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  • Meet the Other B2C (Business to Candidate) Storytelling

    … received solicitations from recruiters on a regular basis, touting sign-on bonuses, profit sharing and many other financial and non-financial perks. It was a great time to be a qualified job seeker. I have never viewed recruiting as a form of storytelling. Perhaps it’s because recruiting is a function of Human Resources and not Marketing; it’s…

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  • 5 Steps to Better Job Description Click-Through Rates

    … In most organizations, marketers don’t own the task of writing job descriptions for new opportunities available within their organization. This responsibility generally belongs to people in human resources or recruiting. And even if those folks have marketers review a draft before it posts (at least for marketing positions, that is), many times…

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  • 4 Content Marketing Ideas for Talent Acquisition Dominance

    As a marketer, you’re regularly attracting, persuading and converting prospective customers through the use of relevant content delivered at the right time. It’s a lot to manage on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone with whom you could collaborate outside of your department but inside your organization—someone with whom you could share ideas and be a sounding bo ...

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  • 10 Strategies for Using Content to Onboard New Employees

    Organizations understand the benefit of investing time and money to create content that promotes their products and services, and many also make a similar investment in content to source applicants for open jobs. However, far fewer expend the resources to develop and promote content aimed at effectively onboarding new hires.

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  • “Rinse and Repeat” Job Applicants via Employment Content

    … job seekers through the Consideration and Intent stages of the applicant sourcing cycle. Content efforts targeted to these two stages play a starring role in shaping job seekers’ perception of your employment brand, but more often than not they are an assist along the path to conversion for your applicant sourcing attribution model. Now it’s time…

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  • Amp Up Applicant Sourcing With Owned And Shared Media

    … digestible tips/facts from your Slideshare and then post a steady diet of them to social media over time using a consistent hashtag. If applicable (hopefully), include quantifiable, flattering statistics about new hire success, productivity and low turnover. Automated Employee Referrals You may be lucky enough to have willing employee brand…

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