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  • Deliverables and documentation to make your SEO strategy actionable

    …, or are they more powerful as one piece of content? For content and keyword themes, the focus needs to be on the intent behind the query: what the searcher is looking for. Competitor analysis Finally, a thorough competitive analysis will help to develop how you should set your expectations. How hard are your competitors hitting the marketing channels…

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  • Your Complete Content Marketing Checklist

    … Textbroker has put together this infographic on The 5 Steps to a Successful Content Strategy. The 5 areas are: Audit and Analysis Goal Definition Development and Planning Creation and Seeding Monitoring and Controlling If I were to squeeze anything in, it would be Promotion. While seeding with influencers is helpful, paid content…

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  • How To Prepare For A New Year Of Blogging

    … these tasks. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 1. Run a content audit Look back through your old posts and see how well they’re performing. Start with the high traffic posts and figure out what you can do to improve them. Maybe there are some broken links you can fix (use this tool to check and follow these tips for adding redirects…

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  • 3 Lessons Content Marketers Should Learn from Retail

    … strategies over the years. As a receiving manager, my daughter was in charge of all the product entering the store, was in charge of inventory, and in charge of marketing displays throughout the store. Retail Lessons for Content Marketers Inventory – Just as store visitors get frustrated when the store doesn’t have a product they’re looking…

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  • How to Conduct a Content Audit for Better User-Experience

    Everyday we try to craft content that will be available for everyone to see. We spend time brainstorming, thinking of topics to write, creating compelling content that is worth sharing and we are constantly coming up with ways to amplify it. While it’s more effective to create long form content for search engines and better user-experience – and ...

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  • 7 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Content Closet

    Published 1 min ago 44 Have you looked in your “content closet” lately? Do you like what you see? Is it something a progressive content fashionista would be proud of? Is it high quality, relevant content? Is it nicely tagged and arranged by your chosen taxonomy? Is it distributed across your channels in an even flow of views, shares, likes, posts and comments? Or, is it full of old stu.

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  • How to Conduct a Content Audit to Beat Your Competition

    … theirs?” This competitive content audit will show you how. What Goes Into a Competitive Content Audit? Know thy enemy. This is the underlying basis for a competitive content audit. You must take stock of the content your competition is using, how they’re using it and why it’s making such an impact with their target audience. More importantly, it can give you valuable…

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  • 5 Ways You Can Win Big With Content Marketing Reuse

    … Best-in-class experts who win big with content marketing reuse To extend each content marketing effort to yield maximum results, best-in-class marketers plan their content marketing reuse in advance. 1. Todd Wheatland of King Content and author of SlideShare aims to maximize the power of every story. Depending on your business, strong new stories…

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  • The 3 Content Curation Superpowers

    … new life to your existing information. The process starts by auditing your existing content. While it’s not sexy, a content audit enhances your ability to utilize your content when and where you need it without relying on the original creator. Actionable Content Marketing Tip: Perform a content audit across your organization. You never know…

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