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  • 5 Persona Development Mistakes That Can Impact Your ROI

    … At the heart of marketing is a desire to focus content on what people need, want, and think. Rather than blanket mass-produced messages to everyone, it’s imperative to dig into what audiences truly identify with, and then target them with the right material at the right time. Assigning personas to clients and users can be a great way to achieve…

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  • The Content Formula – Book Interview Copy

    Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing? The biggest mistake marketers make when starting out with content marketing is not defining a clear business objective and then defining the metrics of success. Otherwise, how would you know if the program has worked or not.

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  • The Content Formula – Book Interview

    … sets out with a clear and documented business case, is able to show content marketing ROI. Q: What was the inspiration for your book? We hear the question of content marketing ROI more than any other. So my co-author Liz Bedor and I did a webinar in 2015 to provide very practical tips and calculations to prove content marketing ROI. And we had more…

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  • Bullseye: The 5 Rings of Content Marketing ROI

    …. For instance, a big B2C brand might weigh Facebook fans especially highly, whereas an ad-supported publisher will likely find more value in readers. Content’s Halo Effect Getting further out from the bullseye (and deeper under the sea), we next look at content’s influence outside the funnel. This is what I like to call the halo effect (have I used enough…

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  • 5 Content Marketing Problems That Keep Me Up at Night

    … is stupidly simple, especially as we move toward a platform-centric universe that’ll serve up hungry audiences to anyone skilled enough to catch their attention. And to take advantage of the system, brands need to start devoting significant chunks of their media budgets to content marketing. Bonus: Marketers’ Ability to Show ROI Ultimately, content…

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  • Content Typologies: Give Your Readers The Stories They Want

    … Published 1 min ago 37 Brands often struggle to produce content that connects with readers in a consistently reliable manner. Your company may produce a hit story one day or two, and then go through a drought of low performing posts for the weeks that follow. This may average out to look like you’ve had a good-enough month, but your…

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  • 5 Content Marketing Problems That Keep Me Up at Night

    … of their marketing efforts. I’ve seen journalists and filmmakers get paid well to do great branded work. But while content marketing has positive momentum, it remains an experimental line item for most brands. It’s hard to do well, which is part of the reason most CMOs think their content is failing. Despite the good vibes, it’s easy to see the industry…

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  • LOL for ROI: Increase Conversions With Humor

    … of the execution, a human personality will carry your brand to better relationships with users that drive conversions. Use humor to enhance your marketing delivery but remember that you’re probably not as funny as you think you are, so leverage your full team, testing and data analysis to find what works best for your brand. The post LOL for ROI: Increase Conversions With Humor appeared first on ZOG Digital Blog. Follow ZOG Digital on Twitter @ZOGDigital. …

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  • ROCI: An Exciting New ROI Formula for Content Marketers

    … Content marketing has a problem that not enough people are talking about: How do I accurately measure the true value of the content I create? Content performance metrics are still being measured in the form of opens, clicks, pageviews, and shares. Thus, content marketers are getting better at leveraging a common formula: clickable headlines…

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  • Quiz: Are You a Content Measurement Expert?

    … Test your chops and see where you stack up. Only true content geeks will survive. Improve your content measurement game with some of our best content measurement coverage: The Ultimate Content Marketing Playbook No. 5: Measuring and Optimizing Your Content Marketing 7 Content Marketing Metrics You’re Probably Undervaluing 10 Charts…

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  • Content Catchup: The Ultimate ROI Guide, the Bitcoin of Ad Currencies, and More Must-Reads

    … the media and retail industries are converging rapidly, and what brands and publishers alike need to do to win. Read it. Quiz: Are You a True Grammar Expert? Take this quiz and feel good about yourself before you drink a 30 rack of bud light lime and eat 17 hot dogs. We believe in you. The post Content Catchup: The Ultimate ROI Guide, the Bitcoin of Ad Currencies, and More Must-Reads appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • Sponsored Content: Ads That Get Read

    … If you’re not doing content marketing yet, you’re thinking about it. This study reports that 86% of North American B2B businesses are using content marketing in 2015. Sponsored content, also called “native advertising” is a form of content advertising. In a sense it’s the successor to old-style magazine advertorials. But where advertorials…

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