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  • CMI’s report proves quality is key to content success

    … Here’s something I believe to be an absolute truth: Producing higher quality content is guaranteed to increase the success of your content marketing. Now I’m a journalist by profession, so I have a bias towards high-quality content. And obviously other factors are important, too, like a good strategy for amplification and distribution. But it’s…

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  • A Simple Trick to Make Your Content Magnetic and Memorable

    … easily tell us apart, but for others it can be disarming. But it’s all in good fun! There, I’ve told you something personal about myself. There is a lot I could tell you about me that goes beyond my standard corporate bio, and I think B2B content writers need to consider going beyond the corporate template more often. B2B #content writers need…

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  • How do I find time to create content? 25 Ideas!

    …!” Learn to say no. Every minute you spend on tasks not central to your goal is time that is gone forever. Guard your time carefully since it is the only asset you have to devote to content creation. Look ahead. What interruptions do you have in the upcoming weeks and months? Vacation? Business trips? Family commitments? Prepare for these…

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  • Your 2017 Content Marketing Goal: Give the People What They Want

    … Content marketing is kind of like a Swiss Army knife: It can do almost anything if you set it up the right way. Nowhere is this more clearly shown than in the results of our recent survey of B2C content marketers. Their responses about which organizational goals they planned to reach through their content marketing in the next 12 months ranged…

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  • How to Write User-Oriented Content More Quickly

    … to clickbait, and do it fast? There’s no formula for quickly writing clear, informative, and shareable content, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a framework. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: How to Make Content Creation the Star Quarterback 54 Content Writing Examples, Tools, Tips, and Resources Keep these six key steps in mind, and you can quickly…

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  • The One Content Marketing Question You Need to Ask (That May Scare You)

    “The latest issue of CCO didn’t arrive. Can you please verify that I am still on your list?” While this comment may seem problematic, I can’t think of a better compliment. Someone is missing the content we are publishing. Today’s post is a post we published last year, but we wanted to update and bring it back — and add more examples from our community — because it’s somethin ...

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  • How to Make Content Creation the Star Quarterback

    … the players need to work as a unit, but the quarterback has an outsized impact on the team’s success (or failure). Like football, content marketing is a team sport. Measurement, distribution, and technology all have to play their roles well and consistently to deliver wins week after week. But high-quality content creation has to lead the charge…

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  • How to Beat Writer’s Block Once and for All

    … ideas during times of high inspiration. You’ll be surprised how easy this is. Have an ongoing document where you can log ideas as they flow. Then, when you’re experiencing a dry spell, revisit your list for to find your next breakthrough. 2. Plan out topics Another great way to be proactive is to plan out your email topics in advance. Use…

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