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  • 25 BIggest Lead Generation Mistakes (& What You Do About Them!!)

    … higher quality leads. 25 Biggest lead generation mistakes Here are the 25 biggest lead generation mistakes that marketers make according to experts. 1. Connie Bensen – Global Social Media, Dell @CBensen Content that doesn’t resonate with target audiences is the biggest mistake. Placing content intended for conversion in people’s paths in the social…

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  • The Best Lead Generation Tips Ever

    …, here are the best lead generation tips ever from 24 experts. 1. Connie Bensen – Global Social Media, Dell @CBensen Ensure that the content is the right type of content for the community that it’s presented to and the right place in the customer journey. Be cognizant of the many steps in your customer’s journey. Make sure that awareness content…

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  • Content Marketing Lead Generation:  22 Expert Tips

    …. Connie Bensen, Global Social Media, Dell @CBensen The content needs to be lightly branded at the end of the piece of content (ebook or infographic). The content shouldn’t be too long and it needs to provide specific value to the reader. In other words it shouldn’t be self-serving to the brand. I received an ebook last week that was 119 pages long! I…

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