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    • The Top 5 Content Marketing Trends Expected for 2018

      Some experts have claimed that content marketing is the only type of marketing strategy that matters anymore, which is good news for content marketers. But the ever-changing tactics of content marketing have left many wondering: what will the next big trends be for 2018? The Continued Rise of Influencers Influencer marketing has been a growing trend over the previous years, ...

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    • Content Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses

      Are you constantly struggling to maintain a healthy online presence for your small business? Having a website, social media pages, and even a blog is a great way to boost your company’s visibility online, but there’s a lot of competition out there. Rather than spending your marketing budget on expensive and pushy online advertisements that most people tend to ignore or block, i ...

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  • Best Strategy to Write Kick-Ass Content for Your Mobile App

    … and on building adaptive websites. While this is important, there are other things that also matter a lot. Yes, We are talking about content now. As you know, content is the king of modern marketing and a crucial part of every marketing strategy. At the same time, many marketers still develop their strategies without taking new tendencies…

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  • What You Can Learn from these 3 Influencer Marketer Case Studies

    … Demonstrates the Power of Influencer Outreach Prominent influencers will rarely back your brand by themselves. I can count the number of times they took initiative to do so on one hand. Successful influencer campaigns require a strong outreach strategy. There are a number of tools that they can leverage, such as HootSuite. However, it will be a very involved…

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  • 5 Content Marketing Tips to Get Your Content SEEN Online

    You’ve spent all that time crafting the perfect piece of content, but now what? The best content is useless if it isn’t seen by the right people. Content marketing is key when it comes to driving traffic and generating leads for your business, but distributing that content can be a challenge. Unless your audience is actively seeking you out, chances are they won’t find your content on their own.

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  • AI and Content Marketing – What You Need to Know

    … Content Distribution, Content Promotion As we become more reliant on technology, our brains are slowly becoming rewired to process information differently. And this applies to customers as well. Popular applications targeted towards consumers have led to the inevitable mass adoption of predictive, advanced technology, and these new…

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  • Nine Best Content Curation Tools Marketers Need Now

    … Content Curation, Content Promotion Social media is the cradle of unique and trending content. The challenge of finding content relevant to your cause is genuine thanks to the millions of accounts on each platform. Information keeps pouring in from all directions. Looking for particular content that you need can be a time-consuming affair…

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  • Top SEO-friendly Content Assets Your Sales Team Needs to Share with Marketing

    … Content Promotion, SEO Every modern organisation has gotten the memo: Company culture, community feeling, and communication are the lifeblood of every successful business venture. Apart from the positive effects on employee well-being and job satisfaction, open communication and barrier-free interaction can be major drivers of synergetic…

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  • How can Dentists Stay on Top during Rapid Changes in SEO?

    … Content Promotion, Search Engine Marketing Keeping the dental practice floating high on the search engine platform has become one of the key objectives for modern, smart dentists. This enables them to highlight their existence before people who looking for dental services. However, if dentists do not update themselves with regular changes…

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  • 7 Easy Hacks For Content Promotion

    … So, you have your content out there, and to be honest, it’s getting pretty lonely. Your traffic is down the tubes, your sales are slow, and you’re just not getting the results you hoped for. What’s the problem? Well, assuming your products and services are good, it must mean that your content isn’t pulling its weight. In fact, it might be time…

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  • 8 Ways for You to Create Content that Creates Customers

    … a few podcasts. When we’re recording the podcasts, we’re also recording them on video. Then we’re utilizing the transcription of those interviews to feed our writers to develop the content. As content performance increases, we may even utilize infographics and whitepapers to expand on the response and then paid promotion to expand their reach…

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  • 4 Content Marketing Trends You Can Expect in 2017

    … Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Owned Media The stronger content marketing techniques become, the harder the pushback against them will be. Google, and even email filters, do their best to identify legitimate content and cast aside content that feels redundant or spam-like. When the stakes are high and people become more competitive…

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  • 7 Ways to Build Initial Visibility for Your Online Blog or Business

    …, syndicate your content, and start engaging with individuals you come across on your social networks of choice. Proceed to develop your expertise in a specific area, and try to get featured as a guest poster on major publishing channels (preferably ones that relate to your brand or area of expertise). Rely on press releases. Press releases can…

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