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    • 8 Examples of Brands Using Instagram to Showcase Company Culture

      In today’s business world, a strong company culture is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s a business imperative. In fact, according to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends survey, 82% of respondents said they believe culture is a potential competitive advantage. “Few factors contribute more to business success than culture—the system of values, beliefs, and behaviors th ...

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    • Street Culture: Balancing Structure and Exploration in Company Culture

      Environment, talent, and process all encourage the growth of innovation, according to IT research firm CEB, which was recently acquired by Gartner. But there’s a balancing act that must take place between structure and exploration — especially for smaller companies on a fast upward growth curve.

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    • Street Culture: Pointy Focusing on People and Product, Not Process

      Dublin-based digital search platform startup Pointy is still at that point where the culture is just what it is, without special definitions or structure. “I’ve been at companies before where the employees are silo-ed into sales teams and engineering teams,” says Mark Cummins, co-founder of Pointy. “The number of people on our team now is small, almost painfully small.

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  • A Personal Perspective of AP’s Mindful Transition Program

    … In our blog posts, industry articles, podcasts, and internal trainings, we’ve spoken a great deal about our Mindful Transition program – what it is, the philosophy behind it, and why we encourage our team members to take advantage of it if/when they are ready. I am one such team member. I’ve proudly worked at AP for over two years serving…

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  • Street Culture: Six Vertical Pivoting its Culture with its Company

    …, is still developing digital products, but in a much more controlled manner (with no burn rate at all, for the moment). Enders says that for tech companies, it can be very tough to compete with others for talented engineers, but that the company culture is one recruitment tool to use. Six Vertical’s culture, shaped almost entirely by Enders…

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  • 3 Ways Boomerangs Are Super Valuable in Your Work Culture

    … Boomerangs – former employees who return to your company as employees, partners, and advocates – are an important engine for a positive work culture that delivers a positive bottom-line. In fact, Boomerangs will become more important to business in the future, as Millennials and GenZers continue re-shape what a career trajectory looks like…

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  • Street Culture: A Changing Culture of Inclusion and Conversation at Dispatch

    … It’s been nearly two years since we first spoke with software platform development company Dispatch about its culture, and the company now says it is using a secret weapon to iron out a few wrinkles in its operation. His name is Corey. “Let’s talk more about Corey,” says James Zar, Dispatch co-founder and current chief of strategy. Corey…

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  • Street Culture: Cuebiq’s Aggressive Growth Bolstered by Candid Culture

    … In less than two years, location intelligence firm Cuebiq has grown to about 30 people, with employees stationed in multiple offices in the U.S. and in Milan, Italy. Cuebiq is a spin-off of Beintoo, a European mobile marketing company that CEO Antonio Tomarchio previously led before handing off the company to new leadership. Tomarchio says…

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  • Street Culture: Tech Startups Amping Up Opportunities for Women

    … Leadership is often a driver of company culture, even though some startup company CEOs and managers say that culture is driven by the employees. Every company is different, and in this industry the quality of communications helps welcome and nurture people. For many companies, transparent sharing and openness at all levels is inviting a new…

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  • Street Culture: Puts Company Culture of Trust and Respect First

    … knows that this type of trust and respect for fellow employees is part of what generates an energetic, productive, successful company culture. At a previous job, she witnessed the deterioration of one company’s culture due to a change in leadership. “It took the wind out of our sails,” she says. “We went from having so much fun, the Friday afternoon…

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  • 3 Ways Every Employee Can Work to Improve Corporate Culture

    … It’s a fact of life: Staying happy and engaged at work over the long haul can be a big challenge. While a large part of your job satisfaction depends on the people and environment, you can do some things to improve your own outlook and strengthen your workplace culture. If your company has communicated its core values to everyone…

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  • Street Culture: inMarket Retains a ‘Startup Mentality’ as It Scales Up

    … tests.” inMarket does measure the company’s culture, holding frequent feedback sessions with employees about what it needs to improve. Heinzinger has been with inMarket since the beginning, helping the company launch in 2010. Since then, its growth has accelerated and inMarket now employs about 60 people, a 100% increase over this time last year…

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  • Street Culture: Year-Old JumpCrew Builds for Scale, Eschews ‘Startup Culture’

    … David Pachter put years of consideration into the creation of Nashville-based JumpCrew, a social marketing and sales company for local businesses. Pachter is JumpCrew’s executive chairman of the board, co-founder, and leading investor in the most recent funding round. He says that as companies grow, especially at a fast pace, culture…

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  • How to Weave Grit into Your Company’s Culture

    …, employees aren’t encouraged to innovate. Their attitudes may be positive, but they don’t help the company grow. This style nurtures nice people who can’t make hard decisions — those who quit when things get tough. 3. Authoritarian: Unsupportive and Demanding Authoritarian leaders land on the “strict” end of the spectrum. They have very high…

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  • Street Culture: At Ibotta Good Ideas ‘Come From Anywhere’

    … Four office locations in five years — either something went wrong four times, or something is going very right. Ibotta, the fast-growing mobile shopping app, moved again this year when the company outgrew its third location faster than anyone had expected. Alison Meadows, vice president of human relations, told Street Fight that Ibotta is fast…

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