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    • How to Create a Healthcare Email Marketing Strategy

      Everything from increasing patient appointments to building relationships with new ones requires a healthcare marketing strategy that reaches and delivers value to your audience. Email marketing allows you to consistently reach your target audience without cutting too much into your packed schedule.

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    • December 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

      It’s so easy to get caught up in the holidays. Every year, you’re sprinting towards the finish line trying to reach record sales or donation numbers. But December is also the perfect time to look back on your year and set goals for the year ahead. Don’t let 2016 come to a close without taking the time to thank your customers and supporters.

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  • November 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … to come back, you might not see them again. Encourage new customers to stay in touch by signing up for your email list. Connecting with them through email ensures you’ll stay fresh in their minds and they can stay up-to-date with future happenings at your store. Use the infographic below for more ideas and key dates to have in mind in the next few…

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  • October 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … Saturday — November 26th Cyber Monday — November 28th Giving Tuesday — November 29th As you start thinking about how your business will make the most of the holidays, use the ideas below. (Having trouble viewing the infographic? View it here.) Ready to put these ideas into action? Try one of these ideas in your next email! Brand new to Constant Contact? Sign up for a free 60-day trial. The post October 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning appeared first on Constant Contact Blogs. …

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  • September 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … I know what you’re thinking. September is way too early to start thinking about the holidays. You’re in the midst of back-to-school season, clutching onto those last few days of summer. The holidays couldn’t be further from your mind. But before you know it, the summer haze will fade and you’ll have to kick it into high gear to catch up…

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  • Break Out Of A Content Rut – 4 Tips For Fresh Keyword Ideas

    …, and I’ve found that understanding that idea can really open up a bunch of content ideas you may be missing. For instance, your fitness website may never rank on page 1 for something like “get 6-pack abs” but I’d be willing to bet there are people looking to get abs just like a certain celebrity. So they might search things like “Get abs like…

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  • August 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … What does August mean for your business? Maybe it’s (finally) your chance for a little peace and quiet before the busy back-to-school and holiday months set in? Or, on the flip side, this could be your busiest time of the year. Whether you’re enjoying extra foot traffic in your store or putting your feet up for a well-deserved vacation, don’t…

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  • Want to Differentiate Your Content? Aim for Interaction

    … As you well know, the internet is incredibly oversaturated with low quality content. It seems like every business in the world is pumping out an endless stream of noisy content, which makes it more difficult for your brand to stand out. The good news is there’s at least one reliable strategy for standing out in today’s market. Content Shock…

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  • 31 Types of Content We Crave [Infographic]

    … Can you imagine what it would be like to not just have an audience consume your content, but to crave it? Well, if you apply what I am about to reveal to you, then your content could become much more craveable. (English majors: Please don’t hate me. According to, Random House Dictionary 2016 edition, “craveable” is a word.) Four…

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  • July 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? We’re almost halfway through 2016. As we head into the dog days of summer, don’t forget to revisit those resolutions you made a few short months ago. July is the perfect month to ask yourself what’s gone well and where can you improve. If you could use some new email marketing campaign ideas, we’ve got plenty…

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  • June 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … going great — until something unexpected came up and… Whoa. All your good intentions, right out the window. Ready to get back into your marketing groove? With summertime about to hit, we’re back with an infographic to spark some new marketing ideas. Whether you decide to extend your store hours for a Summer Solstice event, send a promotional…

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  • 21 quick ways to find inspiration for creating content

    … are many chances you end up on completely different sub-categories from the ones you expected. There’s more information on how to do this here: How to use Reddit for content ideas. Digg is “what the Internet is talking about right now”, while you can also use StumbleUpon and Delicious for similar purposes, depending on what works better for you. Visual…

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  • What to Say in Any Email (A Simple 3-Step Persuasive Formula)

    … it, and this is what I need you to do to get it.” Let’s take a look at how this formula applies to email. When it comes to what to say in your email, especially when you’re sending a time-based promotion, this same idea allows you to create a quick and persuasive email in minutes. Just answer the following questions to create your email content…

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  • How to Create Customer Connections Through Storytelling

    … relationships. Provide a “wow” experience, which gives you an opening to ask customers to connect with your further and sign up for your mailing list. Then, continue to engage with your existing customer base by sending valuable content to drive repeat business. Those loyal, happy customers then want to share their great experience with their friends…

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