Confetti is small pieces or streamers of paper, mylar, or metallic material which are usually thrown at parades and celebrations, especially weddings (and game shows, following the end of a milestone or the occasion of a big win). The origins are from the Latin confectum, with confetti the plural of Italian confetto, small sweet. Modern paper confetti traces back to symbolic rituals of tossing grains and sweets during special occasions, traditional for numerous cultures throughout history as an ancient custom dating back to pagan times, but adapted from sweets and grains to paper through the centuries.
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  • Inbound Marketing Trends: January 4, 2015

    … marketing trends. While the ball has dropped and the confetti has been swept, we're feeling like the best part has just begun. After all, there's nothing like a fresh start to get you excited about your marketing efforts, right? So to help you kick off 2015 the right way, we've collected all of the latest posts from our blog this week to make…

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  • Out With The Old, In With The New

    … of. A part, but apart. A few moments later Taylor, the vibrant young lady beside me, threw her arms around me and said "Happy New Year!" and jerked me out of my silent time warp. She was alone at the concert too, so I'd invited her to sit in my extra/empty front row seat. I smiled and wished her a happy new year too as we hugged, two strangers…

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  • Heatmaps Role in Conversion Optimization Q&A

    … on returning versus new visitors? A: Yes – you can do that. Actually, CrazyEgg has that as one of the reports in their confetti report, and you can just select new versus returning. Also, you can look at it using the cloud click heatmap if you were to segment your test by new vs. returning using a testing tool and funnel new vs. returning visitors…

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  • The Koozai Guide To Using Crazy Egg

    … the line. That said there will always be the call for more specific data such as number of clicks and referral source, for that there are the Confetti and Overlay reports. Confetti Moving into the Confetti function we can start to drill down to a lot more interesting user behaviour. By making use of the drop down you can form an idea of user behaviour…

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