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    • 5 Interactive Content Types That Will Boost Your Results

      How To Use Interactive Content To Stop Readers & Engage Them Despite your investment in high quality content marketing, do uninspiring results leave you without an explanation beyond Facebook’s organic reach falloff? Not sure how to stand out in the endless steams of information and messages reaching your audience through a variety of channels and devices? Then try interactive content.

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    • Killing Marketing – Book Interview

      What if everything we currently know about marketing is what is holding us back? Over the last two decades, we’ve watched the entire world change the way it buys and stays loyal to brands. But, marketing departments are still operating in the same, campaign-centric, product-led operation that they have been following for 75 years.

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  • Killing Marketing – Book Interview

    … Heidi Cohen Interviews Joe Pulizzi Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing? So many marketers are out there creating more and more content…and to what end? Most of them are going for short-term engagement and web traffic, which don’t build assets. Remember, the asset is not the content you create…

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  • How a brand can harness the power of the media

    …), blogs (67 per cent), video (64 per cent), or infographics (47 per cent), Australia’s marketers and the brands they partner with are beginning to understand they can build long-term and trusting relationships with consumers by creating and distributing high-quality content. Those figures are from the Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 Australian…

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  • Ultimate Content Marketing Distribution Checklist

    … and your business, you must proactively distribute your content! According to NewsCred, you not only have to distribute your content marketing but also consider the order of your distribution. The order of content distribution matters as measured by pageviews – NewsCred Chart Contently, Priceonomics and Larry Kim follow an “Amplify and Distribute…

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  • King Content’s demise isn’t content marketing’s demise

    … quality content targeted at their client’s audience’s needs and desires, should not be able to attract and maintain business and be profitable. Whatever King Content’s problems were, they were iSentia’s problems, not the industry’s problems. Content marketing works While iSentia was releasing its announcement, the Content Marketing Institute and Smart…

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  • The State Of Interactive Content Metrics [Research and Tips]

    … Interactive Content Research conducted by Content Marketing Institute and Ion Interactive found that: Interactive content helped 44% of respondents achieve their content marketing objectives. BUT 43% of respondents weren’t sure if interactive content did anything with regard to their objectives. Translation: Interactive content is new and we want…

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  • Use Interconnected Content To Maximize Content Marketing Results

    … related content. 2. During consumption interconnect content options Include links to related content and products. Curate related articles. Take a page from Content Marketing Institute’s playbook to consistently spotlight related content. Content Marketing Institute makes links to older related content stand out in the post. Add different content…

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  • Interactive Content Basics Every Content Marketer Needs

    … for tracking metrics than other strategic elements. So, they’re not tracking the right metrics.) 3. Weak post-content consumption followup In part, this is attributable to the Marketing and Sales disconnect that exists in many corporations. Yes Marcus Sheridan makes compelling arguments for making your departments work together but that’s not enough…

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  • Generate New Blog Post Ideas: Yes You Can!

    … content.) 1. Foundational content These blog posts establishes thought leadership and attract inbound links. While most of this content is written when you first start your blog, it’s useful to have at least one blog post per year. With planning you should be able to get some quality blog posts. Annual research. Take a page from Content Marketing…

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  • New report shows how to become a content champion

    … marketing is a bit like that, too. You need to stick with it to really get results. Earlier this month the Content Marketing Institute released it’s 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report for Australia. It showed 56 per cent of organisations which had made the investment in content, stuck with it, and were now in a “mature” or “sophisticated…

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  • Content Marketing Definition

    … 50 Marketers Define Content Marketing Grounded in the Mad Men’s principles, content marketing doesn’t shout or push promotional messages. Content marketing takes it’s cue from David Ogilvy; it looks like editorial. Content marketing provides prospects, customers and the public with useful information. before, during or after purchase…

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  • Maximize B2B Blog Results: 10 Tactics You Need

    … half of B2B marketers expect them to be critical to 2017 content marketing. In fact, it’s top tactic on their list. (Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs’s 2017 B2B research) 3 Key B2B blog challenges Before we show you how to maximize B2B blog results, let’s examine 3 key B2B blog challenges that hinder blog success. 1. Most B2B blogs don’t…

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  • Video Is Increasingly Important in Content Marketing (Infographic)

    … by a partnership between the Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs and Hightail examines the impact of visual content. Visual content has become an engagement leader, and some reports suggest video will account for 80 percent of all web traffic by 2019. Indeed, video is the future of content marketing, with more than one-half of surveyed marketers…

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  • 2017 B2B Content Marketing Research Analyzed

    … commitment, take heed of Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi. At Content Marketing World 2016, he declared, “Halfway measures are worst than not doing any content marketing.” (Editor’s note: Quote based on my notes.) On the content marketing maturity scale, roughly one third are mature, one third are midway there and a third are starting out. Look…

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