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    • Main Trends in Visual Content Marketing

      In the ever-growing and evolving world of marketing technology and social media, visual content is at its peak. From videos to photos to virtual reality technologies, the role of visually appealing content just keeps gaining power and momentum. In fact, according to, posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts — and by 2018, an ...

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    • 4 Simple Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Video Content

      Over the last few years the use of video content has grown by leaps and bounds – on websites, social media, and other online platforms. Partially this growth is due to the fact that faster online connections allow for videos to be streamed more easily, but more than that it is simply because video content has the ability to interest and engage its audience far more effectively.

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  • Key To Content Is To Keep Asking Questions

    …. We need to know what happened next. What did he do with his millions? How is he changing the world in a good way with his newfound abundance? Good storytelling through content is good brand maintenance. Here are some questions to ask when trying to find the next story to tell about your brand: What has our brand done to make life better…

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  • When Putting Pen to Paper is Pushing It

    …How Custom Writing Services Can Help In school, work, and life in general, there are often times when it’s necessary to eloquently express oneself in writing. If writing just isn’t your forte or you are too bogged down with other obligations, it might behoove you to outsource your writing. An assignment writing service is a life-saver for many…

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  • How To Increase The Awareness of Your Brand Through Repurposed Content

    … be transformed into various formats to include iTune podcasts, blog content for the website, LinkedIn posts and posts on Medium. 2) Ben Hardy’s goal to connect with a traditional publisher In order to get noticed by a traditional publisher, Ben Hardy realized that his blog would require a large fanbase. His strategy? To repurpose his blog posts…

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  • How to Create Juicy Content for Grand B2B Segment

    … Since 2010, more than a half of digital marketers consider “producing engaging content” a top challenge to overcome. The problem is particularly acute for representatives of a B2B segment, weeping crocodile tears over their business blogs: On the one hand, they – B2B marketers, not blogs – understand that businesses with blogs generate 67% more…

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  • 3 Ways to Think Like a Publisher and Make the Most of Your Content

    … five times the traffic than those that produce four or fewer blogs in a month. Additionally, brands with successful blogging strategies have quadruple the leads of businesses that do not blog. Remember to give your new content strategy time to find success after implementing your customer-centric changes. Content creation is always a work…

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  • 10 Free Tools That Will Help Your Content Creation

    … Content drives business success and it also drives customer satisfaction in the digital world we live in today. Behind every successful marketing campaign there is well-designed interactive content and behind every successful brand, there is awesome content marketing. That’s why content is king and will remain that way for a very long time…

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  • Creating Content: How to Drive Higher Returns While Putting in Less Effort

    …:// An excellent example of this rule is the well-known situation with the dress. The world split into two parts: those who see a white and gold dress, and those who see black and blue. Two groups of people, standing for different colors, were discussing the tricky case. The discussion is an essential component of the content strategy. …

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  • The Originals: Introducing Nonconformist Ideas to Content Marketing

    … Does crafting another blog post feel cumbersome? Are you pushing the same message over and over on social media? The pressure is on for content marketers to produce the next big thing, but your company’s strategy might be ripe for recalibration. Interest in content marketing is ever growing. Curata reports that 92% of organizations view content…

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  • 7 Blogging & Marketing Tools for Serious Bloggers

    … There are about 4 million blog posts published on a daily basis. If you are a blogger who hopes to stand out of that crowd, you not only need great blogging skills, but also effective SEO and marketing skills. It’s not easy to churn out unique content with utility on a daily basis, let alone plan for your SEO and marketing. Juggling between…

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  • How to Make a Killer Out Of Your Content Marketing by Being Creative

    … 1One of the major misconceptions about content marketing is that marketers think there are certain ‘hacks’ that will create a stellar content marketing campaign. The truth could not be farther from this idea. Content marketing is all about creativity, and since there are no hacks to become creative, there can be no hacks to boost your content…

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  • Never Run Out of Content to Share: 70+ Places to Curate Great Content

    …, accounting, insurance, and legal. Career, recruiting, and hiring Hired blog: Your one-stop-shop for technical career guides, as well as hiring & recruiting expertise. The Muse: Expert advice to answer your career questions. For more blogs on this topic, Credit Donkey put together a big list of career blogs and resources and shared why each of them…

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  • Nine Best Content Curation Tools Marketers Need Now

    … Content Curation, Content Promotion Social media is the cradle of unique and trending content. The challenge of finding content relevant to your cause is genuine thanks to the millions of accounts on each platform. Information keeps pouring in from all directions. Looking for particular content that you need can be a time-consuming affair…

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  • The B2B Marketer’s Guide to User-Generated Content

    … Content Curation, Content Strategy In today’s crowded content landscape, it has become increasingly important for marketers to uncover creative ways to grab – and keep – a prospect’s and a customer’s attention. More than ever before, customers don’t want to feel like they are being sold to. Instead, they want valuable pieces of content…

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  • Improving Content Conversion with Dynamic Content

    … Content Curation, Content Strategy If you’re big into email marketing, you probably already know about Dynamic Content. But for those who haven’t discovered it as yet, it’s an email marketing tool you can use to put different copy points in your email campaigns, specifically targeting different targets based on what you know about them…

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