Content Marketing Strategy

    • An indispensable guide to 12 possible content marketing strategies

      By Mark Schaefer The other day I saw a very fine post entitled “Writing for SEO” by my brilliant friend Andy Crestodina. But when I saw the headline of this post, I thought, “well, you don’t ALWAYS have to write for SEO. In fact, sometimes writing for SEO is exactly the wrong thing to do!” I know this might sound confusing … don’t we always want to appease Google and attrac ...

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  • 15 Content Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Needs to Consider

    …?” Here’s the point: if you really desire to attract more leads, then you have to allocate some percentage of your marketing budget towards content creation, content promotion, and content metrics. 4. 48% of Small Businesses Have a Strong Content Strategy (Source: CMI) This statistic contrasts with the 41% of larger organizations who have a well…

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  • How a brand can harness the power of the media

    … to simply be the media — to create and distribute content. If you want to succeed in content marketing, you need a documented strategy. Investing the time and effort and doing “deep dive” research before creating so much as your first blog post is the best hope any brand has of generating a measurable return on investment from their content marketing…

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  • A significant content insight if you’re marketing personal services

    … By Mark Schaefer I recently helped an HR company with a sticky business problem. They were following the “best practices” of content marketing — answering questions, publishing consistently, sharing on social networks — but nothing was happening. In fact their business was in a tailspin. As I reviewed their situation, here are some…

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  • Five reasons using controversy as a content strategy backfires

    … By Mark Schaefer Some time ago I listened to a young guy on a webinar pontificating on the best strategies to build an audience for your content. A pillar of his presentation was “be controversial.” This struck me as odd. Is “controversy” really a sustainable position for a content marketing strategy? The more I thought about this, the more I…

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  • Customer Micro-Moments Create Maximum Marketing Impact

    … are not certain of who they want to buy from when they begin looking for information online. Instead, to ‘be there’, brands must show up in Google search results with mobile-optimised content. It’s simple enough in theory, but optimising for search and mobile can be daunting tasks to even the most experienced marketing managers. As a result, businesses…

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  • Content Marketing Strategy: Content as a business asset

    … I first started talking about content as a business asset in 2010. Earlier this month the Content Marketing Institute released a new Content Management & Strategy Survey showing 92% of marketers believe it’s an asset, too. In the past seven years we’ve had a massive shift in our attitude towards content. The research shows we still have more…

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  • Content Marketing Strategy: When ignorance is bliss

    … to find out how the content marketing teams are structured. You’ll want to find a strategist who isn’t influenced by production quotas. You certainly don’t want a strategist who earns commission on the back of content creation. You want them ignorant about things like customer budgets and not pressured to make recommendations to keep their business…

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  • Social media engagement is a lousy metric

    … and hundreds of thousands of likes, tweets, and mentions. Many of these “regulars” have become extremely close friends. But I’ve been doing this long enough now to see a pattern in terms of relationships and commerce. My business has increased steadily for a decade, entirely built on content marketing. But 95 percent of the time when somebody hires…

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