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    • 10 Marketing Metrics You Should Consider as B2B Content Marketer

      Are you a content marketer? Do you know how effective your marketing techniques are? Well, it is essential that you take advantage of marketing metrics. Marketing metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are awesome ways to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Some marketing metrics are generally not effective.

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  • Too Many Content Marketers Are Making This Metrics Mistake

    … I’m messing up our workflow (again, so sorry). There are other platforms out there dedicated to improving productivity. Production calendars and workflows are practically a necessity at this point, and media companies such as Vox and The Washington Post have invested in software to improve the speed of their newsrooms. They’re doing it because…

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  • 7 Key Signals You Can’t Ignore With Your Content Marketing Metrics

    … you’re burning money, but you have to have it first in order to burn it. If you’re not responding to key signals that something is up with your content marketing, then you’re going to find it nearly impossible to hit your goals (if you’ve even established any). I know that a lot of marketers aren’t tuning into metrics, because only about 30…

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  • 9 Key Content Marketing Metrics to Start Tracking Today

    … reviewing the comments that come through. 7. Social Shares Image Source Social sharing is another good measurement of whether or not others find value in your content or see the potential to create engagement with your content. While people might like content that they find mildly interesting or entertaining, a share is a great way to increase…

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  • The uncomfortable state of content marketing metrics

    … with the changes in Facebook and other platforms, that solution is rapidly moving away from us, not getting closer. Your thoughts? Illustration courtesy Flickr CC and Sam Book reference is an affiliate link. The post The uncomfortable state of content marketing metrics appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Related…

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  • Metrics Roundup: All You Want to Know

    … Metrics Jeff Bullas’ 17 Key Content Marketing Metrics to Start Tracking Today Top 4 Content Marketing Metrics A Practical Guide to Content and Its Metrics 29 Key Metrics to Measuring Content Success [Infographic] Social Media Metrics Roundup 61 Key Social Media Metrics, Defined Video Metrics Kick Your YouTube Views Into High…

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  • New Study Suggests Top B2B Marketing Strategies for 2016

    … The new year is finally here, which means marketers are settling down to evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts in 2015. By examining metrics as well as dusting off the 2015 Q1 marketing plan to see just how far they’ve grown beyond their initial planning, marketers undoubtedly will have many takeaways. But beyond understanding a brand’s…

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