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    • The Marketing Executive’s Content Toolkit

      Geared toward the high-achieving CMO, this content marketing toolkit has three guides that each cover a crucial aspect of the content process: content strategy, hiring, and measurement and optimization. We know that outlining a documented content strategy is hard. There’s no established, one-size-fits-all template for how to proceed.

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  • Interview: Jon Wuebben and ContentLaunch

    … This interview was a treat and I didn’t want you to miss it. My good friend Jon Wuebben is an author, a speaker and a practitioner of everything content marketing related. He’s also an all-around great guy and the life of the Karaoke bar. We’ve become good friends over the years and I’ve enjoyed every opportunity I’ve had in speaking with him…

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  • How Loyal Are Your Customers? This Metric Has the Answer

    … customers came back, one by one. I was hooked on marketing, and from then on, I truly understood the impact loyalty could have on a business. A few years later, loyalty is one of the most important concepts in content marketing. I hear a number of buzzwords that describe how to build and maintain a following: customer journey management, brand loyalty…

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  • The Ant and the Grasshopper, or Why Ignoring ROI Is a Death Wish

    … When I contemplate the content marketing industry’s tumultuous relationship with ROI, I often think back to the last week of college at my alma mater, Sarah Lawrence College—the much-dreaded “Conference Week.” Sarah Lawrence focuses on writing the same way the Trix Rabbit fixates on brightly-colored breakfast cereal: It’s an obsession. There…

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  • Quiz: Are You a Content Measurement Expert?

    … That Are Changing the Way We Measure Content Why Content Marketers Are Using All the Wrong Metrics (And What They Should Be Using Instead) How We Calculate the ROI of Our Content—In One Duck-Themed Tale The post Quiz: Are You a Content Measurement Expert? appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • Content Catchup: The Ultimate ROI Guide, the Bitcoin of Ad Currencies, and More Must-Reads

    … the media and retail industries are converging rapidly, and what brands and publishers alike need to do to win. Read it. Quiz: Are You a True Grammar Expert? Take this quiz and feel good about yourself before you drink a 30 rack of bud light lime and eat 17 hot dogs. We believe in you. The post Content Catchup: The Ultimate ROI Guide, the Bitcoin of Ad Currencies, and More Must-Reads appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • The Editor’s Guide to Working With Brands

    … of content?” “We’re almost done with a series of reported stories, but now the client is rethinking their marketing strategy, and they’re not sure if they’re going to want these stories after all. Help?” “My client has six different stakeholders that have to sign off on each story. Can we find a way to streamline that process?” It’s…

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  • Human Beings: Content Marketing’s Biggest Winner in 2014

    … on, and it’s how The Financial Times and The Economist now sell advertising. And it’s logical – the more time you spend reading an article, the more engaged you are with the content. No, this measurement still isn’t perfect, but it’s a big step in the right direction – the human direction. Time is our most precious commodity, and if we give it, it means…

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