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  • 6 Digital Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

    … shows how the content we are already creating (which we often use for lead generation PPC) can be used within PR efforts so that we are presenting a consistent message to our audiences through the most common, public mediums. Social As a social platform user (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter), I found this last presentation, by Jay Baer…

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  • 60% Better CTR With Google DSK Campaigns & Other Real World Results

    … promising keywords and when you take the Content plunge, Google will pair your target with the placements that most frequently lead to post-click conversions. Like we said, the placement relevance is the promise. High quality sites for only the most conversion-minded of customers. This means we’re targeting a smaller scope of content, especially…

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  • An Introduction To Yahoo Gemini

    … Are you looking for a way to expand your reach in Display advertising? Like most PPC advertisers, you have likely delved into interested based targeting and remarketing on Google’s Display Network. Beyond Google is another display tactic worth testing – Yahoo Gemini. Gemini showcases ads within the Yahoo and Yahoo Partner site network…

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  • Quality vs. Quantity of PPC Conversions: A Case Study

    … that match keywords my client bid on. The client runs a series of Search and Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns. Search provides a low, but consistent stream of leads. Most of the GDN lead volume is driven from remarketing. Although there are non-remarketing contextual ad groups running, they tend to bring in few leads. The cycle to convert leads…

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  • All You Need to Know to Succeed With CPA Bidding

    Using CPA bidding is like living with an unpredictable pet. He's as likely to bite your guest's hand, as be a saint. There are mixed feelings about using Conversion Optimizer or CPA Bidding. Google AdWords wears the jersey of Team CPA Bidding. As soon as a campaign is eligible, the CPA Bidding alert appears as a notification.

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  • Managing PPC Education Accounts During Back to School Season

    … if they don't act right away. Pretty powerful stuff when a prospect is wrapping up their research and already in final decision making mode! Google Display Network One of quickest ways to take advantage of back to school traffic is to implement or ramp up your GDN campaigns. If you are not currently running any GDN campaigns, I suggest you set some…

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