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  • Street Fight’s Predictions for 2016: Part Two

    … Melton, news editor Uber and Airbnb, two of the world’s top-three most highly valued startups, spent 2015 further cementing their status as household names (and the future of their respective industries) by barreling into new cities — and through state and federal laws. They’re not the only members of the on-demand/sharing economy guard to fight legal…

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  • Editor’s Take: The Perils of Uberization for the Local Economy

    ….” As with same-day delivery, the continuing emergence of the on-demand economy responds to competition in and for the last mile of commerce. As Michael Boland recently pointed out in Street Fight, the on-demand story is inherently local — it’s about getting the products and services you need exactly where you happen to be, when you want them…

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  • Street Fight Daily: How Surge Pricing Could Affect Retail, Walgreens’ Mobile Approach

    … at a Time (Street Fight) David Card: Hyperlocal, mobile, on-demand contextual commerce enabled by buy buttons within mobile apps — that’s the new string of buzzwords making the rounds at industry conferences. It’s going to take a while for this to play out in the connected local economy. A key reason is that even as mobile disrupts search, most…

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  • Editor’s Take: The Apps vs. Browser Debate Is a Distraction

    … Editor’s Take: The Apps vs. Browser Debate Is a Distraction September 29, 2015 by Noah Elkin Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary, Features, Mobile The venerable apps vs. mobile web debate continues to rage on, the fires stoked anew by a recent comScore report that showed time spent with apps has grown at a far faster rate over the past…

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  • Executive Survey: What’s Hot or Not in the Connected Local Economy

    Everyone else is doing it, so at Street Fight, we’re going to join in and look at some early poll results. Not for the forthcoming presidential election, but about what’s on the mind of executives at the forefront of hyperlocal technology. We’re currently running a survey on key local technologies and issues facing the industry.

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  • Is Local a Specialist or a Full-Service Game?

    … as it is navigating rapid changes in technological capabilities. There will be shakeouts along the way. We’ve already seen them. Daily deals stormed the local landscape until the model was worked out and rolled up as a feature in other offerings. Now, “on-demand” and programmatic tech are poised to see their own shakeout, which will likely follow the same path…

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