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  • Street Fight’s Predictions for 2016: Part Two

    … of the connected local economy — marketing, commerce/payments, mobile, user experience — the evolution of local search will be the big story of 2016. No, Google’s not going away, or even losing any significant market share. But the mechanics of search are transforming, as customers increasingly shop and do research with smartphones in addition to — not in place…

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  • Editor’s Take: The Perils of Uberization for the Local Economy

    … Seemingly not a day goes by that we don’t hear news about a company claiming to be the Uber of its particular niche. Two of the seven companies we highlighted in last week’s Raise Report ( and Thumbtack) fall into the burgeoning “on-demand” category. One (Thumbtack) now belongs to the increasingly less exclusive cadre of “unicorns…

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  • Street Fight Daily: How Surge Pricing Could Affect Retail, Walgreens’ Mobile Approach

    … at a Time (Street Fight) David Card: Hyperlocal, mobile, on-demand contextual commerce enabled by buy buttons within mobile apps — that’s the new string of buzzwords making the rounds at industry conferences. It’s going to take a while for this to play out in the connected local economy. A key reason is that even as mobile disrupts search, most…

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  • Editor’s Take: The Apps vs. Browser Debate Is a Distraction

    … and the variegated ways consumers navigate that landscape. Doing so does a particular disservice to the local business owner, adding more confusion where more clarity is needed. From our executive survey, we have a window into the technology, marketing and logistical challenges involved in making the connected local economy more connected. We’ve also seen…

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  • Executive Survey: What’s Hot or Not in the Connected Local Economy

    …. Content marketing or native advertising and social media are also on the marketing radar screen. Similarly, mobile was the top technology in commerce, currently nosing out analytics and ratings/reviews. There is more consensus on marketing topics than on transaction-oriented technologies and tactics. Mobile is highest on both lists, even though…

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  • Is Local a Specialist or a Full-Service Game?

    … as it is navigating rapid changes in technological capabilities. There will be shakeouts along the way. We’ve already seen them. Daily deals stormed the local landscape until the model was worked out and rolled up as a feature in other offerings. Now, “on-demand” and programmatic tech are poised to see their own shakeout, which will likely follow the same path…

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