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  • ROCI: An Exciting New ROI Formula for Content Marketers

    … value over time is incredibly hard and unique to each business model. But over the next few months, we will be working with the best minds in the marketing and data worlds to test and adapt this formula. If you have any thoughts, opinions, or insights, I hope you’ll let us know. Ray Cheng (@Ray_Jing) is the VP of Marketing at Contently. The post ROCI: An Exciting New ROI Formula for Content Marketers appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

    … Just a decade ago, content marketing seemed so much simpler, didn’t it? An article with an image did wonders and could be used in a direct mail piece of posted on the company website. Fast forward and it’s becoming quite a complex space. This visualization of the content marketing space as a Periodic table, is quite ingenious. It was produced…

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  • Quiz: Are You a Content Measurement Expert?

    … That Are Changing the Way We Measure Content Why Content Marketers Are Using All the Wrong Metrics (And What They Should Be Using Instead) How We Calculate the ROI of Our Content—In One Duck-Themed Tale The post Quiz: Are You a Content Measurement Expert? appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • What Is The Cost Of Online Leads?

    …. Typical activities include blogging, tweeting, and distributing content on social sites or other content sharing sites. Paid traffic is much easier to scale, but that convenience comes at a cost. It is comprised of different types of advertising mediums including (but not limited to) Google Ads, placing banners on industry specific blogs…

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  • Why it’s easier for B2B to measure content marketing

    … that’s about them, that’s essentially just a fancy brochure. Agencies can really help with that because they have enough distance where they can see that marketing sideways opportunity and say, “Okay, here’s content that is relevant to your customers, but isn’t necessarily about your products.” Sometimes people who work inside the company are so close…

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  • Data Vs. Creativity: The Content Marketer’s False Choice

    … what works, and what doesn't. Swap Personas For Segments As a B2B content marketer, you're not writing to please the masses. You're writing for specific segments of business visitors. In all likelihood, your sales team, and quite possibly your demand gen team, have clearly defined audience segments they're trying to reach. These segments are based…

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  • 4 Intangible Benefits Of Content You Shouldn’t Overlook

    The benefits of the ever-increasing intersection of digital marketing and technology are clear: we can measure the impact of our online efforts like never before. But, along with tracking valuable content metrics like traffic, downloads and bounce rate, we should remember that content has intangible benefits that should be part of any ROI discussion.

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