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    • Street Culture: Year-Old JumpCrew Builds for Scale, Eschews ‘Startup Culture’

      David Pachter put years of consideration into the creation of Nashville-based JumpCrew, a social marketing and sales company for local businesses. Pachter is JumpCrew’s executive chairman of the board, co-founder, and leading investor in the most recent funding round. He says that as companies grow, especially at a fast pace, culture that promotes individual achievement can be diluted.

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    • Street Culture: At Ibotta Good Ideas ‘Come From Anywhere’

      Four office locations in five years — either something went wrong four times, or something is going very right. Ibotta, the fast-growing mobile shopping app, moved again this year when the company outgrew its third location faster than anyone had expected. Alison Meadows, vice president of human relations, told Street Fight that Ibotta is fast approaching critical mass at th ...

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    • How to Weave Grit into Your Company’s Culture

      This article was originally published on According to New York Times bestselling author Angela Duckworth, parenting begins and ends with grit. In her book “Grit,” she describes it as a combination of passion and perseverance. On Duckworth’s “grit spectrum,” parenting styles can fall anywhere along a continuum, from supportive to apathetic, challenging to undemanding.

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  • Street Culture: How Placeable Employees Own the Company’s Culture

    … having the policy though — it needs to be more than words printed in a company handbook. “There’s a difference between selling culture and living it,” he says. “I think we genuinely live it. When a candidate comes to an interview, you’re going to meet five people. You’re here to interview us. You’re making the choice too. When people go through the interview process and they’re done, they’ve experienced the culture. They can feel it.” April Nowicki is a contributor at Street Fight. …

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  • Contently Named One of the 50 Best Places to Work in Media By Ad Age

    … Sometimes, Mondays suck. Okay, maybe a lot of times. Saying goodbye to the weekend is never easy, but there is a solution: making the workplace a better place. That means building a culture where people enjoy each other’s company, are fulfilled by their responsibilities, and have access to the resources they need to succeed. Of course…

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  • Acceleration Partners Named 2017 Best Place to Work by Ad Age

    … and final rankings. And AP is thrilled to be one of them! Congrats to everyone who made this distinguished list. To see the other companies named as a Best Place to Work by Ad Age, click here. This year, Acceleration Partners also ranked as a Best Place to Work for Women, Flexibility, and Advertising & Marketing by Fortune and Great Place…

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  • Street Culture: Threads Touts Holistic Understanding of Employees to Grow Culture

    … Sean Abbas, co-founder and president of culture-measuring software company Threads, has two main points to make about about company culture: The first is that the standard metric for measuring employee performance — where everything is rated with a number and then they’re all averaged together — is inherently flawed. The second…

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  • Reaching New Heights at Our 2016 AP Summit

    … are also given to team members celebrating a work anniversary during the year and to the team members who have given and received the most cheers via TINYPulse’s “cheers for peers” feature. As we do every year, we packed a lot in over a short period of time, creating ambitious goals for our company and clients and making lasting memories…

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  • How Steve Wynn Used Storytelling to Build Company Culture

    … on casinos; he uses casinos to be able to build family-friendly attractions and five-star hotels he could not build without that revenue. How Storytelling Builds Success Think about your typical hotel or restaurant experience. What makes one stand out from another? Personally, I drive past businesses where the owner, management, or employees…

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  • Street Culture: Why Lunch Is a Big Deal at Euclid Analytics

    … Lunch is an important ritual at Euclid Analytics, a digital marketing data and analytics company based in San Francisco. At six years old with about 40 employees, the company is currently in a growth phase, and will likely grow considerably in the next year. Euclid’s director of product, Alexander Reichert, says that for the three years he has…

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  • Street Culture: How RetailNext’s Growth Is Driven by Diversity

    … as the growth potential is realized. It’s a frustrating cycle, and one that management hasn’t quite figured out how to handle yet. For now, the company says it is leveraging diversity as a way to continue up the growth curve. RetailNext was founded by three former Cisco employees – Agratchev, from Russia, Arun Nair, from India and Marlie Liu, from Taiwan…

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  • 2nd Year in a Row, Acceleration Partners Named as a Best Workplace for Women

    … For the second year in a row, Great Place to Work® and Fortune have named Acceleration Partners one of the 2016 Best Workplaces for Women. What makes this ranking so significant is that it’s based on employees’ assessments of communications with management, options for development and training, and support for work/life balance, among other…

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