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    • 7 Ways to Build Initial Visibility for Your Online Blog or Business

      In a perfect world, if you had a good idea or product, people would be able to find it with ease, and they’d flock to you without anything standing in the way. Unfortunately, this isn’t how the world works; even if you have an amazing idea, you might not be able to connect with an initial audience for it without some help.

      Larry Alton/ Relevancein Social- 10 readers -
    • How to Generate More Links From Non-Seasonal Content

      For a long time, our team has defaulted to two forms of content: seasonal and non-seasonal. Seasonal was as you might imagine it: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years — very clear cut, time-driven trends that inform sharp spikes of demand as they approached. However, as time has passed and we’ve done more and more top and middle funnel content for our clients, we’ve come to real ...

      Ross Hudgens/ Siege Mediain Social Content How To's- 9 readers -
  • The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Lead Generation Success: Pt. 1

    … In this three-part series, Content Marketing Pro, John Rugh, lays out the steps to creating more success in lead generation and explains how marketers can win friends in Sales and respect in the C-Suite. Let’s face it: Marketing is a hard way to make a living. Every day, you are confronted with one obstacle after another. And here’s the biggest…

    John Rugh/ Relevancein EMail- 10 readers -
  • How SEO Services Can Help Increase Your Website Traffic

    … several people from different online destinations in a specified time. SEO is one of the grossly used website promotion strategy that helps you to save more on your marketing campaign. Though it may require some great consistent efforts and time to execute, yea, but it’s truly worth the wait. Content Optimization Optimizing contents via SEO means…

    Famous Bloggersin SEO How To's- 12 readers -
  • How to Use Infographics in Your Content Outreach Strategy

    … Are you tired of reaching out to people, asking them if they can link to your content, only for them to ignore you? I’ve been there many times. But through trial and error, the Venngage infographics marketing team (including me) has developed an outreach strategy that works. Listen to this: my team increased our outreach email open rate from 10…

    Relevance- 10 readers -
  • Is Word-of-Mouth Marketing Still Worth Your Time?

    … The adage goes that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. But that motto, like the types of advertising it once referred to, has now been disrupted by dozens of new digital channels that have turned traditional advertising upside-down. It’s not just that word-of-mouth marketing is being sized up alongside digital strategies possessing…

    Jonathan Crowl/ Relevance- 14 readers -
  • 3 Marketing Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

    … As you probably know, a landing page is an excellent tool for improving rankings and solidifying brand identification. However, landing pages are only effective if they’re able to attract traffic in the first place. This is a difficult trick to master, but mid-size businesses looking to jump to the corporate level must tackle this facet…

    Larry Alton/ Relevancein Social- 16 readers -
  • 6 Secondary Factors That Influence Content Campaign Success

    …, including identifying the right target audience, investing time and research into your individual pieces, and measuring your success. However, there are a number of secondary and peripheral factors that can influence content campaign success. Have you heard about our award winning agency? Take a fresh look at what Relevance can do to elevate…

    Larry Alton/ Relevancein Content- 12 readers -
  • An Intro to Influencer Marketing for Businesses

    … your exposure, traffic and sales, just by posting relevant content about your company or products. By using their authority in your space, their followers and yours will be more inclined to trust and try your business. The concept is pretty simple, but implementing influencer marketing takes a little preparation. What is influencer marketing? We…

    Relevancein Social EMail- 8 readers -
  • What the Best Content Marketers Know: The Most Overlooked Sources for Content

    …Monitor your industry for great content There are new tools for monitoring competitive activity, beyond keywords. Sites like not only help you to monitor the pulse of the market, get creative ideas, and identify trends – it actually will alert you to competitive activities such as new case studies, blog posts, infographics, webinars…

    Relevancein Content- 7 readers -
  • How to Prepare Your Images for a Twitter Chat

    … it (they will probably just add it to their favorites). But you should post the transcript link on its own from your profile regardless, with (you guessed it!) an image card. After The Chat This is something I have only just started doing, and it applies more to wider re-packaging of content for social media use. But it has been very effective. Take small…

    Ann Smarty/ Relevancein Social How To's- 7 readers -
  • 5 Key Strategies to Content Distribution

    …Just Because You Build It Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come In today’s B2B landscape, leads have already browsed the web, read reviews and consumed every article they can find before even reaching out to another company’s sales team. But did they read your article? The one that will lead them to your sales team? Creating engaging and relevant content…

    Relevancein Content- 6 readers -
  • Facebook Audience Optimization for Publishers: This Week in Social Media

    … shows here. . The Social Media Marketing Tools Show In this episode tech and tools expert Steve Dotto explores How to Automate Your Content Promotion With Edgar. Simplify your social and build your business in just 10 minutes a week by subscribing to future shows here. More News to Note Nielsen Introduces Social Content Ratings: “Nielsen’s Social…

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  • Using Medium for Content Distribution and Amplification [infographic]

    … If you are a content marketer, blogger, start up or small business with a name that doesn’t carry as much weight as the heavy hitters, you’re faced with the challenge of finding online marketing channels that are less traditional. Why? There is content overload on the traditional channels. If you don’t already have an established following, you…

    Relevancein Content- 13 readers -
  • 28 Super Easy Tips on How to Promote Your Content

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Content distribution has been a BIG topic here on {grow} and around the social sphere. As Mark’s book, The Content Code explains, “great content isn’t the finish line, it’s the starting line.” It seems we get stuck in that rut of spending all of our creative energy and time on creating our…

    {grow}in Social Content How To's- 9 readers -
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