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  • The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

    … Just a decade ago, content marketing seemed so much simpler, didn’t it? An article with an image did wonders and could be used in a direct mail piece of posted on the company website. Fast forward and it’s becoming quite a complex space. This visualization of the content marketing space as a Periodic table, is quite ingenious. It was produced…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin Content- 37 readers -
  • Crawl, Walk, Run: How to Staff Your Content Marketing Team Over Time

    By most standards, Contently runs an advanced brand publishing operation. We’ve currently got an in-house editorial staff of four people, with design and photography support, plus at least 15 freelancers from the Contently network. The Content Strategist and its sister magazine, The Freelancer, publish upwards of 25 pieces of content per week, including quizzes, videos, podca ...

    Sam Slaughter/ The Content Strategist- 31 readers -
  • What the Machines Can and Can’t Do for Your Content Marketing

    In the modern workforce, there’s been a constant conflict between humans and machines. For decades, we’ve been replacing the former with the latter, often with far (sometimes exponentially) better results. In the digital content world, this conflict is in full swing. SaaS platforms, algorithms, and other tools are taking over work that, until recently, was entirely done by humans.

    Melissa Lafsky/ The Content Strategist- 30 readers -
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