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Content strategy refers to the planning, development, and management of content—written or in other media. The term is particularly common in web development since the late 1990s. It is recognized as a field in user experience design but also draws interest from adjacent communities such as content management, business analysis, and technical communication.
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    • Storytelling Is Not a Strategy

      At the start of 2017, I made the shift from ad tech to martech. In the last decade, I had helped build and steward the brands of two successful ad tech firms recognized for their innovation and amazing cultures, but it was increasingly difficult to ignore the headwinds facing the old media model. The consumers had spoken, and they didn’t want interruptive advertising experiences anymore.

      The Content Strategist- 19 readers -
    • Why I will not “do SEO” for you

      I published this in 2014, people liked it. So I decided to revisit the topic this year. This is one of those posts that has been in my drafts folder for some time and while it probably should to stay there, I am publishing it anyway! I will not “do SEO” for you Not now, not in the future, never again really. Not if you ask me nicely, say please and take me out to lunch.

      Jeff Sauer/ Depth of Knowledgein SEO- 23 readers -
  • How to Get Control of Your Digital Content: Lessons From Intel

    Do you shrug when managers ask what impact your content efforts have on the bottom line? Are you tired of fighting about who does what with your content? Do you have too much content and need a better way to manage it all? Sure, everyone knows that content is (or should be) a business asset. But how do you make it so – and prove it? You might follow Intel’s example.

    Content Marketing Institute- 18 readers -
  • How to Write Content That Actually Generates Leads

    …It’s tough to be a businessperson in the digital age. While you might think that the Internet makes it a breeze to find loyal customers, the ease of communication between business and potential customer has made competition with other businesses tougher than ever. Online lead generation is akin to fishing in the midst of thousands…

    Inklyoin Content How To's- 10 readers -
  • Play Marketball: Turn Disconnected Teams Into High Performers

    … preferred strategies that were unlikely to fail rather than those that seemed most efficient. “The pain of looking bad,” Lewis writes, “is worse than the gain of making the best move.” As a content marketing manager tasked with delivering my quota of MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) and hitting publication dates, I get it. Picking an approach…

    Content Marketing Institute- 16 readers -
  • Why You Need a Cross-Functional Content Marketing Calendar

    … I lead a double life, but there’s a secret weapon that lets me get away with it. At Contently, I’m both our director of content strategy—which means I oversee strategy work we do for hundreds of clients—and also the editor-in-chief of our internal publications, The Content Strategist, The Freelancer, and Contently Quarterly. I love both lives…

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategistin Content- 39 readers -
  • Identity Matters: How Content Strategists Build Trust and Loyalty

    This post was co-written by Julie C. Lellis, Ph.D. In 2009, whether you were a golfer or not, you likely heard about Tiger Woods. It started with a drama-filled Thanksgiving night with his wife. It ended with a public apology the following February. The superstar’s wholesome image unraveled publicly as one mistress after another came forth.

    Content Marketing Institute- 20 readers -
  • The Ultimate Blogger Guide

    …Do you want to become a blogger? Blogging presents a unique opportunity to build a network for your existing customers while also acquiring new business. A blog is the ideal platform on which to showcase your expertise in the industry. This list of resources is designed to walk you through the blogging process and answer […]…

    Inklyo- 12 readers -
  • Why Pitches Are the Key to Great Content Marketing

    … beliefs about content marketing: Your greatest weapons are passion and creativity. To bring that out, you need a system that lets people on your team pitch stories that interest them the most. The power of pitching Most of the time, content marketers don’t plan enough, as illustrated by the fact that less than 40 percent have a documented content…

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategistin Content- 28 readers -
  • How to Create Content that Deeply Engages Your Audience

    … of snake oil. That said, great premises always have certain elements in common. It took me many years to understand that, beyond all the tactics, it’s the premise of the message that matters first and foremost. The work you’ve done so far on who and what was the heavy lifting of the how. But to refine your content marketing strategy even further, here…

    Brian Clark/ Copybloggerin Content How To's- 23 readers -
  • Creative Frameworks that Build Content Marketing Success

    …! We’re very excited!) and walked us through a detailed framework for mapping a customer’s journey experience. That’s everything your customer is thinking, seeing, doing, and feeling as she goes from having no idea who you are to becoming a happy customer (and beyond). This is the framework you’ll be able to hang specific content on, and feel confident…

    Sonia Simone/ Copybloggerin Content- 13 readers -
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