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Content analysis is a method in the social sciences for studying the content of those types of empirical documentation which can be briefly referred to - with Hodder - as mute evidence, "that is written texts and artifacts". Following latest developments within the critique of content analysis epistemology and methodology, evidence set under scrutiny by content analysis - whatever this "umbrella term" today means - may come from processes of communication strictiore sensu (i.e.
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  • Why Averages in Web Analytics and Benchmarking are Broken

    … for a tasty beverage. Or something like that. But I digress. Make Quantitative Analysis More Qualitative When looking at editorial content in particular, ensure that outliers in your data set (whatever you determine those to be) don’t skew your understanding of typical performance. Likely, your pages have different conversion points and roles within…

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  • That’s a Wrap: Planning Your 2016 Content Strategy Using 2015 Data

    … such as “story type” and “story format.” You might have formats that include articles, videos, infographics and podcasts as one dimension to measure, while at the same time breaking content into types of stories like “behind the scenes,” “data analysis” and “customer feedback”— or whatever makes sense for your particular business. Have you heard about…

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  • How to Conduct a Content Audit to Beat Your Competition

    … There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. But, what if that competition is kicking your butt all over the Internet with highly shareable content? Many of us have been there and thought to ourselves: “What is it about the stuff on their site that makes them so special? How can I make my content stick like…

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  • 7 of The Best Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2015

    … can use Buzzsumo to: Find the most shared content and most influential authors for a topicIdentify the most shared content for a domainFind out who has linked to an articleIdentify who shared an articleCreate content alerts to track a topic or competitorRun a content analysis report for a topic or domainand more! Cost: The lowest level plan…

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  • Introducing Followerwonk Profile Pages

    …! Finally, this is a bittersweet blog post for me. It’s my last one as a Mozzer. I’m off to try my hand at another bootstrapping startup: this time, software that lets you build feature tours and elicit visitor insights. I’m leaving Followerwonk in great hands, and I look forward to seeing awesome new features down the line. Of course, you can always…

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  • 24 Best Social Media Promotion Tools

    … – it lets you discover the “most shared content and key influencers” on the web. Search a keyword and see which related articles performed the best, complete with social media shares. There’s a perfectly useful free option, plus paid options, which add the ability to set up alerts, export data, and access content analysis and domain reports. 6. Rebel…

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