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  • Millennials Ensure 46% of Video is Consumed Via Mobile [Report]

    … According to the latest report from Ooyala, 46% of all video plays in Q4 2015 were on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. In fact, tablet and smartphone video consumption grew 35% in the past year and have grown 170% since 2013. So, video marketers might assume that mobile devices are driving the trends in the digital video marketing…

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  • Online Video Views Jump 43% in One Year, Internet TV by 388% [Report]

    … (Authentication Required) More viewers than ever are watching online TV in their living rooms via Connected TV's, OTT devices like Chromecast or Roku, or via games consoles. Adobe confirms that the amount of online TV watched per unique visitor is up by nearly 55% YOY across all types of streaming devices. Why the big jump? The Winter Olympics, March…

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  • 44% of U.S. Broadband Users Watch Online Video Via a Games Console

    … Chromecast. Research carried out in Q1 of 2014, by Park Associates, "Connected Game Consoles", stated that for 44% of BB-connected homes, their games console was the primary device for watching online video, more specifically, video that was not related exclusively to video gaming. Around two-thirds of the 10,000 households surveyed watched video apps…

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  • Rainy Days & Big Screens Push Online Video Engagement

    … Last week, Ooyala issued its Q2 2014 Global Video Index Report, providing insights on the continued evolution of multi-screen video consumption. The report highlights the rapid growth of mobile video consumption and the proliferation of premium, live and long-form video on more screens. Its findings underscore the need for content providers…

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  • 50% of Video Views Will Be Via Mobile in 2016 [Research]

    … Video Viewing Habits Ooyala also took a look at the role the weather plays in video viewing. Unsurprisingly, people spent 40% more time watching video on their desktops when it was raining. However, when the weather was lovely and sunny, viewers watched 6x more video content on their mobile devices! Get daily online video news, tips and trends via email! …

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  • 68% of U.S. Viewers Choose YouTube to Watch Online Video

    …% of respondents confirmed that they consumed 15 or more hours of streaming video content (including YouTube) through a game console or web TV device per week. The report, "", from Adroit Digital, also reported that 75% of households watched more than one source of online video, often at the very same time. Highlights of the Report: Who is Watching Online Video…

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  • U.S. Viewers Spend 23 Minutes a Day Watching Online Video [Report]

    …. The report, produced by IAB and media research group GFK, polled 1100 consumers of online video content to better gauge the viewing habits of modern Americans. Online TV, online video and original digital video content consumption were analysed to confirm what was drawing viewers in. Social media activity was also taken into consideration…

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