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    • Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Deliver Great Content

      Writing is not as easy as many think. It’s more than just sitting down and typing. The very process takes concentration and inspiration, but not all days are motivational that way. Sometimes, writing is like pushing a mountain to move. It won’t budge no matter how hard you try or effort you put into it.

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    • Platform or Product? 3 New Lessons in Content Discovery from Yes, Google.

      Even as we were busy putting finishing touches to the 2017 Google algorithmic and SERP update timeline, Google announced some more updates. Building on an identified trend of more “How” in searches, Google rolled out 3 updates to upgrade the user content discovery experience on their search page even further.

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  • 5 Tools to Help Freelancers Get Paid on Time

    … Anyone who has ever freelanced knows that increased professional freedom comes with enormous benefits as well as numerous challenges. One of the primary difficulties self-employed workers face, especially when just starting out, is payment. While companies today are more aware of the consequences of abusing freelancers, whether that’s paying…

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  • Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid in Professional Work

    … Most writing on the internet is garbage. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; the web hosts an infinite amount of content and content creators, but few curators of that content. Furthermore, it can be intimidating to try and revamp your writing; it’s akin to climbing a mountain or building a house. But if you’re serious about creating solid…

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  • How to Start a Niche Blog

    …, waiting for your page to cash in, I’m sorry to break it up to you, but even if you are closer than you were in the beginning, you are nowhere close yet. Bringing traffic to your website is the hardest part of a profitable niche blog and it’s only up to you how much money you will make. Good content serves the purpose, but great content finds…

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  • 19 Actionable Writing Tips

    … “If you had a nickel for every time someone said “content is king” you could probably retire to a beach. But what people don’t tell you is how hard it is to create quality content consistently. For most digital marketers the main form of content is written text. From blog posts to ebooks you need to be able to write. Today we have a collection…

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  • Are Freelancers the Future of Content Marketing?

    … According to Forbes, freelancers made up 35% of the entire United States workforce in 2016. This number is expected to increase in 2018, eventually reaching 50% by 2020. Nearly every industry is being dramatically reshaped by the influence of freelance workers. This is especially true for positions that handle content marketing and promotion…

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  • How to Create Content for Customers that Seek Instant Gratification

    … customers are not paying attention. This is partly due to the fact that so much content is competing for the attention of individual users. But the fact that people are creatures driven by instant gratification also matters. Content consumption online is rapid. The demand is high, so the supply must meet it to remain relevant, points out Bill Busbice…

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  • Common Mistakes in Writing Web Content

    … Have you ever been really inspired by something you read online? Some content writers have a way to make you act. They inform you, but they also inspire you at the same time. Some examples of online content, on the other hand, are not that good. To be honest, they are downright disastrous. When you read them, you get the impression…

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  • Key To Content Is To Keep Asking Questions

    … and there is no reason this same effect can’t be achieved through careful content curation. Find the stories and tell them. To achieve remarkable content marketing results, it helps to have a plan, a map, and a landscape. But often what you need most is curiosity enough to keep asking questions. …

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  • When Putting Pen to Paper is Pushing It

    …How Custom Writing Services Can Help In school, work, and life in general, there are often times when it’s necessary to eloquently express oneself in writing. If writing just isn’t your forte or you are too bogged down with other obligations, it might behoove you to outsource your writing. An assignment writing service is a life-saver for many…

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  • Main Trends in Visual Content Marketing

    … In the ever-growing and evolving world of marketing technology and social media, visual content is at its peak. From videos to photos to virtual reality technologies, the role of visually appealing content just keeps gaining power and momentum. In fact, according to, posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than…

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  • 4 Simple Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Video Content

    … Over the last few years the use of video content has grown by leaps and bounds – on websites, social media, and other online platforms. Partially this growth is due to the fact that faster online connections allow for videos to be streamed more easily, but more than that it is simply because video content has the ability to interest and engage…

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  • How To Increase The Awareness of Your Brand Through Repurposed Content

    … Even the most focused and seasoned content producers eventually run out of ideas at some point in their life and need to recharge. I am no exception to the ‘writer’s block’ and will admit that I’m not always able to push out brilliant, outstanding and engaging content on a regular basis. The workflow of my blog simply comes to a standstill. So…

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  • How to Create Juicy Content for Grand B2B Segment

    … Since 2010, more than a half of digital marketers consider “producing engaging content” a top challenge to overcome. The problem is particularly acute for representatives of a B2B segment, weeping crocodile tears over their business blogs: On the one hand, they – B2B marketers, not blogs – understand that businesses with blogs generate 67% more…

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  • 3 Ways to Think Like a Publisher and Make the Most of Your Content

    … on technology and numbers has blurred the modern marketer’s ability to be authentic, and that skill gap has diluted the power of content and media investment. With the rapidly evolving content landscape and shifting of best practices, content marketers often forget about publishers. Top publishers have always understood that the fastest way…

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