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    • At Liftoff, a Classic Formula for Company Culture

      A 4.9 rating on Glassdoor is impressive. It’s the rating that mobile app marketing and targeting company Liftoff has earned, and it might be the best Glassdoor rating of all the companies that have ever been featured on Street Culture since spring 2015. It’s just one metric measuring a formula of company values, employee sentiment, and individual reviews, but the company has ...

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    • Why I sent $500 to an Employee’s Mom

      I just wrote my first official Thank You note that included a $500 referral bonus– and it was to the mother of one of our newest hires! You see, we really appreciate quality referrals, especially when it turns into us hiring the person because they are such a rock star. We call it our Refer-A-Friend program, but it really applies to anyone, including a parent, who refers some ...

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    • Street Culture: Blind References Help Weed Out Drama at Zaius

      Zaius, a business-to-consumer marketing and analytics company based in Boston, was founded in 2012 and launched commercially in 2015, and is led by a startup enthusiast: Mark Gally. “I actually love startups,” says Gally, CEO of Zaius (pronounced “zay-us”). He’s been with three others: software companies Merced Systems, VideoIQ, and TribeHR, which was acquired by NetSuite.

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  • Business Growth: Recruiting for Cultural Fit

    … be overwhelming trying to find “The One.” Bringing the right people into your business is the biggest challenge any organisation faces, according to Guv Jassal, Director of Washington Frank, an international technology recruiting company. Making the right decision is even more crucial when you are a small business owner or a startup. Individual employees can…

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  • Street Culture: A New Way to Keep Score at CrowdOptic

    … of Ocean’s 11. But we do it legally, of course.” Fifteen employees are currently employed by Fisher, co-founder and CEO of IoT software company CrowdOptic, which combines data from multiple devices to create a bigger picture, seeing around corners and through walls. While Fisher is not planning to hire for dozens of new positions in the very near…

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  • Street Culture: A Look at the Spinoff Culture at Conichiwa

    … A spinoff company from a larger mothership might already have culture built in. At Conichiwa, a Berlin-based proximity agency and beacon company, that’s not quite what is happening. With seven employees, Conichiwa is tasked with finding location-based solutions for aviation, banking, retail, and healthcare industries – breaking away from…

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  • Street Culture: Metrics for a Global Community

    … While some company founders sit down and write out their core values and identify what their company’s culture should be before they even find the people who will help them, others just go with their gut. For Pete Gombert, founder of local marketing company Balihoo, his gut feeling about culture has turned into a whole new company. “When I…

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  • Street Culture: Taking Estimote’s ‘No Barriers’ Culture Literally

    …, at its base. Krzych heard about this definition of culture from Andrew Mason, founder of Groupon and co-founder of hyperlocal audio app company Detour, at the seed accelerator Y Combinator in 2013. “Basically, he said that within your startup lifetime, you as a founder and as a team member, you will have a lot of temptations,” Krzych says. “And these…

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  • Finding Work/Life Harmony with the Power of One

    … spectrum. I call this harmony; harmony in our work and in our lives outside work. To learn more about this concept and how AP’s culture supports its team members’ ability to bring harmony into their work and personal lives, check out our Careers page. The post Finding Work/Life Harmony with the Power of One appeared first on Acceleration Partners. …

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  • Acceleration Partners Makes Inc. Magazine’s 2017 Best Workplaces List!

    … and culture awards, including: Ad Age Best Places to Work Entrepreneur Top Company Culture Great Place to Work & Fortune Best Workplace – Advertising & Marketing To learn more about our award-winning culture and the positions we’re actively hiring for, visit our Careers page today! The post Acceleration Partners Makes Inc. Magazine’s 2017 Best Workplaces List! appeared first on Acceleration Partners. …

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  • A Personal Perspective of AP’s Mindful Transition Program

    …, and plan on remaining, a fully remote company. “Remote” seems to be all the hype these days, and I know some companies are doing it very well (Automatic, Zapier, etc.), BUT it is not easy! Culture, hiring, meetings, planning, communicating; all require a different approach to make “remote” effective, and thankfully I’ve been a part of the strategy…

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  • Street Culture: Six Vertical Pivoting its Culture with its Company

    … There are two options if you want to be a tech startup owner — one is to attach yourself to someone else’s startup in the early stages so you have equity options. The second option is to do it yourself. Doing it yourself often comes with a painful side effect, says Joshua Enders, managing partner of client success at digital commerce company…

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  • 8 Examples of Brands Using Instagram to Showcase Company Culture

    … In today’s business world, a strong company culture is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s a business imperative. In fact, according to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends survey, 82% of respondents said they believe culture is a potential competitive advantage. “Few factors contribute more to business success than culture—the system…

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  • Street Culture: Balancing Structure and Exploration in Company Culture

    … values around the customer. At software platform development company Dispatch, the company’s fixation on providing the best service for the customer means that even new employees might need to travel. At meal delivery service company Lish, focus on the customer is one of the company’s three core values. And at in-store analytics company RetailNext…

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  • Street Culture: Pointy Focusing on People and Product, Not Process

    … Dublin-based digital search platform startup Pointy is still at that point where the culture is just what it is, without special definitions or structure. “I’ve been at companies before where the employees are silo-ed into sales teams and engineering teams,” says Mark Cummins, co-founder of Pointy. “The number of people on our team now…

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  • 3 Ways Boomerangs Are Super Valuable in Your Work Culture

    … Boomerangs – former employees who return to your company as employees, partners, and advocates – are an important engine for a positive work culture that delivers a positive bottom-line. In fact, Boomerangs will become more important to business in the future, as Millennials and GenZers continue re-shape what a career trajectory looks like…

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