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    • Walmart’s Store No. 8 Acquires VR Startup Spatialand

      Store No. 8 Expands their Talent Pool Walmart-owned innovation hub, Store No. 8 announced in a recent blog post that they have acquired Spatialand, a virtual reality startup and content studio. This acquisition will not only give Store. 8 the opportunity to develop advanced VR commerce experiences for the Walmart brand, it will also lay the foundation for the company’s third portfolio studio.

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    • The Cloverfield Paradox: A Super Bowl Marketing Win

      Science Fiction Meets Minimalist Marketing Since the release of the mysterious, alien apocalypse thriller Cloverfield ten years ago, the franchise has been shrouded in mystery. The film series, now three movies in, revolves around a singular catastrophic event that slowly unravels over the course of multiple films and digital marketing tie-ins.

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  • What is Negative SEO and How to Bounce Back After an Attack

    …, and gambling sites Redirecting penalized sites to yours Spamming blogs and forums while repeatedly using your link and anchor text Content scraping, or duplicating your content and posting it on multiple sites Direct attack on your reputation, such as fake press releases and negative reviews So what can you do? While there isn’t…

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  • How Content Promotion Works Through the Apps

    … the trick. One also has to invest time and other resources into promoting it. The good news is that there are many channels for content promotion, from email lists to social media profiles. However, apps often get overlooked as a platform for boosting the visibility and reach of the content. It is common wisdom that apps can improve efficiency…

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  • Using Content Marketing To Secure Loyal Customers

    … you make sure that your customers stay loyal? One great way is with a strong content marketing strategy. Encourage Customer Loyalty With Content Marketing Content marketing can help to encourage customer loyalty as it creates a strong, positive brand image that people can relate to and respect. For instance if you project an eco-friendly, useful…

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  • 9 Facts You Never Knew About Content Marketing

    … Did you know that a great content marketing strategy can lead to a great experience for your customers? With the digital transformation and advancement in full swing, content is now the newest focal point when it comes to marketing your overall brand. Interested? But first, let us define the term. Content Marketing is usually correlated…

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  • Top Reasons to Use Content Marketing for a Small Business

    … to listen. This is when the brand and the message goes from being an interruption to something worth paying attention to. The name of this tricky tactic is content marketing. As implied, it involves crafting and distributing information that is relevant and valuable to your target audience consistently. The ultimate goal is to entice the prospective…

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  • Content – The Core of Digital Marketing

    Business in any form is an enjoyable experience. There’s nothing like having your business running smoothly in every area. Especially in the current age of ever-improving and core digital marketing. New strategies and project plans are being devised every single moment to help businesses attain new levels.

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  • SEO is What WE Think That GOOGLE Thinks That the End Customer Wants

    …. This becomes painfully clear when we consider the impact of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on marketing. Given Google’s position as a common entry point to the internet, marketers have continuously created content in accordance with their perception of Google’s understanding of what the user wants and NOT their own. 10 years ago, this often meant writing…

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  • 7 Facts about Content Marketing to Help Keep Your Strategy Fresh in 2018

    … If your content marketing has slowed down or stagnated in 2017, all hope is not lost. The New Year represents new opportunities. It brings a fresh start to your content planning and strategy. Surely, there are practices that you will have to let go of. But there are also current and possibly novel ones that you will have to embrace. To begin…

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  • How to Manage Your Remote Content Marketing Team

    … an effective way to efficiently manage their team. Marketing is one function that is relatively easy to handle with remote workers, but it can be challenging to find a writer to produce your marketing content. Many of your existing employees may not have the skills or interest necessary to effectively contribute written content, so it may be necessary…

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  • Top 10 Content Marketing Platforms in 2018

    … Content production has become so massive that it has turned into a real industry with its leaders and outsiders. Content today is the same product as a smartphone or a plastic bag. This industry also has companies that set the trends of content marketing the same way, Apple rules in the segment of gadgets. Devote some time to discover top 10…

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  • 10 Steps For Your Content Marketing Strategy In 2018

    … their content marketing strategy and plan ahead to achieve success. In 2017,90% of marketers used content marketing as a primary source for lead generation. However, only 28% of these think their company content marketing strategy is mature enough to consistently yield desired results. Although content is seen as a major contributor in generating…

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  • How Content Marketing is Different in Yoga Industry than All the Others

    … Toying with the idea of creating your very own yoga brand? The dice to play by here is nothing but your content and its marketing strategies! What we are looking at is a global field with a multi-hundred yoga styles, yoga credos, and cults of yoga personalities rising to prominence every now and then. The art is five thousand years old and still…

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  • How To Marry Content Marketing With Physical Branding

    … are tired of being sold to with traditional marketing phrases and terminology. They want brands they can invest in. This is the modern challenge of marketers and advertisers: Creating a brand identity that accurately and attractively explains your business. Finding the right balance between your content marketing and your physical branding can make…

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  • Overvcoming Objections to Paid Content Campaigns

    … As paid content placement continues its emergence into mainstream media buys, there are still plenty of skeptics around the conference table. Even when you provide folders full of case studies and testimonials to support your plea to pursue the maneuver, there may be objections. Here a few real stories from the last year that capture some…

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