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    • 6 Ways to Make Seasonal Content Effective in SEO

      by Jayson DeMers In the SEO world, most people pay significant attention to "evergreen" content, which is content that remains relevant no matter what time of the year it is, or even what year it is. It can be repurposed, reposted, re-syndicated, and re-read at any time, and it still retains its value, so most people see it athe smart, long-term investment.

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  • The Marketing Executive’s Content Toolkit

    … Geared toward the high-achieving CMO, this content marketing toolkit has three guides that each cover a crucial aspect of the content process: content strategy, hiring, and measurement and optimization. We know that outlining a documented content strategy is hard. There’s no established, one-size-fits-all template for how to proceed. That’s why…

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  • 6 Ways to Make Your Content More Authoritative for SEO

    … Content marketing is one of the most important strategies in establishing a solid online presence for SEO, but it's not as simple as "writing lots of content." There are dozens of factors you'll need to carefully consider if you want to be effective, including the content's topic, appropriateness for your brand and audience, practicality, length…

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  • Content Recommendations Increase Conversions and Extend Content Shelf Life

    … internally. Your website visitors will appreciate it. And we have the data to prove this. BrightInfo offers a personalization algorithm based on content recommendations. In the charts below you can see our analytics console: the company in question saw a 229% increase in conversion rate and 95% increase in engagement over a period of one month…

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  • Google, Have You Abandoned the Faithful?

    … different skill sets and capabilities than KAYAK. Seeing this, my question is this: why is Google abandoning the faithful? Why has it made things more difficult for companies like mine who have done the right things for years, only to find ourselves thrown into the same category as low quality vendors who don’t have our content, history, or credentials…

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  • Searchmetrics: An Enterprise, Data-Driven SEO Platform

    …, Staples, Volvo, T-Mobile, Siemens, Tripadvisor and more. Learn More About Searchmetrics About Searchmetrics Searchmetrics delivers enterprise SEO and content marketing analysis, recommendations, forecasting and reporting for companies that want potential customers to find them faster. It means prospects and customers spend less time searching and more time buying. They call it search experience optimization. Disclosure: This post is sponsored content via Find Your Influence. …

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  • What do Local Buyers Want From Your Website?

    … Not long ago, I posted a piece of unconventional advice: that you shouldn’t necessarily assume every small or local business needs extensive search engine optimization. Despite what a lot of “experts” will tell you, there are some times when it just doesn’t make sense to devote your attention, energy, and resources to achieving a higher Google…

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  • Is Content Shock Real?

    … Ever since Mark Schaefer coined the term “Content Shock,” along with the concept behind it, we’ve been getting steady news of its ever-increasing creep. Can’t get search traffic or engagement on your articles? It must be content shock, so there’s nothing you can do… Or is there? I’m not so sure. That’s why today I want to take a look…

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  • Dial In Your Marketing Personas: Free Tool

    … why we've created this Self-guiding Persona Creation Tool. It helps you better understand your prospects as real people with concrete buying motivations. In other words, well developed personas hold the key to personalized marketing and make it possible to craft offers and messages that your buyers will respond to. If there are major differences…

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  • Startup Marketing: 4 Questions With Boomerang for Gmail

    … with people who may not know that such email workflow solutions currently exist. In order to reach these new audiences, Boomerang teamed up with Taboola to promote its story on top publisher websites across the web, leveraging the power of content discovery to educate people about its innovative service. The two companies just published a case study…

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  • 6 Steps to More Efficient Content Marketing Teams

    … to a problem with productivity that managers can’t trace. Fortunately, using innovative new tools now available, businesses can keep workers productive—even when they aren’t working in the same office. Here are six such ways to garner more efficient content marketing: 1. Be Strategic Before starting a new campaign, marketing teams should carefully…

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  • Why SEO Isn’t One-And-Done

    … searches on the desktop. The most important part about SEO copywriting is whether the copy generates an increase in readership. You may think your website copy is optimized, but keyword popularity changes as consumer intent changes. What words optimize a site for visibility today may not work as well tomorrow. Prioritizing Content Optimization It’s…

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  • Your 16-Point Content Publishing Checklist

    … see here how I’ve categorized my checklist by Content, Formatting, Optimization, and Final Steps. This makes the long list of 16 items more digestible and easy to scan if someone is looking for specific information. Did I include images? Humans are visual creatures, so appeal to them with images, photographs, and graphics that tell the story of your…

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