Content Marketing Strategy

    • A significant content insight if you’re marketing personal services

      By Mark Schaefer I recently helped an HR company with a sticky business problem. They were following the “best practices” of content marketing — answering questions, publishing consistently, sharing on social networks — but nothing was happening. In fact their business was in a tailspin. As I reviewed their situation, here are some observations I made: All of their new bu ...

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    • Five reasons using controversy as a content strategy backfires

      By Mark Schaefer Some time ago I listened to a young guy on a webinar pontificating on the best strategies to build an audience for your content. A pillar of his presentation was “be controversial.” This struck me as odd. Is “controversy” really a sustainable position for a content marketing strategy? The more I thought about this, the more I disliked this advice.

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    • Customer Micro-Moments Create Maximum Marketing Impact

      You’re ironing your shirt one morning when all of a sudden your iron makes a loud BANG, sending the little red light off. You flick the switch off and on again to no avail. It’s completely stuffed. After cursing the appliance, you whip out your phone and type “top-rated irons” into your search browser to start looking for a replacement.

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  • Content Marketing Strategy: Content as a business asset

    … I first started talking about content as a business asset in 2010. Earlier this month the Content Marketing Institute released a new Content Management & Strategy Survey showing 92% of marketers believe it’s an asset, too. In the past seven years we’ve had a massive shift in our attitude towards content. The research shows we still have more…

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  • Content Marketing Strategy: When ignorance is bliss

    … Writing a content marketing strategy requires knowledge and skill. A truly great content marketing strategy also requires ignorance. If you’re embarking on a content initiative, you’ll want to know when ignorance is bliss and when it isn’t. You’ll save money and get a better return on your efforts. We write a lot of content marketing strategies…

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  • Social media engagement is a lousy metric

    … engagement levels.So instead of social media engagement, here are three metrics that I believe provide a better view that you are heading in the right direction: Social sharing — There is no economic value in content, only in content that is seen and shared. You should be building a competency in content ignition, as well as content creation. Return…

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  • The first rule of content marketing: Be patient

    … from our favourite podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy these: Quick and easy? It’s not a content marketing strategy Why Content Marketing Is Like a Relationship Rethink how you’re selling content marketing BNR 137: Questions to ask your marketing agency before engaging The post The first rule of content marketing: Be patient appeared first on Lush Digital Media. …

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  • The Big Top: A New Model for SEO-Driven Content

    …. At TopRank Marketing, we’ve been working on a new way to integrate SEO and content to build longer-lasting, more valuable resources. Essentially, it’s reverse-engineering evergreen content, purposefully building well-supported “tentpole” content with SEO baked in. Here’s how to design a content strategy I’m calling the “Big Top” model. #1: Create Your…

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  • 19-Year-Old Shows Anybody Can Become Known With Commitment

    … By Danielle Conte, {grow} Community Member In Mark Schaefer’s new book, KNOWN, he makes the case that anybody can attain the authority, presence, and reputation to make their dreams come true. It doesn’t matter what you look like, the color of your skin or how dark your life has been. Mark teaches us that anybody has the opportunity to become…

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  • 10 Infographics to Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy

    … to go with the latter. In other words, people like looking at stuff. As such, infographics are rapidly becoming an essential component of a solid content marketing strategy. Free tools like Canva and Pixlr make it easier than ever to turn your data into compelling visual content. The best infographics give equal weight to both parts of the word…

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  • Double your traffic with White Hat SEO techniques

    … Double your traffic with White Hat SEO techniques May 20, 2017 by Blogherald Blogger Leave a Comment Google search engine algorithm has incorporated numerous signals that are monitored, in order to rank web pages, hence you need to understand which factors are more respected by search engines because they make the difference between success…

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  • How often should I blog? Five steps to answering the question

    … schedule of several times a week might be appropriate (Google likes fresh content!) If you’re on your own and trying to establish thought leadership, maybe 2-4 posts per month is all you can handle. If you’re trying to monetize through ads, you’re probably going to need millions of views and tons of content every day. And if you’re trying…

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  • Power of Emotion: 8 Foundations to a More Human Brand

    … with you tap into the power of social marketing to build your brand in a way that attracts your ideal audience and customer organically and paid! Sign up now to become a founding member and receive some incredible deals plus bonus offers. Need help implementing a new brand strategy, social media or content marketing plan, or influencer marketing…

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  • The 30 possible ways you can create customer value

    … Business Review by Eric Almquist, John Senior, and Nicolas Bloch of Bain Consulting. In this comprehensive piece, they present a Maslow-style hierarchy of needs as the fundamental attribute of a brand image. The result of decades of research and experience, the authors claim there are 30 different ways a brand can create value: If you’re looking…

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