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    • SEO basics: What is content marketing?

      Content marketing consists of all marketing activities that focus on creating and sharing information. It should be part of every SEO strategy, but it’s also crucial for branding. The idea of content marketing is that sharing valuable information is a great way to attract an audience and to build a brand. Blogging is one of the most well-known ways of content marketing.

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    • How to start your keyword research: a case study

      If you start a new site, either a blog or an online shop, you won’t rank immediately. So, what’s the first step you need to take to boost your rankings? In our view, you should always start with keyword research. Take some time to think about the words you want to be found for: which words are your audience searching for? But how do you find that out? What tools are useful? And ...

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    • Know your customer

      Once in a while, every company needs to take a closer look at the state of its marketing. Are you still sending the right message to your customer? Do you still target the same customers? And, in what way did these customers change? In this article, we’ll address a number of things every website owner needs to ask him or herself every now and then! Let our SEO experts analyze ...

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  • Ask Yoast: importance of keyword strategy

    … Optimizing your site or page for words that people don’t use doesn’t make any sense. That’s why you have to do proper keyword research. You’ll have to get inside the heads of your audience and find out what words they use while searching. There should always be a keyword strategy behind the keywords you pick. Keyword strategy and keyword research…

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  • Ask Yoast: change URLs when relaunching website?

    … Relaunching a website can be an overwhelming project. You need a new design and perhaps new functionalities. What should you do with your existing content? And what about new content? The more changes you want, the more challenging it gets. In this process you might face the question if you should change or keep your URLs. We hope to help to make…

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  • Why you should NOT write clickbait headlines

    … way to optimize your content. In fact, writing over-the-top clickbait headlines won’t be beneficial to SEO at all. In this post, I’ll explain why you shouldn’t write clickbait headlines. Read more: ‘How to write an awesome and SEO-friendly blogpost’ » What exactly are clickbait headlines? Clickbait headlines are titles that provoke such curiosity…

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  • Site structure training: now available!

    … You want your site to appear high in the search engines. You want extra traffic and more customers and/or sales. And what you want most, is to outrank the competition. In order to do so, you can apply all kinds of SEO tactics. Structuring your site in such a way that Google can easily understand what’s your most important content, is an essential…

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  • Why is site structure important?

    … Structuring your site is a crucial element of SEO. If you want to generate more traffic to your website, you should create a structure for your site that makes sense to Google and your site’s visitors. In this post, I’ll explain why site structure is such an important aspect of SEO. Structure shows importance to Google If your site is well…

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  • Ask Yoast: how to rank globally

    … guess they’ll be related to Sri Lanka, vacation, holiday – will get a lot more competition. So, you’ll need a lot more links to rank well in the US, Europe etc. This means you’ll really need to start working on your link building and your PR internationally, so that you’ll get links from international sites, pointing to your site. That will help…

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  • We’ve created the fastest related posts ever

    … When we say “related posts for WordPress“, we say “bad performance”. Without using an external service like ElasticSearch, it’s practically impossible to have related posts work fast in WordPress. That’s why we’ve always stayed away from including any related posts plugin on our site. It’s also the reason we haven’t tried to come up…

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  • Site structure: the ultimate guide

    … useful for your visitors (and not just for Google) to read more about the same topic. Keep reading: ‘Tagging post properly for users and SEO’ » Cornerstone content Really important content pages are called cornerstone content. Cornerstone articles are the most important articles on your website. This is the content that exactly reflects your…

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  • Ask Yoast: how many (internal) links on a page?

    … Yoast, Joost explains how many links per page you should have and which one should be nofollowed. In this Ask Yoast we answer this anonymous question: “Internal links: How many links per page should I have? And which one should be nofollowed?” Check out the video or read the answer below! Content SEO: learn how to do keyword research, how…

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  • SEO basics: What is SEO?

    … at Yoast. Google’s algorithm In order to make web pages appear in high positions in the search results, SEO tries to shape a website according to Google’s algorithm. Although Google’s algorithm remains secret, over a decade of experience in SEO has resulted in a pretty good idea about the important factors. Read more: ‘What does Google do?’ » In our…

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  • Interview with Maile Ohye (Google)

    … According to Maile Ohye of Google, “SEO is evolving into what Loren George McKechnie described as ‘search experience optimization’. It’s less about top ranking, and more about optimizing the searcher’s journey. It’s the intersection of content, UX, and as always, staying smart about search engines.” We had the chance to ask Maile a couple…

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  • Ask Yoast: SEO tactics for link building

    … issues! Are you in doubt what’s best for your site’s SEO? We’ll come to the rescue! Just send your question to Read more: ‘6 steps to a successful link building strategy’ » …

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  • Ask Yoast: importance of using excerpts

    … about the following question: “Why is it important to use the excerpt? Doesn’t Google consider this to be duplicate content?” Check out the video or read the answer below! Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » Buy now » Info The importance of using an excerpt “The excerpt is that bit…

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