• Thank You for Not Talking: A Guide for Serious Marketers

      By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist I’m a loud person. Get a few drinks in me and I’m downright obnoxious. But in a business setting, there is a certain etiquette I always abide by — even though SO MANY others don’t. The amount of ‘conversation domination’ that’s going on these days is downright embarrassing. Or at least it should be.

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  • How to Take Your Business to the Next Level? Proven Methods

    …. The thing is that only happens sometimes. More often, down the line, you find yourself regretting not having fired them before. And in the long run, that’s going to cost you more than you save when giving somebody a third chance works out well. Work on your communication A company can only ever be as good as how well people that work there communicate…

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  • How to Set Goals That Will Turn an Average Team Into All-Stars

    … and commitment. These outcomes are important for a sound, collaborative company culture where employees feel safe contributing new ideas and trying out new approaches: Google, for instance, conducted a study that found employees who felt psychologically safe in their environments were less likely to leave, more likely to leverage a diverse skill set and more…

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  • 9 Business Communication Skills Every Professional Should Master

    … Communication is a critical element in all aspects of life including the workplace. Some business communication skills are necessary for the success of any business. Any professional who masters these communication skills will be able to work smart and deliver the intended results. This article presents nine communication skills that every…

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  • HYPERGROWTH – Book Interview

    … of internal stakeholders. Whether the underlying methodology is Waterfall, or Agile, the customer is noticeably missing. At Performable, I shifted the model to make communication with customers a priority. Under this new model, everything revolves around the customer: from what features get shipped, to what words get used on the website, to how teams…

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  • Why MarTech is a Strategic Imperative for Business Growth

    … in isolation with no wider connection to strategy; data may be mishandled, incorrectly inputted due to human error, or stored in different formats and in separate locations. Lack of communication too plays a key role in keeping what should be a cohesive connected department apart. Today, marketing is powered by technology. Even if you don’t recognise your…

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  • Lazy Developers or Poor Communication?

    … Why the web isn’t perfect This is a guest post by Toby Osbourn, freelance developer and interim CTO for hire. The majority of issues making our websites a poor substitute for what they could be boil down to communication between and within teams. Excluding some new features of the web coming out (AMP, CSS Grid, updates to frameworks…

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  • Brand Newsroom 123: Jonathan Crossfield on the Power of Plain Language

    … A lawyer recently took Instagram’s Terms and Conditions and rewrote them so teenagers could understand which of their rights they were giving away when they clicked “agree”. That got the Brand Newsroom team thinking about the power of using plain language instead of politi-speak, jargon, academic terminology and mangled English. Nic Hayes is our…

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  • Invisible Influence – Book Interview

    … Heidi Cohen Interviews Jonah Berger New book: Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing? To be a successful marketer, you have to understand social influence. People don’t make their own choices. They make choices based on what the people around…

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  • Masterclass: Write Like a Marketing Pro

    … writing training devoted to helping people become better writers and communicators. Our workshop, Masterclass: Write Like a Marketing Pro, is half a day of hands-on training that will noticeably improve your written communication skills. Importantly, the workshop exercises are designed for your own writing. We don’t fabricate examples and make you…

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