• Content Shock isn’t the problem. It’s the solution.

    … By Mark Schaefer I was at a conference this week and the speaker after me was an SEO expert of some kind. I was sort of paying attention but one slide made me look up. It said this: “The key to SEO success is to saturate the content landscape.” On the surface, this seems … yucky. We want quality over quantity, right? Well … it depends…

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  • Snapchat needs to pay attention to the cool kids, and so do you

    … on expansion plans instead of fixing the issues keeping its best users from succeeding on the channel. Course corrections I’m not suggesting that ignoring customer stars was the entire problem, but certainly it is a new day and power users can move the needle like never before. A few people still roll their eyes at the idea of influence marketing…

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  • Use This Surefire Guide To Boost Your Social Media Followers

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Do social media followers matter? (Hint: they do) We’re supposed to turn up our noses at vanity metrics, but if you’re a social media marketer working on behalf of a client, you know follower growth is always top of mind. Nearly all of our clients choose “growing and engaging audiences…

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  • Five stellar community engagement platforms that rock, and one to avoid!

    … by gamers, Discord’s neat feature is the ability to create voice channels. Gamers appreciate the ability to talk to each other with their hands free to hold controllers. Discord has also told Product Hunt that they will soon be introducing video chat. Facebook Groups An oldie but a goodie, Facebook Groups are perfect channels for community engagement…

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  • Four ways I fight for freedom and digital citizenship in the era of fake news

    … By Anitha Aswath {grow} Community Member Freedom is a core human value. It is sacred and pristine. But how do we preserve this in a world of fake news, bullying, hate, and all that comes with the constant hum and buzz of social media? Two weeks ago, Germany passed a new law that requires companies to delete illegal, racist, fake news…

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  • Social media engagement is a lousy metric

    … math — the vast majority of people who read my stuff will never comment. And that’s OK. Engagement is not necessarily a measurement of impact. The connection is real I believe one of the greatest opportunities with social media marketing is to build an emotional connection with people that leads to business benefits over time. But that doesn’t mean…

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  • Achieving escape velocity: The content discovery challenge

    … By Mark Schaefer My Marketing Companion co-host Tom Webster told me that within a few weeks, three of his clients all came to him with the same question: How do we get our content discovered? The answer you typically hear in our space is “create quality content and it will rise to the top” but that does not work any more. Perhaps it never has…

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  • 19-Year-Old Shows Anybody Can Become Known With Commitment

    … also been a long-time fan of Toronto Blue Jays pitcher and fellow Long Islander, Marcus Stroman. I love his motto height doesn’t measure heart.” When he was 16, Josh discovered a world of baseball on Instagram … and he wanted in. He saw an opportunity to create an engaging Instagram community centered around the love of the game. During his…

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  • Three proven tips on finding niche markets hungry for your work

    … your new (unknown) product, it helps to compare it to other works in the niche so potential customers get a basic idea. Once you’re more established, you can drop that marketing ‘crutch’. I started with a low price point ($2.99) to entice new readers to check it out. The lower the price point, the smaller the investment (risk) for a new reader. I…

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  • Does corporate storytelling work? Some mega-brands say no.

    … By Mark Schaefer With much flourish, Coca-Cola announced in 2011 that it would be moving from “creative excellence to content excellence.” It made an epic, two-part animated video on their strategy, explaining that they would be creating such amazing content that it could not be contained. Shortly after this announcement, the company launched…

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  • A Simple Rule for How Brands Should Work with Influencers: Attention Retention

    … By Jay Acunzo, {grow} Community Member TL;DR—Influencer marketing is a big and growing trend, but few organizations are reaping the biggest possible rewards of the approach. Let’s reset our thinking, so we can improve our results. When a new trend starts careening towards ubiquity, the pundits beat their blogs for blood—declaring victors…

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  • How to build a truly actionable social media audience

    … for years to build an emotional connection and trust with an audience that is now actionable. My friend really had no audience like that. She was at the beginning. For most people, it takes years of work before you can hope to monetize an audience. And it takes more than just building Twitter followers. If I went out today and asked my Twitter…

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  • Stop creating Random Acts of Content

    … By Mark Schaefer I was sitting in a workshop with my friends at a big multi-national company and, like many companies, they were struggling to come up with a comprehensive content marketing plan. The company had little pockets of activity across their divisions but they were just not gaining any traction. After listening intently for a couple…

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  • The language of business: What you’re selling may be not be what they’re buying

    … Sometimes I get concerned when my friends get caught in the social media bubble and start to lose touch with the language of real business. In this short video, I give some advice that might help you make progress with your internal and external customers: Sometimes what we’re selling is not necessarily what they’re buying! If you can’t view…

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  • Three strategies to take the heat out of customer conflict

    … specifically? Why do you think I’m the best for the job? What do you think our collaboration can look like? The goal is to agree on a common guideline which is as clear as a glass crystal in the azure sky. So when disagreements happen, (hint: they will) you can always point to your initial agreement and refocus. A common guideline in my illustration work…

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