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    • How to Unlock the Potential of Visual Content Marketing

      Most business owners are not writers, yet a website needs content. How do you get around this dilemma? Think **around** the brick wall. Content writing is so much more than writing blog posts. Neil Patel gives an excellent definition of content marketing – it’s all about telling stories. And you can tell stories in 1,007 different ways.

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    • How to Use Storytelling to Build a Sales Funnel

      Sales funnels don’t have to be complicated, but you should take them seriously. Using storytelling to build a sales funnel can help your brand get noticed in a way that traditional, boring funnels don’t allow. This article will show you why you should use storytelling not only in your branding but also in your sales funnels.

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  • Want to Write Faster? 12 Hacks to Help Speed You Up

    … won’t mind procrastinating or taking multiple breaks, hence reducing your productivity. Your progress will be much slower than if you had set a goal. It could take you one whole day to complete something that you could have finished in just an hour’s time. So the next time you write, try to set a timer so you have a goal to meet. 3. Get Your Blood…

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  • How to Amaze with Resource-Rich Content Marketing

    … Content Marketing Institute post, BuzzSumo’s Steve Rayson talks about the differences in shares and links. He says an effective amplification strategy is about so much more than just sharing content on social. A smart Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy encompasses a deep dive (so deep, it deserves a post of its own) that goes way beyond a social…

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  • 10 Exciting Content Marketing Trends for 2017

    … Content marketing has gained notoriety in the online marketing world over the last several years, and there’s no sign of it slowing down in 2017 and beyond. Right now, content marketing leaders see nearly 8x more traffic than non-leaders, and content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing. The 2017 B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks…

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  • The Importance of Social Proof Content to Marketers

    … As marketers, we like to think we create all the impact. But we live in a world where users increasingly focus on social intentions, content, and comments from their peers. Social influence has to be an essential part of any marketing effort because app users and site visitors now expect to see social proof in place. In fact, social proof…

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  • 7 SEO Copywriting Tips for Stellar Content

    … question to answer. It is a good idea to ensure that all of the content you produce is gauged at a tenth-grade reading level. The content has to have flow, purpose, and relevant information that has value. At the same time, you must also select a comfortable vocabulary for the audience. SEO Copywriting Tips Conclusion The more informative…

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  • Why No One Is Paying Attention To Your PowerPoint Templates

    … Included Images or Data Visualizations? The use of images in your PowerPoint templates is crucial to holding on to someone’s attention. In fact, blog posts, emails, and presentations that contain visual content are retained by the brain 60,000x faster than text. On top of that, the brain can register images that are portrayed for only 13 milliseconds…

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  • Four Ideas to Start Monetizing Your Blog

    … a significant following, encourage your audience to pay for the increased value you provide through a private membership option. In order to require payment for additional content, the information has to be worth it for your members. In a private membership area on your website or a confidential forum, you can: Offer personalized coaching…

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  • An In-depth Guide to Business Content Marketing

    … Business Content Marketing is a process of engaging the audience through various mediums such as a blog, podcast, videos, infographics, e-books, white papers, pictures, and case studies to retain existing customers and attract new prospects. Over the past few years, online marketing trends have continuously been changing, which is why businesses…

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  • Yes, You Can Improve Your Copywriting

    … for producing the most usable and interesting content. Her are some examples, inspired/adapted from While there, check out the exceptional “The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting.” Sound authentic, not forced. Avoid obviously forced humor. Keep headlines tonal and follow with plain, supporting content. Sometimes being…

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  • 46 Experts Secret Tips For Creating Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

    … 46 Experts Secret Tips For Creating Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC] February 5, 2016 By Nadya Khoja Leave a Comment Creating highly engaging and shareable content is no easy task. In order for your blog posts to generate shares and traffic, they need to captivate your audience’s attention. How can you ensure that the research you conduct…

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  • Metrics Roundup: All You Want to Know

    … recommend. This post is a round-up of the best content I’ve found, starting with the basics and moving on to the most complex implementations. What Are Metrics and How Do We Measure Them? What are Metrics and Are They the Same as KPIs? Dominate Your Competition Using Metrics: Here�s How Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 25 KPIs Every…

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  • 5 Essential Infographic Design Tips For Content Marketers

    … are expected to see an increase of 5% in demand and search. There is no doubt that more and more marketers are jumping on the infographic bandwagon. The issue that seems to be of concern to many content marketers is: a lack of funds for contracting experienced graphic designers a lack of time and expertise when it comes to the creation…

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  • Introducing AtomicWriter: Your New Intelligent Editing Writing Tool

    … over time, is still at the helm of all great marketing but how do you know what your audience likes to read? With over two years of research, AtomicWriter (by Atomic Reach), stems from the idea that digital audiences read differently. Factors like shorter paragraphs, catchy titles, and sentence readability, are crucial elements that impact…

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  • How to Use SEO To Increase SmallBiz Earnings

    … is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art and science of creating online content that attracts both the reader and the search engines. SEO is the science of convincing the search engines that your website is the most relevant one for your searcher’s needs. If you conduct a simple online search for a key word or phrase, your search…

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  • 4 Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from a Local Mustang Dealer

    … Mustang dealer, eh?) and regularly adds great content to its blog and other social channels. Provide Content That Truly Adds Value Thanks to the Internet, many folks call themselves do-it-yourselfers these days. Understanding that many of its customers fall into this category, the crew at CJ Pony Parts regularly releases a steady stream of great…

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