Content Is King

  • Content is King… But Only One Wears the Crown

    …, and purchase decisions. The problem comes when everyone is under the belief that their content is king. Let’s be honest, most content is terrible. It’s often production-line, evergreen content that lacks character, a story, or anything to differentiate itself. Or it’s marketing-speak, the common denominator of content chiseled down through layers…

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  • Great content: a technical perspective

    Great content: a technical perspective Valentin Boulan 28 May 2015 Tweet It’s been a buzz phrase among digital marketers for a while now, and has creeped its way into the ears of the most geeky SEOs too - indeed, it’s ‘all about great content’. Whether it’s videos, editorial content or infographics, most people will now tell you the key to a successful search campaign lies with content.

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  • The Biggest Myth in Blogging: Why Content is Not King

    … to accept that maybe good content is not even necessary in some niches. Catchy content is. So what the heck do we do? So what the heck do you do if content is no longer king? Are we all wasting time writing these long-form articles that take us days to put together? No. Of course not. But it really shouldn’t be the only thing that you are doing…

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