Content Marketing Best Practices

    • The right time to ignore popular marketing advice

      By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist The web is full of marketing advice that sounds good but is divorced from reality. Whether you find marketing tips in books, blog posts, webinars, or YouTube videos, there’s a lot of false assumptions and misleading tips that either waste your time, or worse, lead you astray.

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  • 3 Little-Known Ways to Use Content Marketing for Client Education

    … to be irked with yourself rather than the client. We get so caught up in using content marketing for educating prospects and leads that we’ve forgotten how powerful it can be for client education. Mark Schaefer recently wrote about leveraging content marketing for leads versus loyalty. This is about loyalty. Use these three little-known ways to use…

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  • Keeping your content promise, even when it hurts

    … in this information-dense world, trust is a legitimate point of differentiation for the simple reason is that it is so rare. How may companies are willing to step up and say to you: “I will never let you down.” An airline? Ha! The cable company? Probably not. But for my blog and my content, this is something that is under my control. I can do my best to uphold my…

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  • Click Bait Be Gone: How User-Focused Content Has Changed Engagement Expectations

    … With a deeper understanding of the evolution of digital content, marketers can apply the following best practices to their content strategy and increase their digital authority. Be Timely – Develop content calendars to keep production consistent and continual, and be ready to react to breaking industry news/events with quick delivery. Be Relevant…

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  • Teaching Digital Rookies Content Marketing Best Practices

    … how we all grow—by sharing and learning from our shared experiences. But what happens when a marketer leaves the agencies and industry forums and begins practicing content marketing in a place that is fairly new—maybe even foreign—to the concept? Recently, I started a new gig. I work with a lot of smart people who are great at what they do…

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  • 4 Branded Content Lessons From a Content Cancellation

    … Image via Editor’s note: In his new column for Chief Content Officer Magazine, Andrew Davis is dishing out content marketing guidance to unsuspecting targets… whether they want it or not. This time, Davis serves up unsolicited advice to video hosting company Wistia, which recently canceled its regularly distributed video series…

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  • How To Produce More Quality Content, More Quickly — Practical Tips

    … to re-write or significantly edit content yourself. Constantly give your writers helpful, actionable and transferable feedback that they can apply to current and future writing projects. Attract and retain a team of A+ writers (more on that later). Always look for tasks that can be delegated — for example, proofreading for spelling/grammar…

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