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    • How’s your English?

      Writing English can be hard, especially if it’s not your first language. But how important is it to use correct English? Does it even matter? In this post, I’ll explain why it’s so important to use correct language in your posts and articles. So: How’s your English? Learn how to write awesome and SEO friendly articles in our SEO Copywriting training » $199 - Buy now » Info O ...

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    • How to create SEO-friendly copy in a foreign language

      If you want to grow your audience, it could be a great strategy to focus on a different language. Creating content in a foreign language can be quite a challenge though. In this post, I’ll discuss three ways to create content in a foreign language. I’ll also share some useful tips on how to write in a language that’s not your mother tongue.

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    • Why you should actively avoid the passive voice

      Are you aware of the risks of overusing the passive voice in your writing? In the readability analysis in our Yoast SEO plugin, we recommend using the passive voice in a maximum of 10% of your sentences. But why? In this post, I will discuss a couple of key questions pertaining to the passive voice. I’ll start by explaining what it is.

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  • Adapting your content SEO strategy

    … rank high in Google. Read more: ‘Technical pointers’ » Evaluate your keyword research A common mistake in content SEO is to aim for keywords that are simply too competitive to rank for. It’s understandable that we all want to rank for terms that generate the most traffic. Competition on those terms is killing, though. We can’t all rank for the same…

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  • Orphaned content filter – new feature in Yoast SEO premium

    … content. That sounds ridiculously simple, but if you’re creating and publishing a lot of content, your linking structure might not be a top priority. That’s why we’ve added a new functionality to Yoast SEO premium, which will warn you about posts that aren’t linked to at all: the orphaned content feature. Learn how to structure your site well with our…

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  • Ask Yoast case study: SEO for a property inspector

    …. Adding sufficient content It’s important to have one specific page for every keyword or keyword group: the cornerstone content page. When someone searches for a query such as ‘Pre Purchase Inspection Home’ in Google, you don’t want your page about pest inspection to rank first. That’s why you need to make sure that Google understands what page…

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  • SEO for non-profits

    …. What SEO aspects to focus on? There are a few SEO tactics that are especially important for non-profit organizations. SEO for non-profits isn’t essentially different from SEO for other companies. However, due to the distinct nature of (most) non-profit organizations, there are a few SEO tactics that’ll prove to be extra beneficial. Content: write…

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  • SEO copywriting for multilingual and multi-regional sites

    … for SEOs to be aware of this. I will also give some practical pointers. Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO Premium » $89 - Buy now » Info Multilingual sites and SEO As SEOs, it is our job to know what search terms people use. After all, that allows us to optimize our pages for those terms…

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  • How to choose keywords that’ll attract traffic

    … Ranking in the search engines can be hard. Especially if the competition in your niche is high. As you probably know, you should start with doing your keyword research: getting inside the heads of your audience, knowing exactly what words they use and what they are searching for. But then what? How do you choose which keywords to optimize…

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  • Get Bigger Reach with Something You Already Have

    … The work that you have put into your website such as link building, content creation, and other SEO strategies, would be wasted if its content is only shared once or twice on social media platforms. The act of resharing your content means that you want the users to see something that they have never seen before. Even if the content has been…

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  • 7 more tips to improve your content creation

    … The rise of content marketing has made content creation a key focus for businesses, and the issue of how to improve their content and its performance is at the forefront of many marketers’ minds. At the Summit on Content Marketing earlier this summer, I gave a presentation on “15 ways to improve your content writing”. In Part 1 of this article…

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  • 8 tips for improving your content creation

    … content has to resonate with your target readers. Earlier this summer, I gave a presentation entitled “15 ways to improve your content writing” at the Summit on Content Marketing. Here are the first eight of those tips. Set a writing process A structured writing process can help you save time and become more productive. As there’s an increasing…

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  • Copywriting for mobile

    … their mobile device ‘on the go’, while also doing other things. Their attention span and their concentration are very limited. That’s what makes writing for mobile challenging. Learn how to write awesome and SEO friendly articles in our SEO Copywriting training » $ 199€ 199 - Buy now » Info Tip 1: Always focus on your audience The mobile phone will not read…

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  • Ask Yoast Case study: SEO for architects

    … and your company may click on ‘The Studio’. However, they might not expect to find the services you offer there. In addition to that, your services are great subjects to write about. Writing nice informational copy about your services will increase your chance of ranking for keywords related to these services. When you add sufficient relevant content…

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  • SEO for a new website: the very first things to do

    … will be your online competitors for these search terms? What can you do to stand out from these results? Read on: ‘Keyword research: the ultimate guide’ » And then: write, write, write Then you start writing. Write about all those topics that are important to your audience. Use the words you came up with in your keyword research. You need to have content…

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  • SEO basics: How to use headings on your site

    … should therefore indicate what a paragraph is about, otherwise people won’t know what to expect. Moreover, if they get lost in (poor) writing, looking back to the heading may help them to get back on track. Reading from a screen is hard. People easily get distracted and loose track of the story you’re trying to tell in your blog posts. Headings…

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  • 10 Content Writing Tips to Help You Stop Procrastinating

    …. Cool new flip-flops to pick out online. Anything seems better than writing that next email, post or even a to-do list. But sometimes putting a task off just isn’t an option. (Right, boss?) But here’s help — ten tips that will help you jump-start your initiative. 10 content writing tips to help you stop procrastinating 1. Divide to conquer – We…

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