Content Shock

    • Making content count: How to perform a content gap analysis

      By Kiki Schirr Content shock is real and in his book, The Content Code Mark Schaefer outlined the necessity of finding open waters for your content, whether it be video, text, or other media. To help you perform this analysis, I would like to introduce the concept of content gap analysis. Traditional gap analysis compares the performance of a company or service with its idea ...

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  • 10 Profound digital marketing trends to you need to know about now

    … By Mark Schaefer This is the time of year marketing bloggers make the prediction that “this is the year of social video” (for the tenth year in a row!) But I can’t help but make some predictions — thinking about what’s coming next is my professional fuel! I love to connect the dots in new ways and dream about the implications and what the new…

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  • New Research Answers: Is Content Marketing Sustainable?

    … By Steve Rayson, Director, BuzzSumo Is content marketing sustainable? This is the question Mark Schaefer posed in his seminal “Content Shock” post in early 2014. Four years later, what does the data tell us about his predictions? On the plus side it has never been easier to research and create content, from blog posts to videos. However…

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  • Content Shock isn’t the problem. It’s the solution.

    …. In a world over-flowing with content, is saturation really our salvation? Let’s explore this idea. Content Shock in action A few years ago I wrote a post called Content Shock. The premise was simple: As the supply of content increases exponentially, the cost of competing through content will increase. In fact, it will become so expensive to compete…

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  • Three inspiring content monetization case studies

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Trying to a living from content monetization might seem depressing and out-of-reach. But it’s happening. Creative rebels are trying out many new methods, avoiding the gatekeeper and selling directly to their audience. I want to introduce three independent and inspiring content creators who…

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  • Can you afford to do inbound marketing?

    …. At some point the inbound technique gets “exhausted.” Hubspot has quietly added traditional “push” advertising and digital ads to its marketing mix. As competitors replicate the technique and shower the market with content, the cost of competing through content goes up and the benefits go down (Content Shock). In addition to these ideas, I think…

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  • 3 Lessons I learned from my creative burnout

    … a content piece every breath you take and unfortunately, a lot of people do. The result? Social media channels get flooded with samey samey content you have seen a dozen times before. It’s just adding more ammunition to the content shock, you see it every day: Average how-to advice articles shared on Twitter. A rambling political post on Facebook…

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  • Social media engagement is a lousy metric

    … It can provide feedback and validation of your effort But pushing engagement without tying it to business benefits can be costly and unwise. Let me provide an extreme example. The most popular blog post I ever created was called Content Shock. The thing has received thousands of shares and comments. For a three-week period after that post came out…

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  • 20 Extraordinary Content Marketing Insights

    … that say sign up or click agree I am an idiot who doesn’t want more sales. However, the data suggests that pop up firms work, so we are likely to see more of them.” Content shock hasn’t even started yet. Content Shock is real and here but we are just starting to see the impact. The number of internet users is growing, tools to create content are easier…

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  • Content marketing success and the crappy quality myth

    … when people assume that when companies aren’t successful with their marketing, it’s because they’re producing “crappy content.” Says who? Quality content is simply the stakes to get a seat at the table today. It does NOT assure triumph. Digital marketing success requires a complex cocktail of skill, strategy, and persistence. Here are a few…

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  • 10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing

    … posts and creating the infographics (which is already happening). We are deep into the first stages of Content Shock and the high level of content competition is weeding out the weakest links. Some companies simply won’t be able to keep up. In my book The Content Code, I articulated the six possible strategies that can overcome Content Shock…

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  • Content shock re-visited, the content marketing myths and realities

    … current trends are killing this traditional inbound model. One student literally had a panicked look on his face. “Oh great,” he said, “we want to create content and now you tell us it may not work as well any more. What do we do?” Certainly this nothing to panic about. All of this is quite predictable. Social media marketing, mobile, content…

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  • The five great questions of content marketing

    … By Mark Schaefer I recently attended a conference where marketers wrote about their single biggest challenges. These issues were posted on a board and it was fascinating to observe! These five content-related posts stood out as the great questions representing the minds of the conference attendees: 1. Breaking through the noise “We can create…

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  • Three drastic marketing changes ahead for 2017

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Since 2017 is about to knock on your screen, it’s important to reflect on your online strategies. For me, the past year has been a paradigm shift in how I treat my personal site and the social networks. I am going to jolt you today with my three most drastic marketing changes I have implemented…

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  • What is the role of content marketing in an ad-free world?

    …, and a commitment to quality content to work. Even in a noisy marketing world crippled by Content Shock, there are still plenty of unsaturated niches to find and dominate. And in an increasingly ad-free world, every business needs to at least consider a role for content marketing in its strategy. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site…

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  • Four marketing mega trends nobody’s talking about

    … courtesy Flickr CC and Balint Foldesi Related Posts Tags: google +, mark schaefer, marketing trends. facebook, Twitter Posted in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, Content Marketing, Content Shock, Facebook marketing, futurist, Google techologies, Influence and Power, Influence marketing, Mobile marketing, Return On Influence, Social Media best practices, Social Media Strategy, Twitter, YouTube and video | No Comments » All posts …

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