• The collision between PR, content, and SEO: How to make it work for you

      The full power of the digital marketplace was realized less than a decade ago. Suddenly, customers had seemingly limitless access to engage with brands –– to voice their criticisms and critiques, or to become super fans. The importance of a website presence, blogging, social media posts and the other aspects of building an online brand seemed to sound the death toll for tradit ...

      Jim Yu/ Search Engine Watch- 28 readers -
    • 6 lesser known tools to power your content marketing

      It seems like a small selection of tools just keeps traveling from article to article these days. Opening a freshly-published article on a popular blog, I feel like I’ve already read it, because I know all the listed tools. To celebrate “undercover” tools in the marketing industry, I picked six tools I use which I seldom or never see mentioned in other people’s articles.

      Ann Smarty/ Search Engine Watchin EMail Content- 23 readers -
  • Essential research techniques to help you craft great content

    … Creating great content isn’t always easy. Like most disciplines, it requires a substantial amount of research to get the most effective output. Due to the multi-dimensional nature of content marketing, it can become confusing as to who to target, and where to start. To ensure your digital content is worthwhile from a commercial perspective…

    RocketMill- 9 readers -
  • Story-selling: How To Go From Storytelling To Conversions

    … Digital business is in constant flux. As more brands than ever flood the already-saturated marketplace, producing innovative content is no longer a just supplement to marketing strategies. It is a cornerstone. With the fierce competition of native advertising and social media marketing, the power of storytelling cannot be underestimated. According to Harvard Business School [...] The post Story-selling: How To Go From Storytelling To Conversions appeared first on Search Engine People Blog. …

    Rohan Ayyar/ Search Engine People Blog- 17 readers -
  • Brand Storytelling 101: 6 Must Have Content Elements

    … and the humans within. If you have ever struggled with creating, developing and launching your brand story, then you have landed on the right blog post and podcast today! Take a listen to 179th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn 6 key foundational content elements that must be included in your brand story. In this episode you…

    Pam Marketing Nutin Social Content- 18 readers -
  • How to Get More SEO Value from your Nofollow Links

    … links help prevent spam and low-quality web pages from spreading and has also helped user-generated content gain more traffic as well. You can use a plugin in your browser that detects nofollow links in a page and highlights in dotted box. Here’s what it looks like: Then, you can check the underlying code to see if it’s really a nofollow link…

    SEO Hacker Blogin SEO How To's- 13 readers -
  • 6 Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customers with Email Marketing

    … your customers and deliver targeted content to them on those topics, you become more than just another brand promoting a product. You add value,” writes Alek Mirkovich at Ecommerce University. “That makes customers look forward to your emails and actually want to share your content with others in their social circles. And, with social media…

    Movable Ink Blogin EMail- 12 readers -
  • 7 Ways To Turn One Webinar Into Many Pieces Of Content

    … Creating large amounts of valuable content is a universal challenge among marketers. Whether we’re talking about images, articles, blog posts or videos, large quantities sometimes cause a decrease in quality if a marketing department isn’t diligent. And the flipside, of course, is that high quality content can take longer to create and therefore decrease [...] The post 7 Ways To Turn One Webinar Into Many Pieces Of Content appeared first on Search Engine People Blog. …

    Jordan Kasteler/ Search Engine People Blog- 3 readers -
  • 5 Tips for a Winning Youtube Custom Video Thumbnail

    YouTube is one of the most useful tools for content marketing. The problem is the high number of competing videos you have to stand out against. According to the site’s statistics, 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every single minute! You read that right… that is 6,000 in an hour, 144,000 hours in a day. Your best bet will always be building a consistent audience.

    Ann Smarty/ Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog- 6 readers -
  • How to write blog headlines that drive search traffic

    … Content marketing is a highly viable digital marketing strategy, designed to attract and drive traffic to your website or specific landing pages. But you could be the best writer and still not attract qualified readers (or worse, any at all). The importance of an effective, attractive headline cannot be overstated. Think of your audiences…

    Search Engine Watchin How To's- 12 readers -
  • Still doing guest blogging? Keep these 4 tips in mind

    … A lot of people still rely on guest blogging as an ongoing part of their link-building strategy. If you think about it, getting links through guest blogging is much easier than getting links through some other channel. So it’s no wonder that a lot of bloggers and SEO experts still favor this method. The main question is, are these guest post…

    Search Engine Watch- 14 readers -
  • The case for killing marketing: a #CMWorld wrap-up

    … Content Marketing World 2017 marked the sixth time I attended the event, so I knew what to expect. What I didn’t count on was getting a big kick in the backside and a reminder from my childhood about how to behave. From the main stage and in many breakout sessions, a common message emerged. Marketers are spending a lot of time and money investing…

    Sarah Mitchell/ Lush Digitalin Content- 20 readers -
  • 5 tips to create a data-driven content marketing strategy

    … Content marketing has become the secret weapon in a successful marketing strategy, with brands using different types of content to add value and grab their audience’s attention. It has become more important than ever to market with intent, using content and SEO to raise awareness, engage and convert. Conversion, in particular, is one…

    Search Engine Watchin Social Content- 14 readers -
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