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    • How to Write a Persuasive Marketing Email

      When you send a marketing email, it’s a bit different from a regular email. You’re not just sharing information, you’re trying to drive engagement that supports your business in some way. You’re trying to drive action without being too pushy and turning your subscribers off. What’s the secret to writing a successful marketing email? The best email marketing campaigns have a c ...

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  • Don’t Fall Victim to the Content Overproduction Trap

    … sees 20 percent of what you publish at any given time, according to If you are constantly churning out new and different content, how many of those ideas get communicated and absorbed by your target audience? Not many. Also consider: Anywhere from 2 million (MarketingProfs) to 2.73 million (Quora) new blog posts are published every day…

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  • How to Create Content That Actually Gets Noticed

    … to be newsworthy and get noticed. Here are 3 tips to help you get started: 1. Find a story Attention-grabbing content can happen in any industry. You just have to find the human interest hook. There’s an art and science to taking a dry subject matter and turning it into a great story that other people will be interested in sharing. If there isn’t a story…

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  • Want to Differentiate Your Content? Aim for Interaction

    … calculators – such as this one from XMedius – are great because they help users understand exactly what they’re getting from a company. They help reduce friction and establish comfort. Quizzes. If you’re looking to gain social media traction, quizzes are a favorite when it comes to interactive content. Quizzes and surveys – like this one from…

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  • 12 Tips to Differentiate Your Content Marketing

    …. Most of the reason we stick to concise textual content is purely from an efficiency standpoint. We have a ton of topics to write about and not too many resources. This infographic from Oracle is inspiring me to get a bit more creative, though. The infographic, 12 Awesome Content Marketing Ideas (That Aren’t Blog Posts), provides some great tips…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin Content- 19 readers -
  • The delightfully short guide to adding value with video

    … short” guide to adding value with your video content. I’ve included some great examples of interesting videos, a few tips from the experts and a quick step-by-step checklist to help you make engaging, meaningful and valuable videos. If you’ve got any more tips or examples of great brand videos, I’d love to hear them in the comments. Why video…

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  • 7 Irresistible Content Topics Your Audience Will Love

    … feel secure. You don’t have to sell burglar alarms to provide security. GetResponse uses this idea in several ways. We make sure your email gets delivered at least 99.5 percent of the time. We improve your company’s future by helping increase your profitability. And we take the hassle of software maintenance off your shoulders. For business people…

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  • Blog Power: 2 More Essential Content Tips

    … created My Top 10 Content Tips; I’ve just updated the post. Its accompanying slide deck has had over 3,600 views on SlideShare. Reading over the post, and considering the amount of content that’s produced daily, here are two more essential content tips. 1. Keep It On Your Blog! Many companies decide that rather than blogging, they’ll devote all…

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  • How Playing Devil’s Advocate Will Improve Your Content

    … When you finish writing something, it's tempting to sit back in your desk chair and beam — but that won't result in great content. What you really have to do is take a walk, come back with a fresh eye, and tear your content apart. This is the only way to make content that's interesting, accurate, and share-worthy. The best way to develop…

    Kelsey Libert/ Marketing Landin Content- 11 readers -
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