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    • Why blogging regularly still works for business

      It’s a simple truth: Blogging, and blogging regularly, still works for business. It’s easy to get distracted by social media channels, apps, and whatever concept is the centre of the latest marketing buzz — virtual reality, perhaps. But when it comes to engagement, sometimes keeping it simple provides the best results.

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  • 13 Tools to Maximise Content Marketing Amplification

    … There’s a fallacy about content marketing that great content will rise to the top. It’s been my experience a lot of mediocre content is easily available and lots of great content never gets the attention it deserves. Why? Because a lot of awesome content never gets marketed. Tactics to Maximise Content Amplification A recent interview with Andy…

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  • 10 Essentials Elements for Efficient Content Production

    … Wrike is a collaboration platform used to streamline content production within your organization. They refer to this as a content engine and describe the ten elements – both from the organization and from the platform – that make content production more efficient. What’s a Content Engine? A content engine is the people, processes, and tools…

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  • Digital Content Production: What’s the End Product?

    … How do you define the end product of your content production? I’ve been struggling with marketers’ perception of digital content production. Here are some things I continue to hear: We want to produce at least one blog post per day. We want to increase annual organic search volume by 15%. We want to increase monthly leads by 20%. We…

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  • How We Repurpose Content Successfully

    … blog, we write between 5 and 15 articles a week. Many of those are curated content that we add color and description, too. This post is a great example – the topic of How to Repurpose Content is one I’ve been meaning to write about, but the infographic developed by ExpressWriters spurred me to complete the post and provide my own advice. We…

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  • Where Content Marketing Fails

    … We’ve all been there. A sale is lost because your frontline staff doesn’t know what’s going on in the rest of the company. Like many people, I love to research online before making a decision on purchasing a product. Many brands have content marketing working for them online but forget to communicate the what, why and how of their content to key…

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  • The Great Content Marketing Swindle

    … The first time I saw a measurable return on investment in content marketing was in 1996. No one was calling it ‘content marketing’ then but that’s what I was doing. I was writing case studies, magazine articles, and fact sheets to support products I was selling. It was easy to measure ROI because I had a big quota. The content was instrumental…

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  • Stories: The Internal Content Production Gateway Drug

    … Content Marketing, Owned Media Encouraging internal content creation can be difficult, especially among non-marketers within your organization. Getting them to distribute content can be even more difficult. Prevailing wisdom tells us that a majority of blog content should be top-of-the-funnel, following Jay Baer’s Youtility model of education…

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  • Creating Your 2015 Editorial Content Calendar

    …, the actual holiday dates are important for developing publishing schedules. Events: What industry events are you attending? Or what events will be happening near you? This information is crucial to plan content projects ahead of time. Product Launches: What product launches should customers be aware of? Are you planning a big product release for 2015…

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  • Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Producing Content

    … content production with business goals and buyer needs. Allocate internal resources more effectively. Achieve greater relevance by mapping content to major events, holidays and seasonality. Address gaps in content proactively, whether related to specific keywords, buyer personas or stages in the sales funnel. This article will dive show you how…

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