Content Distribution And Promotion

    • 3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Content

      All things being equal, content that generates results over a long period will win over content with a shorter life span. But time is a difficult thing in content marketing. With 9,100 tweets scrolling by per second, the average lifetime of a single tweet is no more than 18 minutes. Twitter is our live radio broadcast, Facebook is live TV.

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    • Make Media Research a Content Priority

      Most marketers know that having a documented content marketing strategy and understanding one’s audience are vital for success. Where you may fall short, however, is by under-investing in media research — the type of research that will help uncover how you will distribute and promote your content before you create it.

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  • Must-Have Checklist to Creating Valuable Content

    … “Every day, there is more and more to manage and get right and learn.” Who said that? It’s definitely someone in content marketing, web strategy, or digital communications, right? Wrong. It may surprise you that the quote is from Dr. Atul Gawande who wrote The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right. Gawande is a general surgeon who…

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  • The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017

    … To Tweet Content distribution and promotion Again, the trend (rightfully so) seems to be moving from less content to more promotion. This is correct. No longer can we afford to create and execute on content projects without them ever seeing the light of day. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: Content Distribution Strategies and Tools to Drive Traffic…

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  • 4 Secrets to Building Social Momentum

    … to do with where you distribute content, and everything to do with when you distribute content on each channel. He suggests that, rather than “vomiting your content on every possible channel,” smart marketers should leverage the strategic concept of social momentum to master social content distribution – one channel at a time. Don’t vomit your…

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  • The Audience Takes Charge

    … form they wish. The Internet has thoroughly revolutionized the media business. Now it’s doing the same to everything else, giving people more control over their cars, homes, offices, refrigerators, thermostats, and so on. Such control is the addictive gift the Internet gives. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: This Week in Content Marketing: Ad Blocking…

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