where the length of content hasn’t seemed to matter is Facebook–specifically, the effect that the a ...

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  • YouTube Reveals Top Videos, Music Videos, Ads of 2016

    … YouTube revealed its year-end lists for 2016, which highlighted the top videos, music videos and ads on the video-sharing platform. YouTube determined the top videos and music videos of 2016 by looking at a variety of factors, including “time spent watching, sharing, commenting, liking and more.” For ads, YouTube said the top 10 list included…

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  • Instagram Rolls Out New User Safety Tools

    … of an ongoing commitment to user safety. Systrom detailed the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network’s new comment control features: Comments are where the majority of conversation happens on Instagram. While comments are largely positive, they’re not always kind or welcome. Previously, we launched the ability to filter comments based on keywords…

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  • 7 Ways to Run Better Social Media Contests in 2017

    … media users love to be in the moment. They don’t want old, recycled posts you scheduled in advance; they want to see what’s happening right here, right now. You can use your contests to keep them in the moment by producing and sharing images or videos of what’s happening in your business as it’s happening, or by encouraging your users to post more…

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  • Instagram Adds Live Video, Disappearing Photos and Videos

    … Instagram announced two major updates Monday morning: live video in Instagram Stories and its latest nod to Snapchat, disappearing photos and videos in its Instagram Direct messaging feature. The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network said in a blog post that live video in Instagram Stories and in its Explore section will roll out…

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  • Why Brand Loyalty Hinges on Social Media Engagement

    … their thoughts not only builds on brand loyalty, but it shines a positive light on your business. Did #ChicagoMusical make you feel like a star? Review us on @TripAdvisor now! — Chicago The Musical (@ChicagoMusical) September 28, 2016 Chicago The Musical does a great job of asking its followers to rank…

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  • NFL Teams on Facebook and Twitter, Weeks 7-9

    … The Dallas Cowboys continued to dominate Facebook during weeks seven through nine of the National Football League season, according to social marketing firm Unmetric. Unmetric analyzed all of the NFL teams on Facebook and Twitter from Oct. 18 through Nov. 7 using its cross-channel reports, and its findings included: The Cowboys led Facebook…

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  • YouTube Gives Video Creators More Control Over Comments

    … YouTube introduced a handful of features aimed at giving video creators more control over the comments on their channels. Product manager Courtney Lessard wrote in a blog post that the following three features have rolled out: Pinned comments: Video creators can promote specific comments by pinning them to the top of their feeds, enabling them…

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  • ABC News, Facebook Live Gear Up for Election Day

    … ABC News will continue to incorporate Facebook Live into its coverage of the 2016 presidential election on Election Day itself. The partnership between ABC News and Facebook Live resulted in 28 million video views during the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention and 24 million during the three presidential debates…

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  • Twitter Tests Apple Reader Mode as Default

    … Just the text, ma’am: Twitter is reportedly testing a feature in its flagship iOS application that enables Apple’s Reader mode by default when links are clicked in its in-app browser. The Guardian reported on the test last week, pointing out that Reader removes formatting such as ads, links and comments from webpages, essentially displaying…

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