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    • The Best Tools to Write Killer Blog Posts

      The longer I live in Seattle, the deeper my obsession with mountains and all the tools required to enjoy them becomes. One of the first tools I fell in love with when I started mountaineering was an ice axe. An ice axe probably doesn’t sound like something you could love. It’s certainly not warm and fuzzy, and it could definitely be used as a weapon.

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    • How Do I Get the Right Help with Content? [Infographic]

      Connected content is a network of content pieces built around one theme or topic. The kernel of this concept is writing an article and promoting it on social, but connected content goes beyond that. Types of content might include infographics, landing pages, articles, blog posts, social posts, ebooks, and so on.

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    • How to Sell Content Strategy to Your Boss

      I know content strategy is important. You know content strategy is important. Who doesn’t know? The people who are going to pay you to develop and implement a content strategy, that’s who. To sell content strategy to your boss and organization, you’ll have to perfect the art of pitching projects with the intention of not only presenting your ideas and convincing your boss to s ...

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  • How to Achieve Content Nirvana

    … to the right person–a state I like to call Content Nirvana. Finding Your Audience: Research Creating content without knowing your audience is a surefire strategy for campaign failure. This is why audience research should always play a part in the process of developing new content and/or a content marketing strategy. It equips marketers, content creators…

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  • What Is the User Experience of Content?

    … to Evaluate Your Content’s User Experience Too often, companies start producing snazzy infographics with no clear purpose or plan. Or they launch a blog with no editorial calendar past the first month. Or they spend a lot of money on branding, product names, and copyrighted language without actually using words to explain what the company, products…

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  • Principles of Content Promotion

    … elsewhere. If it is, I apologize, particularly after that last principle. But I rarely see huge content promotion budgets. Spend carefully, and follow the principles. The post Principles of Content Promotion appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Working Content Meetings May Just Save Your Toes

    …. If it’s significant enough to warrant a team, go for it. Examples: Any project that requires a writer and a designer. You can get together and hammer out the finished product Any content that has many chapters or sections, like an ebook or longform piece A long script or presentation Multiple-blog-post projects A blog post plus social media…

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  • What “Lean” Really Means

    … create That’s it. Ponder if you like, but at some point, you have to lean. Of course, it’s grand for me to write about leaning. If you want to get a few tips, try these resources, for starters: Blatant self-promotion: How to Edit and Proofread Larry Kim’s presentation about content promotion (awesome) More self-promotion: 30 Little Things To Make Your Content Better But you need to do it. Start producing. Improve along the way. Lean. The post What “Lean” Really Means appeared first on Portent. …

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  • 30 Content Tips – Slide deck and links

    … Here’s the deck from my presentation, “30 things to make your content better:” 30+ little tips to improve your content from Ian Lurie Links and video coming shortly. The post 30 Content Tips – Slide deck and links appeared first on Portent. …

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  • The right (and wrong) content marketing question

    … quantity: Portent content published, by month. We've been busy. At least 2700 pieces in 9 years. “Content” includes videos, conference talks, blog posts, long form, one-word articles, e-books and guides. It’s generated all our site’s growth and a lot of our business growth. This is unique visitors to since 2007. We’ve slowed our…

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