Content Personalization

  • Successfully Driving E-Commerce Sales With Quizzes

    … physically cut out of the equation, how can you offer the same personalized recommendations you would at your physical store? Marketing automation, while helpful, is a bit too static and impersonal, not to mention boring. What if you could personalize the online shopping experience with interactive content that you’ve come to recognize as a staple…

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  • 3 Things Your 2016 Content Strategy Needs

    … impact on your content marketing distribution and business goals. Will it be programmatic marketing, which uses software and technology to automate and optimize the buying and placement of ads in real time? Or perhaps it will be, more specifically, retargeting—a type of programmatic marketing that uses cookie-based technology to follow buyers…

    Brianne Carlon Rush/ Relevancein Mobile Content- 19 readers -
  • Mobile Apps: The Key to Content Personalization

    … to customers’ needs. But, as time moves on, marketers are able to move toward content personalization as they learn customer’s name, age and what interests them based on their behavior, demographics and more. With this knowledge, the marketer is able to generate content that is more personalized and relevant . According to a comScore report…

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  • 4 Reasons Why Content Personalization Is Effective

    … Content Promotion, Owned Media, Paid Media Content personalization increases conversion rates, boosts lead generation and cuts cost per leads. It might be intuitive to believe a personalized message is more effective than a one-size-fits-all message, but intuition isn’t the driving force here – the data is. At BrightInfo, we have offered…

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  • 5 Audience Engagement Tips From ESPN, Bloomberg, and Purch

    …-Stars conference last week, Paul Marcum, global head of digital video for Bloomberg Media; Patrick Stiegman, VP and editorial director of digital and print for ESPN; and Mike Kisseberth, chief revenue officer of Purch, spoke about how best to capture and retain an audience. Here are five key tips they dished to the publisher-heavy group in attendance…

    Haniya Rae/ The Content Strategistin Social- 7 readers -
  • Distinctions Between B2B & B2C Content Marketing

    When we think of branded content, the campaigns of packaged goods and restaurant chains typically come to mind. We picture Red Bull and Chipotle, viral videos and millennials—B2C marketing all the way. B2B branded content may not always be as visible, but it’s just as widespread and pursues the same goal: connecting brands with customers in exceptional ways.

    Tessa Wegert/ Relevance- 7 readers -
  • Digital Marketing 201: Explore Segmentation To Drive Growth

    …, but teenagers and older adults habits tend to be different than the average. Understanding their needs, habits and patterns is powerful in the hands of a marketing technologist that knows how to communicate with these audiences. Sex-Based Segmentation. Male and female buying habits are different. We shop in different ways and respond…

    John Paul Mains/ Marketing Land- 18 readers -
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