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    • Street Culture: How RetailNext’s Growth Is Driven by Diversity

      In-store analytics company RetailNext will celebrate its ninth birthday in about a month. As the company has grown, according to CEO Alexei Agratchev, it has experienced two “productivity peaks,” where fewer people are doing a huge amount of work. Then new hires are brought on, and the productivity stays about the same for a few months as the growth potential is realized.

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    • Street Culture: Why Lunch Is a Big Deal at Euclid Analytics

      Lunch is an important ritual at Euclid Analytics, a digital marketing data and analytics company based in San Francisco. At six years old with about 40 employees, the company is currently in a growth phase, and will likely grow considerably in the next year. Euclid’s director of product, Alexander Reichert, says that for the three years he has worked for the company, the dai ...

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  • 2nd Year in a Row, Acceleration Partners Named as a Best Workplace for Women

    … For the second year in a row, Great Place to Work® and Fortune have named Acceleration Partners one of the 2016 Best Workplaces for Women. What makes this ranking so significant is that it’s based on employees’ assessments of communications with management, options for development and training, and support for work/life balance, among other…

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  • AP Alumni Spotlight: A Fond Farewell to Daniel Feinberg

    … client that had three individual affiliate programs. I was helping set up and manage that behemoth program, which was very challenging due to the complexity of the company’s attribution model. And this was all during Q4! I honestly felt overwhelmed and unsure of myself, but thanks to the support of AP leadership, I got through that tumultuous time…

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  • Street Culture: Trans-Atlantic Travel Helps Unacast’s Team Build Trust

    … Every month, one half of Unacast’s employees travel to visit the other half of the employees – the engineering team is located in Oslo, Norway and the commercial team is in New York City. The two-year-old beacon and proximity data startup adopted the company-wide travel schedule as a culture-building activity, giving employees a chance…

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  • Street Culture: After Layoffs Break Down Culture, Extole Works to Build It Anew

    … Matt Roche is no stranger to botched transactions in company growth, and he doesn’t sugarcoat his failures. “There is one part of company culture that I have singularly failed at,” Roche, CEO of referral marketing company Extole. “One thing that I missed, that our people caught: that it’s too easy to get too serious. Core values have…

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  • Why a Sushi Story Made Me Reflect on AP’s Company Values

    … for our company culture, core values and operating principles. The AP Way At AP, if you want something – be it an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skill sets, move into another department, advance in your career, etc. – you are supported and encouraged to do so. In East Side Sushi, Juana made a very compelling case for why she deserved to be out…

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  • Street Culture: Ampush Employees Driving Company Reinvention

    … a culture of respect for other people, a humility that’s helped guide us, as opposed to that ‘Let’s listen to what the boss is saying.’” “We’re first time entrepreneurs, and because of that we’ve never told ourselves that we had all the answers,” Shah said. “Every problem is approached by thinking about alternatives, about the pros and cons, and by having thoughtful analysis before making decisions.” April Nowicki is a contributor at Street Fight. …

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  • Street Culture: Promoboxx Links Incentives to Achievements

    … a revenue goal during the first week of June. “Then we had another one where we hit another target, and everyone got a company-branded Timbuk2 backpack,” Carcio said. The Boston-based Promoboxx, founded in 2010, currently has about 35 employees and is hiring for five positions. The company culture-based initiatives include the standard fun things…

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  • Street Culture: Seattle Food Startup Delivers Culture to Chef Partners

    …,” he said. “Those are the four words that will come up if you talk to anybody [at Lish]. And they’ll also talk about the culture being very data driven. Mark [Piper, Lish co-founder] and I come from a highly analytical backgrounds, very numbers-driven, and the restaurant culture is not like that. Our culture marries both of those, the food…

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  • Street Culture: G/O Digital Building Community via Nerf Wars

    … client-focused culture. It all starts with the people, the team you assemble, and the culture and the vibe you create. If you can do it the right way, the business can really grow and become a really cool place to be.” The right way to build a company culture: it’s different for every company, every leadership team, and every squad of employees. Fagan…

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  • Street Culture: Birdzi Finds ‘Liberation’ in Lack of Corporate Hierarchy

    … what to look for in new team members: they must fit into three pillars of the company’s new-but-strong culture. “If you aren’t a believer, you can’t work from home productively and you’re not going to survive in this environment,” Raman said. “You have to be excited about what we’re doing. All these guys on our team could walk into any company…

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  • Street Culture: Glympse Builds an Open Community to Empower Staff

    … or concerns before they become a problem.” The team lunches support the culture, Trussel said, but mostly because they help keep everyone educated on the company’s status and growth, and align everyone’s focus on business strategy. “Culture gets defined whether you try to or not,” he said. “We really want folks who have a lot of different…

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