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    • 10 Infographics to Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy

      Your brain can identify and retain details of an image in 13 milliseconds. That’s less than a 20th of the time it takes to blink your eyes. So it’s no surprise that visual content is on the rise as attention spans shrink. If you could choose between a consumer spending 20 seconds with a wall of text or 20 seconds with an image, it makes sense to go with the latter.

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    • Social media engagement is a lousy metric

      By Mark Schaefer Thank you for your social media engagement through your generous tweets, blog comments, and likes. I have just one question: Why aren’t you hiring me? Let me unpack this unusual question … I’ve been creating content consistently for nearly 10 years and have built an amazing community that has generated 60,000 blog comments and hundreds of thousands of likes ...

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    • The Big Top: A New Model for SEO-Driven Content

      For over a decade now, the fundamental unit of content marketing has been the blog post. Your post may be a block of text, an infographic, or a listicle about memes, but the underlying structure is the same. A regular cadence of posts to the company blog is the foundation of most content marketing strategies.

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  • The first rule of content marketing: Be patient

    … from our favourite podcasting team, Brand Newsroom. In the meantime, you might enjoy these: Quick and easy? It’s not a content marketing strategy Why Content Marketing Is Like a Relationship Rethink how you’re selling content marketing BNR 137: Questions to ask your marketing agency before engaging The post The first rule of content marketing: Be patient appeared first on Lush Digital Media. …

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  • 19-Year-Old Shows Anybody Can Become Known With Commitment

    … known today. Even if you’re 19. Josh Shapiro is not only becoming known, he’s becoming incredibly successful through consistent and entertaining content about the American sport of baseball. “Baseball has been an interest of mine since I was 5 years old,” he said. “I grew up playing baseball and watching the New York Yankees with my Dad. I’ve…

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  • Double your traffic with White Hat SEO techniques

    … by schema to gain competitive edge Google has approved the use of Schema tools to generate relevant HTML tags as well as enhanced descriptions such as snippets to promote contents and researches shown that such components give its users an edge over their competitors. #6: Link building Earning relevant links from reputable sources will give your website…

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  • How often should I blog? Five steps to answering the question

    … to raise awareness for a charity, perhaps a quarterly newsletter might be all the reader attention you need. See how blogging consistency is connected to goals? 2. What are your competitors up to? The most important aspect of marketing is determining where you can maneuver, meaning, identifying where can create leverage in your marketplace. This rarely…

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  • Power of Emotion: 8 Foundations to a More Human Brand

    … to the 207th episode of the Social Zoom Factor Podcast to learn how you can tap into the power of emotional branding to ignite your audience, business and brand! I share with you 8 foundations for integrating emotion into your branding strategies. Be sure to subscribe to this entire brand new series, “Welcome to The Inspiration Age. Are You Ready?” on iTunes…

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  • The 30 possible ways you can create customer value

    … By Mark Schaefer I’ve been immersed in the digital marketing world for many years and if somebody asked me, “what is the number one tip shared about content/social media success” it would be this: This may seem like simple — even rudimentary — advice, but it’s also quite true. Any communication we put out there today is not just an expression…

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  • 6 Underused Content Marketing Strategies That Get Results

    … You’re probably aware that content marketing is an integral part of SEO today. With it, you can improve your brand’s online visibility and generate 3 times as many leads as traditional advertising (and at a fraction of the cost). But not everyone is profiting from it… According to a recent survey, only 30% of B2B marketers say…

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  • 3 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Are Holding Your Business Back

    …. Reach is important, but engagement metrics are the next step in social media marketing strategy. Having plenty of eyeballs on your content matters, but having meaningful engagement matters more. When a follower clicks, comments, or shares an update, that’s a strong indicator that your follower is likely to convert.Click To Tweet As an added bonus…

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  • Introducing the Content Marketing Maturity Map

    … represents an operation that is versatile (much like the city it calls home, Toronto) and results-driven. Lastly, the highest level of maturity is represented by the Taj Mahal – an architectural marvel – to showcase a predictive content marketing strategy that is so robust, and built on a strategy so detailed that personalization and automation make…

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  • 3 Museum Design Principles to Help Your Content Marketing

    … Museum content development and content marketing have one important principle in common: creating memorable experiences. Think back to the last time you visited a museum. Did you realize that you were walking through a three-dimensional version of the user experience you’re trying to create as a content marketer? Because that’s exactly what you…

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  • 4 Content Marketing Things That Turn Off Your Audience

    … to just pour in. The truth of the matter is that creating more content isn’t the answer. Here’s why. First, you can easily overwhelm your audience by throwing too much information at them. There’s an ideal frequency of content creation, and exceeding that can be counterproductive. You can easily overwhelm your audience by throwing too much information…

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