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    • December 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

      It’s so easy to get caught up in the holidays. Every year, you’re sprinting towards the finish line trying to reach record sales or donation numbers. But December is also the perfect time to look back on your year and set goals for the year ahead. Don’t let 2016 come to a close without taking the time to thank your customers and supporters.

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  • November 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … weeks: Put these ideas into action. Log in to Constant Contact to create your holiday email. Not a customer yet? Try us out for free! Sign up for a 60-day free trial. The post November 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning appeared first on Constant Contact Blogs. …

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  • October 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … It’s official. Fall is here and the holidays are right around the corner. Smart small businesses and nonprofits alike are starting to plan for their best holiday season yet. Whether you’re trying to boost holiday sales or increase online donations, there are a few key dates you need to know: Black Friday — November 25th Small Business…

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  • September 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … I know what you’re thinking. September is way too early to start thinking about the holidays. You’re in the midst of back-to-school season, clutching onto those last few days of summer. The holidays couldn’t be further from your mind. But before you know it, the summer haze will fade and you’ll have to kick it into high gear to catch up…

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  • August 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … What does August mean for your business? Maybe it’s (finally) your chance for a little peace and quiet before the busy back-to-school and holiday months set in? Or, on the flip side, this could be your busiest time of the year. Whether you’re enjoying extra foot traffic in your store or putting your feet up for a well-deserved vacation, don’t…

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  • July 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? We’re almost halfway through 2016. As we head into the dog days of summer, don’t forget to revisit those resolutions you made a few short months ago. July is the perfect month to ask yourself what’s gone well and where can you improve. If you could use some new email marketing campaign ideas, we’ve got plenty…

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  • June 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … going great — until something unexpected came up and… Whoa. All your good intentions, right out the window. Ready to get back into your marketing groove? With summertime about to hit, we’re back with an infographic to spark some new marketing ideas. Whether you decide to extend your store hours for a Summer Solstice event, send a promotional…

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  • Interview: Jon Wuebben and ContentLaunch

    … This interview was a treat and I didn’t want you to miss it. My good friend Jon Wuebben is an author, a speaker and a practitioner of everything content marketing related. He’s also an all-around great guy and the life of the Karaoke bar. We’ve become good friends over the years and I’ve enjoyed every opportunity I’ve had in speaking with him…

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  • Taking the Stress Out of Seasonal Promotions

    … “Every year, we get caught off guard by Christmas.” That was a popular saying at an old (and mostly great) retail marketing job of mine. And it may be something (or similar to something) you find yourself uttering as you tackle your own seasonal promotions. At that particular job, we seemed to always end up scrambling when the big seasonal…

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  • My Social Media Content Calendar Strategy

    … overwhelmed with new posts every single day, Twitter can certainly sustain more frequent updates. While my content schedule varies a bit week-to-week, my calendar typically involves the following Tweets: A link into my latest PPC Ian blog post (I typically post these late on Sunday nights, on a weekly cadence). A mid-week link to my latest blog…

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  • 10 Essentials Elements for Efficient Content Production

    …; Collaboration Tool – A content production tool like Wrike where you can work from centrally, assigning tasks, timelines, and approvals. Editorial Calendar – the ability to schedule and display short and long-term content for your content plan. Voice & Brand Guidelines – branding and messaging guides available to your creators and specialists…

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  • DivvyHQ: High Volume Content Planning and Workflow

    … and social media publishing. DivvyHQ is a cloud-based, content planning and production workflow tool built to help marketers and content producers get/stay organized and successfully execute demanding, complicated and content-centric marketing initiatives. Divvy’s unique functionality combines web-based calendars, content management and online…

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  • Using Trending News To Create An Exciting Content Calendar

    … to go viral. The resource also works with Salesforce and HootSuite functionality. Quora In the world of content writers, Quora is an underutilized resource made up of a community of people who specialize in specific fields and industries. These knowledgeable individuals provide insight to others who want to learn about anything and everything from…

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  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Creating a Strategic Content Plan

    … and identify major milestones for the year. These may be internal, such as new product launches, organizational restructuring, rebranding, or moving into new verticals, or external—like major events, trade shows and reports in your industry, as well as events important to your consumer (e.g. holidays). Develop a content calendar. Similar…

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  • 3 Tools to Better Manage Your Blogging Editorial Calendar

    … calendar tools that help you deliver better content in less time. What Is a Blog Editorial Calendar? A blog editorial calendar shows you all of your blog posts and where they are in the production process. It sounds simple enough–perhaps so simple you may think you don’t need one. But an editorial calendar has a large impact on your overall organization…

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